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Finances, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

The Money Matters chapter in the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad, and the Money Matters tab in the Participants section of the UCEAP website, contain detailed information on a wide range of important financial issues for you and your student. Please review the content carefully with them. Provided on the Money Matters tab is information on payment instructions and due dates, the financial information release form, direct deposit (eRefund) signup, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The following are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Your student’s UCEAP financial account is not reflected on his or her campus billing system; it is located in their MyEAP account.

  • The UCEAP Student Budget Worksheet, which can be found on the Money Matters tab, will help you calculate the anticipated cost of the program so that your student is financially prepared to go abroad. When filling out the worksheet, please remember to include the Miscellaneous Campus Fees and, if applicable, the Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition and Graduate fees. If your student pays Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition at their home UC Campus, add it to the worksheet, as it will be assessed while they are on UCEAP.

  • The UCEAP payment vouchers, included at the end of the Student Budget Worksheet found on the Money Matters tab, indicate when payments are due and payment amounts.The Payment Instructions, also found on the Money Matters tab, lists how to calculate the second and final payment amounts, the accepted payment methods, and UCEAP's mailing address.

  • Students will receive billing notices by email. They have the option to sign up a parent or third party to receive copies of these billing notices. The Third Party Authorization signup can be found online in the student's MyEAP account. Students also have the option to give parents or third parties authorization to view or pay their balance. The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricts UCEAP from releasing financial information without this Third Party Authorization.

  • Students expecting a financial aid refund have the option of signing up for eRefund direct deposit (electronic funds transfer) through UCEAP in their MyEAP account. Students who choose not to enroll in eRefund with UCEAP will receive their refunds by paper check. The check will be mailed to the financial address noted in MyEAP.

  • Holds or blocks will be issued at the home UC campus for participants who do not meet their financial obligations. Their UCEAP grades are held until the account balance is paid in full. Fees and Penalties are noted on the Money Matters tab.

  • UCEAP can assist students if they encounter financial problems before departure or while abroad. Each UCEAP program has a dedicated Finance Accountant whose contact information is on the UCEAP website. Students should contact their home UC campus Financial Aid Office regarding clarification of financial aid awards or requests for additional aid.