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Press Releases
UCEAP and Peace Corps Announce New Peace Corps Prep Program  6/15/2017
UCEAP Systemwide Membership with Diversity Abroad Network  8/24/2016
UCEAP Announces New Discounts, Reduced Fees and Scholarships for University of California Students Studying Abroad in 2016-17  11/30/2015
Appointment of New Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director  11/6/2015
UC Tuition Freeze for Two Full Years—It’s a Great Time to Study Abroad  8/6/2015
Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and International Educators Team Up in Support of U.S.-Japan Exchanges  4/29/2015
UCEAP Announces $1.5 Million Promise Awards for Study Abroad  11/18/2014
UCEAP Joins IIE Coalition to Double Number of Students Who Study Abroad by End of Decade  4/23/2014
University of California Receives $3 Million for Study Abroad from U.S. State Department  1/10/2014
UCEAP Announces New Study Abroad Programs for 2014-2015  9/27/2013
UC Students Invited to Attend Study Abroad Fairs  9/10/2013
UC Education Abroad Program Suspends Spring Program in Egypt  8/28/2013
UCEAP Undergraduate Research Award Winners Announced  8/2/2013
UC Education Abroad Program Suspends its Fall Semester Program in Egypt  7/10/2013
UC Students Receive $600,000 in Gilman Scholarships for Study Abroad from U.S. State Department  6/12/2013
Exclusive Travel Awards Opportunity for UC Students Studying Abroad in Spring 2014  4/3/2013
Study Abroad in Vietnam: Unique Opportunity to Explore Sustainable Development  3/12/2013
Director's Announcement: Students Awarded Scholarships for Spring 2013 Multi-City Programs  1/28/2013
UCEAP Announces $1 Million Scholarship Initiative for Study Abroad in 2013-14  1/14/2013
UCEAP Announces Gilman Scholarship Recipients for Spring 2013 Programs  12/20/2012
Duttenhaver Scholarships Awarded for Year-long Study Abroad Programs  12/18/2012
Director’s Announcement: UCEAP Study Abroad Video Series Launches on UCTV  12/3/2012
UCEAP Announces New Study Abroad Programs for 2013-14  9/25/2012
UCEAP Provides State Senate with Insights on California-Mexico Student Exchanges  9/24/2012
California Legislature Recognizes UCEAP’s Contributions to State with Concurrent Resolution  9/19/2012
Director’s Announcement: Launch of UCEAP Student Ambassador Program  8/28/2012
University of California Students Awarded Nearly $600,000 for Study Abroad from U.S. State Department  8/27/2012
Study Abroad Scholarships for UCEAP: Applications Now Open for Spring Programs  7/6/2012
Undergraduate Research Awards Showcase International Research on University of California Education Abroad Programs  6/26/2012
UCEAP Announces Scholarship Recipients, Affirms Commitment to Expanding Student Access to Study Abroad  5/24/2012
Director’s Announcement: $3,000 Scholarship Opportunity for UCEAP Returnees  5/14/2012
UCEAP Alumni Testify to Study Abroad Program’s Lifelong Benefits at 50th Anniversary Reunion  5/9/2012
UC Education Abroad Program to Hold 50th Anniversary Alumni & Friends Reunion  4/3/2012
UCEAP Student Receives the Forum Undergraduate Research Award  3/29/2012
Director’s Update: UCEAP 50th Anniversary Faculty-Led Programs  3/19/2012
UC’s Global Campus Charts a Course for the Next 50 Years  1/30/2012
Celebrating 50 Years of Study Abroad: UCEAP Launches Anniversary Website  1/23/2012
University of California Receives $800,000 in Study Abroad Scholarship Contributions from U.S. State Department  1/12/2012
UC Education Abroad Program Announces $500K Scholarship Initiative to Expand Student Access to Study Abroad  12/20/2011
UCEAP Announces New Study Abroad Programs for 2012-13 Academic Year  12/7/2011
UC Education Abroad Program Announces 2011 Photo Contest Winners  11/4/2011
15 UC Students Awarded Study Abroad Scholarships for Year-Length UCEAP Programs  11/3/2011
Additional Study Abroad Scholarship Funds Created to Award 19 UCEAP Participants  8/16/2011
UCEAP Call for 2011 Study Abroad Scholarship Applicants  7/1/2011
University of California Students Receive $600,000 in Dedicated Study Abroad Scholarship Funds  6/1/2011
University of California Education Abroad Program Recognizes Undergraduate Research  6/1/2011