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 Second Program Discount

​​Discount to Go Abroad Again

UC students who have completed a study abroad program are now eligible for a waiver of the $600 participation fee in 2016-17 to go abroad again. Students who have participated in a UCEAP Program in the past can benefit from this discount.

​This means you can:​

  • Extend your stay from a single term to a second term abroad
  • Apply and participate in back-to-back programs
  • Return and apply to participate in another program
  • Participate in a year-long UCEAP program (discount is reflected in the advertised student budget)
Note: Year long program budgets already reflect this discount.

To apply:

  1. Explore our programs throughout the world
  2. Complete your new UCEAP application for study abroad
  3. Notify your campus study abroad office*.

* Not all programs are suitable for consecutive travel. Your campus study abroad office can provide guidance.

The discount is automatically applied to your new term abroad.


Email​ to learn how this discount may apply to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am receiving the discount, do I still have to make the first payment? 

Yes. The first payment of $950.00 is required for each program whether you receive the second program discount or not, unless you are on the extended payment plan or receive financial aid.

I went abroad on a non-UCEAP program, can I get the discount? 

No. This discount applies exclusively to UCEAP programs; other UC and non-UC study abroad programs do not qualify. 

Can I get the discount for a program this summer? 

The discount will be applied to any second UCEAP program. If you are abroad now and apply to participate in a future program, you will automatically get the discount for your participation in that future program. If you are abroad now and want to apply to a program, be sure to check the visa requirements and restrictions before you apply.

Can I get the discount if I extend for a year-long program? 

Yes, you will automatically receive the discount if you extend to a year-long program. There are two types of extension packages, and in both cases you will benefit from this discount. If you are extending into a program where a year-long package does not exist, you will see a credit in your MyEAP account. If you are extending into a program where a year-long package already exists, the discount is already included in your program budget.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can get the discount? 

Not at all. You can go abroad and receive the discount as many times as you like during your UC career. Some students have taken different UCEAP programs up to 3 or 4 times before graduation. 

Is this for students who have gone on UCEAP anytime in the past? 

Yes! If you’ve previously participated in a UCEAP program and are still an enrolled, UC student, you can get the discount for a program you apply to now.

I'm on a second UCEAP program now, does the discount apply? 

As long as your current program began 2015-16 or after, yes, you are eligible.

Do I have to notify Financial Aid about the discount? 

No. UCEAP will let your Financial Aid Office know to apply the discount before your aid is packaged when you apply to go on another program.