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Academic Integration
The goal of UCEAP Academic Integration initiatives is to make study abroad an integral and accessible part of every undergraduate’s academic experience and to prepare students for entering an increasingly global workplace upon graduation. It aims to demonstrate the feasibility of, and reduce academic barriers to, participation in study abroad for students in all majors. Current Academic Integration Initiatives include:
UCEAP Course Credit Databases
Because receiving academic credit towards their major requirements is a primary concern of students who study abroad, UCEAP initiated an academic integration project in collaboration with the UC Registrars Council to create a searchable database of previously taken UCEAP courses and the types of credit awarded. These databases can be used to guide students in choosing UCEAP programs that align with their academic goals and to aid departments in creating pre-approvals for certain programs and courses. It is important to note that these databases should not be interpreted as a guarantee that the same type of credit will be given at present or in the future; data presented represents historical information only.
Public View
To learn what types of credit (i.e., major, minor, general education, elective) UC students have received in the past for courses taken on study abroad, please visit Campus Credit Abroad for more information.
For Faculty & Staff Only
These databases offer an expanded version of the public view: UCB, UCI, UCLA, UCM, UCSB, UCSC, UCSD​. Contact for login information​​​​. 

UCEAP Academic Integration Grants Program
In support of system-wide and campus initiatives to promote the integration of study abroad programs and coursework into the curricula, UCEAP has supported grants from departments across the UC campuses. ​You can find a summary of deliverables and lists of previous awardees below:
Call for proposals are now open! Deadline for applications is May 1, 2019. See the Call for Proposals and Application Form​ for more information.​

Syllabi Repository Project
In order to facilitate the course approval/pre-approval process and campus access to syllabi, UCEAP developed a syllabi repository for UC Construct Programs. So far over 170 syllabi have been gathered with plans to continue collecting more. These syllabi are available through Box for staff and faculty use.
Program Development Surveys
UCEAP has developed and administered surveys in support of discipline-specific program development efforts. These collaborative efforts include surveying departmental advisors about student interest in coursework abroad and surveying AI grant awardees about the impact of their academic integration projects.
Discipline/Major Study Abroad Materials
UCEAP has continued to develop new discipline webpages and marketing materials in our efforts to inform and encourage students of all majors to consider studying abroad. These webpages provide a curated list of programs chosen according to excellent student reviews, a wide availability of courses, and unique academic opportunities within each discipline.

UCEAP AI Initiatives Handout​

Contact for more information​​​​​​​​​