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Courses, Credits, and Grades

The most important aspect of participation in UCEAP is the academic progress your student will make while abroad. Along with the experience of living in another country, learning about its culture, and participating in a different educational system, your student will take courses that earn direct UC credit and grades while making normal progress toward a UC degree.

Before departure, your student should work closely with their home campus EAP officeUCEAP staff, and departmental advising staff to discuss courses to take abroad. The pre-departure planning process helps your student determine what major, minor, or general education requirements he or she can complete abroad. Careful planning ensures maximum academic credit for coursework completed abroad and makes the student’s post-UCEAP return to their UC campus smoother.

UCEAP academic regulations are very similar to UC campus regulations. The UCEAP Study Center Director abroad interprets and enforces UCEAP’s academic policies, procedures, and program-specific requirements. Students can always approach the Study Center Director, Study Center Staff, or the UCEAP Academic Specialist with any questions they have regarding UCEAP academic policies and procedures.