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​​Program Budget Help

To help you successfully plan, we account for every expense—with no surprise fees. Our advertised costs are designed to help you make an informed decision as you incorporate study abroad into your college investment. 

Each UCEAP program has a customized budget that outlines the total cost according to program type, length, and location. Your UC Financial Aid Office packages all aid based on these budgets. 

UCEAP program budgets outline two types of costs: 

  • UCEAP Fees: Paid directly to UCEAP, these include your UC tuition, insurance, and other fees associated with your program.

  • Estimated Expenses: This is an estimate of remaining personal and living expenses (your mileage will vary). 

How to Estimate Your Program Budget

  1. Print out the Program Budget.
  2. In section B, click on link for Miscellaneous Campus Fees and add in applicable fees on line B.
  3. If you are a Non-resident or Graduate UC student at your campus, click on link(s) and add applicable fees on line B.
  4. Add A and B together and put the amount on line C. This is the amount you will pay to UCEAP.
  5. Add Line C and line D, this is the total estimated cost of the program.

Example Scenario

Let’s say you are a UCLA Undergraduate, California Resident studying abroad in England on the 2014-15 University of Warwick fall quarter program. 

  • Section 1 A (UCEAP Fees) is $5,711.00.
  • Section 1 B, the Campus Fees total $171.89.
  • Add the Campus fee of $171.89 to Section 1 B of the Program Budget sheet.
  • Section 1 B, Since you are not a Graduate or a Professional student, and since you do not pay Non-resident Supplemental Tuition at UCLA, there are no fees for these items.
  • Your total for Section 1 C of the Student Budget Worksheet is $5,882.89. This is the total amount payable to UCEAP.
  • Section 2 D (Estimated Personal Expenses) is $8,570.00.
  • For the total cost of the program: Add Section 1C $5,882.89 and Section 2D $8,570.00 together. Your total cost of the program is $14,452.89.