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 Low-Cost Programs

​​Top 10 Most Affordable Programs

Low-Cost UCEAP Programs Around the World

Take a look at some of our lowest priced programs around the world. Last year, we offered some 40 programs abroad that cost less than the average cost of equivalent terms at the University of California. Careful research in selecting your destination can mean thousands of dollars in savings for you and your family.

1. Barbados

Unique among our many mainland locations, this Caribbean island offers tons of cheap and free activities for collegians on a budget—not to mention rewarding academic opportunities in service learning and fieldwork.

2. China 

As a country making huge strides in modernity and economic development, China is the optimal place to live inexpensively, gain incredible work experience, and network with expats from all over the world.

3. France 

The quintessential French experience rarely comes at an affordable price. But in student-friendly Lyon, which is also the food capital of France, you will experience French language and culture at its finest.

4. Hong Kong

Delicious, cheap eats and free attractions such as night markets and the Symphony of Lights make for an exciting and affordable destination. The value is exponential when you consider you’ll be attending Hong Kong’s most prestigious university.

5. M​exico

Gain a new perspective in our neighbor country, which is home to exotic jungles, beautiful beaches, lively fiestas, and some of the most courteous people you will ever meet. Access program trips in and around the capital, free workshops, and internships.

6. Singapore

Live comfortably (and for a lot less) in Singapore’s unpolluted streets while enjoying delicious foods, advanced research development and experiential studies, and the cultural influences of China, Malaysia, India, and Eurasia all at once.

7. Spain

If you’re looking for a good deal, how about a 2-for-1? Enjoy the unique combination of Spain’s festive traditions and relaxing siestas in Madrid and then run off to Rome, Italy to enjoy some delicious gelato on our European Transformations program.

8. Sweden

Among the most affordable cities in Europe, the student-friendly town of Lund melds quaint medieval charm with progressive innovation that is sure to boost your social and professional experience—particularly in science and engineering fields.

9. Turkey

If countless landmarks and a unique history as the center of three world empires isn’t appealing enough, Turkey’s prime location between Asia and Europe allows affordable access to surrounding destinations.

10. UK-Scotland​

Scotland’s scenic beauty, friendly locals, and contemporary indie music scene have recently thrust it to the top of many travel lists, making it an economical (and smart) alternative to studying in England. Choose studies at one of three renowned universities.

Find more budget-friendly programs in over 40 countries around the world​.​​​​​