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​What Does Study Abroad Cost?

Whether you are abroad for a semester, quarter, or year, your tuition is consistent with staying in California. Unlike some study abroad providers, UCEAP offers continued UC enrollment and comparable tuition rates. You will not be subject to host university tuition. The total cost of studying abroad varies by country due to the local cost of living, round-trip airfare, exchange rate, and your own spending habits. But on average, a year abroad costs about the same as a year at your U​C campus. 

While some students may choose to travel after graduation, it is important to keep in mind that you can live and study abroad with UCEAP for a fraction of what it would cost on your own.

The UCEAP Difference

UCEAP programs typically cost less than other study abroad programs. Because we are a public institution and because we interact directly with campus Financial Aid Offices, we are required to publish program estimates that are as realistic, accurate, and complete with no missing costs or surprises.

My son finished his double major by studying in Cordoba. Had I known that a semester in Spain would be less expensive than UCSB, I would have sent him abroad for a year! —Jody Liss-Monteleone (parent of a UCEAP participant) 

Considering Non-UC Study Abroad?

If you are considering a non-UC study abroad provider, check their costs carefully to ensure you will not end up paying more than the published price. Often, you will find that non-UC programs do not include big expenses—like round-trip airfare, travel insurance or meals—that are always included in our budgets.