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 Financial Aid

​​University of California Financial Aid

With UCEAP, your UC financial aid travels with you and is adjusted to cover all program costs. Unique to UCEAP, tuition, airfare, books, and even shampoo are included in the cost of the program. Plus, our dedicated finance experts work with you and your Financial Aid Office to ensure timely and seamless disbursement of aid. 

  • Students who do not currently receive UC financial support may qualify for aid while on UCEAP. ​
  • Students who receive UC financial aid continue to receive grants, loans, and scholarships while abroad. 
  • UCEAP students are eligible for special grants and scholarships from UCEAP, the host country, and other sources – you have options! 
  • Each year scholarships are awarded to UCEAP students on their home campus. Awards typically range between $1,500 and $4,000 and vary by program and the participant’s financial situation.
Important! Even if you have not previously received financial aid, you may be eligible for it when you study abroad. Consider filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)​. Last year, over 70% of UCEAP students received some form of financial aid towards studying abroad. All UCEAP students, regardless of income level, are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

How Financial Aid Works with Study Abroad

If you are a financial aid student, your financial aid package is based on the UC Campus Budget for your degree program. Think of your UC Campus Budget as a bucket. There are three ways to fill the bucket:

1. Family Contributions
2. Self Help
3. Gift Aid

While attending a study abroad program, your financial aid package is revised to reflect the cost of the UCEAP Budget, including revisions that are personal choices, such as your choice of housing. 

You will not receive more aid than the total cost of the UCEAP program.

Using the bucket analogy, if you receive outside scholarships, grants or loans, those will replace what is already in the bucket, because a bucket cannot hold more than its capacity. 

Disbursement and Payments

To estimate whether you will be disbursed funds or need to make a payment, take the Total UCEAP fees (section 1 line C) and subtract the Financial Aid as packaged by your Financial Aid Office (FAO). Using the example Budget Scenario that you are a UCLA Undergraduate and California Resident studying abroad in England on the University of Warwick fall quarter program, let’s look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1: You will receive a disbursement 
Total UCEAP fees (from Line C): $5,934.31 
Total Financial Aid Package (From FAO): $7,000.00 
Difference: $1,065.69 extra

Since the total financial aid exceeds the UCEAP fees, you will receive a disbursement of $1,065.69 to be used towards your Estimated Personal Expenses (Line D). This credit balance (or disbursement amount) will be listed as a negative amount in your MYEAP account. If you would like to receive your disbursement via direct deposit, sign up for eRefund through UCEAP. 

Scenario 2: You will need to make a payment to UCEAP 
Total UCEAP fees (from Line C): $5,934.31 
Total Financial Aid Package (From FAO): $4,000.00 
Difference: $1,934.31 less

Since the total financial aid is less than the UCEAP fees, you will need to make a payment of $1,934.31 to your MyEAP account by the program due date listed in your Program Budget and Payment Schedule. The amount will be listed as a positive amount in MyEAP.