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UCEAP Organization

The contributions of UC faculty, staff, administrators, and students, in collaboration with UCEAP Study Centers and university partners abroad, have created one of the world’s leading, largest, and most experienced study abroad programs.

Since its establishment over 50 years ago, UCEAP has grown in breadth, depth, and diversity. Today UCEAP is administered by three collaborative units:

Campus Offices

Each UC campus has an international education office that is responsible for EAP outreach, recruitment, advising, selection, and orientation activities for students and faculty, and for efforts to integrate UCEAP coursework into the academic curriculum of each UC campus. UC financial aid and registrar offices assist to ensure a seamless and well-supported transition for students from their UC campus to abroad and back.

Systemwide Office

The Systemwide Office establishes policy, develops and administers UCEAP program options around the world for all UC campuses, supports reciprocal exchange students and visiting scholars, conducts research and planning, develops and disseminates promotional and orientation materials, maintains broad communication networks, monitors health, safety, and security concerns, and provides human resources, information technology, and financial support to students, Study Centers, and the UCEAP enterprise.

UCEAP Study Centers Abroad

UCEAP Study Center faculty and staff serve as UC ambassadors worldwide and provide on-site support to UCEAP students abroad. Study Center Directors, Liaison Officers, Visiting Professors, and staff work with host university officials, embassy or consulate personnel, and other service organizations to monitor local conditions and ensure UC student safety and security.