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Funding Your Study Abroad

We believe that every qualified student should have a chance to study abroad. Choosing to invest in study abroad is among the most significant decisions you will make in college. Today, we are providing more funding options than ever before, and we are here to help you find ways to save money .


All UC students are eligible for UCEAP scholarships as well as scholarships from many outside sources. This year we are awarding more than $1.5 million in scholarships to help defray costs, reduce loan debt, and expand opportunities for UC students from all backgrounds and academic disciplines to study abroad.

Each year, thousands of UCEAP students receive scholarships. As you consider applying for scholarships, our dedicated team of advisors are ready to work with you to access the best resources.

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Extended Payment Plan

Similar to the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) on your UC campus, the Extended Payment Plan is designed to give you the opportunity to pay your UCEAP program fees over an extended period of time. There is no interest charged because the Extended Payment Plan is not a loan. If you owe UCEAP money or have a history of payment difficulty, you may be denied an Extended Payment Plan. Before you sign up for an Extended Payment Plan, read the details in the Payments section of the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.

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