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 Money Management

Managing Finances at Every Stage


  • Explore destinations and programs that interest you and review the cost of each program (select program and see the estimates on the Cost tab).
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and check for applicable deadlines. Even if you have not been eligible for financial aid in the past, you may be eligible when you study abroad on UCEAP; changes in income, variations in program cost, and other factors may contribute to your eligibility.
  • Visit your Financial Aid Office and speak with a financial aid officer familiar with UCEAP.
  • Look into scholarships and grants. There are some useful resources on our website and on your campus study abroad website.
  • Start saving for recreational travel, entertainment, clothing, and similar expenses as these are not included in the UCEAP program cost estimate.


Following the application deadline for your program, a UCEAP campus advisor will review your application and recommend you for participation. You will be notified when you are selected. Follow these steps:
  • Read the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.
  • Fill out your Program Budget Worksheet (available in the Participants section of this website) to calculate the total program cost including campus fees, professional fees, and non-resident supplemental tuition (if applicable).
  • Make your payments ​by the due dates, which are on the second page of the Program Budget Worksheet in your Pre-departure Checklist, select your program, and click the Money Matters tab.
  • Sign up for eRefund to receive disbursements by direct deposit in your MyEAP Account.
  • Release financial information to your parents and/or a third party through the online Release of Financial Information form in your MyEAP account.


Consider these actions at least 30 days prior to departure:
  • Calendar dates and other resources are available in your Pre-departure Checklist​ (select your program from the menu).
  • Pay your final or second payment (if you are studying abroad for a year).
  • Confirm aid posted in your MyEAP Finance account is correct and complete.
  • See the Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule to anticipate your disbursement dates.
  • Confirm that your financial address listed in MyEAP is current.
  • Save important contact information for your UCEAP Accountant and Financial Aid Officer.

While Abroad

While on UCEAP, the following are important to manage:
  • Check your email at least once a month, in case your UCEAP Accountant or Financial Aid Officer is trying to contact you. Your financial aid may be revised if you have reduced units, a change in housing, a budget revision, etc.
  • If you are on a year program, you may have to make your final payment to UCEAP while abroad.
  • Last week before returning: pay outstanding debts incurred while abroad, such as phone bills, utilities, or fines.
  • Turn in any library books, keys, etc. (to avoid fines later). If you leave outstanding debts abroad, you may face unexpected fees, which could result in a registration block at UC.
  • If you opened a bank account abroad, close the bank account.

Back at the University of California

When you return to UC:
  • Check your MyEAP account to ensure your balance has been paid in full.
  • Review your eligibility for an Education Tax Credit. For filing taxes, your 1098-T form will be available through electronic delivery. Confirm that your email address in MyEAP is correct, as the Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS) for Students will notify you by email when your 1098-T is available.
  • Share the financial tips you gained from your experience on UCEAP with friends who are considering study abroad.