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 About Us

UC Education Abroad Program

The mission of the University of California Education Abroad Program is to equip UC students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills for work and life in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

We Offer UC the World

Since 1962, the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) has served as the UC systemwide international exchange program. Serving all ten campuses, UCEAP continues its support of the University of California’s mission through academic instruction and exchange relationships around the world.

  • More than 91,000 UC students have participated in UCEAP and graduated into careers in private industry, public service, and academia.
  • More than 550 UC faculty have served as UCEAP Study Center Directors, Visiting Professors, and program instructors.
  • Some 32,200 international students have completed non-degree study at a UC campus through UCEAP’s reciprocal exchange agreements.

Currently active in 42 countries with over 380 programs, UCEAP:

  • Partners with top-ranked universities, institutes, and faculty around the globe
  • Offers diverse and comprehensive programs of varied design, duration, and location
  • Integrates courses taken abroad into degree requirements, allowing students to graduate on time
  • Incorporates UC financial aid and scholarships to provide equal access for all UC students
  • Encourages students to explore diverse linguistic, cultural, and intellectual traditions in local settings
  • Promotes unique research, internship, laboratory, and community service options in most locations
  • Internationalizes UC campus instruction and research through reciprocal exchange of students and faculty
The cost of UCEAP participation is typically far less than the cost of non-UC study abroad programs and in many locations is comparable to the cost of study at the home UC campus.

UCEAP provides the opportunity for students to become international citizens and global thinkers. Through study abroad, students prepare for careers in our rapidly changing world and gain skills needed for success in the global marketplace.