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Research, Internships, Community Service

UCEAP believes that hands-on academic and intern experiences broaden student knowledge and understanding of their academic discipline. In work conducted under supervision, UC students are provided divergent perspectives and opportunities to examine local cases, and may arrive at alternative solutions.

Opportunities for independent research projects, internships, and community service are available to students in most EAP locations.

Many UCEAP students complete research projects, some of which have gone on for further recognition:

  • Two recent projects in Ghana (one on mother tongue literacy and another on treatment of malaria in children) went on to win national recognition by the Forum on Education Abroad as undergraduate research award winners.
  • The 2009-10 winners of the UCEAP Undergraduate Research Awards were:
    • Corey Heimlich (UC Santa Cruz literature major) whose research focused on the role that the memorization of poetry has played in official pedagogies during different eras in Soviet and Russion history. Heimlich produced a short film.
    • Khanh Truong (UC San Diego biochemistry/cell biology major) studied in the Engineering & Science in English Program at Tohoku University in Japan, where she constructed experiments with the various types of receptors and molecular mechanisms that are crucial to an understanding of the functioning of innate immunity.
  • Honorable Mentions were awarded to:
    • Kelsey Brannan (UC Santa Barbara media studies major) who enrolled at La Trobe University in Australia and undertook research on environmental art as a means toward diverse and indigenous understanding of landscape.
    • Stefano Lantorno (UC Berkeley integrative biology major) spent a semester in the Tropical Biology and Conservation program in Monteverde, Costa Rica, during which he conducted observational field research to document variation in a passarine bird, the White Ruffed Manakin.

UCEAP students also undertake internships for organizations as varied as the World Wildlife Fund, CyWorld, or the U.S. Embassy, for academic credit and/or résumé enhancement. Examples are too numerous to list in full; check the specific program pages throughout this website.

UCEAP students also engage in service to the local community through committed volunteer activities in schools, health and human service agencies, international and local non-governmental organizations, and other group service projects.

  • In Brazil, through the special relationship maintained by PUC-Rio, EAP students volunteer their time in social welfare projects in the favela of Rocinha.
  • In Vietnam, EAP students volunteer for the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, focused on assistance for street children.
  • In South Africa, a student-based organization, SHAWCO, facilitates community service in education and healthcare delivery in the Cape Town community.
  • In Italy, EAP students volunteer in a children’s home in Rome helping adolescents from impoverished or war-torn countries through the American Women’s Association of Rome.
  • In India, students volunteer at the Human Rights Law Network to advance human rights for children and refugees.
  • In Barbados, students become a mentor in afterschool programs and enriching the life of local elementary school children.