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 What's Included

​​What Our Prices Cover 

At UCEAP, we offer some of the lowest-priced study abroad programs available to UC students. We strive to anticipate all costs you are likely to encounter while studying abroad. The prices we publish include everything from books and shampoo to tuition and airfare. Every expense is included in the total, allowing you to make an apples-to-apples comparison and understand the total program costs.

Even fluctuating expenses like the local cost of living, round-trip airfare, and exchange rate are factored into the total cost of your program. Expenses are detailed and broken down into our program budgets​ for the purpose of calculating eligibility for financial aid. ​

UC Tuition ​and Fees

UCEAP offers continued UC enrollment and tuition. When you are abroad, there is no break in your UC attendance. Supplemental fees like out-of-state tuition for non-resident students will still apply. UCEAP is also required to assess Miscellaneous Campus Fees as well as Graduate and Professional Fees​ on behalf of your home UC campus while you are on a study abroad program. UCEAP collects and returns these fees to your UC campus, so there are no unexpected surprises.

UC tuition is charged according to the term of the study abroad program you attend. Example: You currently attend a quarter UC campus, and attend a semester UCEAP program. You will be assessed a semester of UC tuition for your UCEAP program.

What’s Included

UCEAP program costs include just about everything:
✔ UC Tuition & instructional costs
✔ Pre-departure expenses
✔ Round-trip airfare
✔ Housing & meals
✔ Accident, medical, & travel insurance
✔ 24/7 Emergency assistance
✔ Intensive Language Program (if applicable)
✔ Orientation & advising 
✔ Books 
✔ Cell phone costs, laundry, utilities (if applicable), and other incidentals
✔ Personal care, hygiene, and household items (e.g., toothpaste, shampoo)
✔ Academic internships or independent study
✔ Bus, metro, train, and other local transportation fares to and from class
✔ Excursions & cultural activities
✔ Automatic transfer of credits & grades to your UC transcript 
✔ Miscellaneous campus fees (Campus Specific) 
✔ Non-resident supplemental tuition (If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your             UC ​campus, you will pay the same non-resident fees on UCEAP) 
✔ Graduate fees
✔ Professional fees

What’s Not Included

Our prices do not include:
✔ Recreational travel 
✔ Entertainment
✔ Clothing, souvenirs, and similar personal expenses 
✔ Alcohol​