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UCEAP Travel Insurance

UCEAP students are automatically covered by the UCEAP travel insurance policy, which includes accident and illness coverage, medical evacuation, emergency assistance, limited personal property coverage, and security extraction to protect students 24/7, anywhere in the world. There is no deductible and no co-pay; however, the insurance works on a reimbursement basis. It is separate coverage from the student’s UC campus health insurance plan (SHIP), or private insurance. There is no need to take action to activate coverage. Coverage begins 14 days before the official start date of the program and lasts until 31 days after the official end date of the program.
The UCEAP Travel Insurance differs from ‘major medical health insurance’ in a few significant ways:
  • Preventive care such as vaccinations, health screenings and check-ups are not covered.
  • There are no co-pays or deductibles for covered medical services and medications
  • Students can go to any doctor, hospital or medical facility abroad when sick or injured. There is no ‘network’ or need to get any ‘pre-authorization’ from the insurance company.
  • Students must pay up-front (at the clinic, hospital or pharmacy) for covered services and/or medication then submit a claim form with receipt(s) for the doctor visit and/or medication through email or an online system. Students are reimbursed for eligible services. The refund process can  take 3 or 4 weeks before a check in US dollars is issued and mailed to the student’s U.S. address.  
Refer to the UCEAP Travel Insurance Policy Brochure for details, and refer any specific policy, coverage, eligibility, claims, or claims status information must be addressed to Administrative Concepts, Inc. at
The University strongly encourages students to share this important information with parents and consult with an attorney or tax adviser for information on their obligations under the ACA. 

You can easily compare specific plans and premiums available to you — according to where you live, your age and the number of people in your family — by using Covered California'​s online calculator.
More information about insurance, including a link to the insurance card, claim forms, benefit details, extension of insurance, the affordable care act (ACA), gap in coverage before or after the program, can be accessed through the UCEAP website, Participants country portal -insurance tab. 

The UCEAP travel insurance policy is provided by ACE, USA, insurance company. Refer to the UCEAP Insurance Brochure or access the Benefits at a Glance document for details. 
    Students are automatically enrolled in the UCEAP travel insurance.  The UCEAP travel insurance policy is separate from the campus student health insurance plan, SHIP.
    Recommended and country-specific required travel vaccinations are not covered by the UCEAP travel insurance so students are encouraged to plan ahead as SHIP may cover some of these costs while students are enrolled and covered by SHIP. Consult with the SHIP office on your student's campus. 
    More information about insurance, including a link to the insurance card, can be accessed through the UCEAP website, Participants country portal, Insurance tab. 
    The UCEAP travel insurance policy includes medical and non-medical benefits for eligible students: illness/accident coverage, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, security evacuation, prescription drugs, lost baggage, and personal property, trip interruption, trip delay, among others. For more information on insurance policy coverage details, contact​

    Out-of-Country Coverage: Optional Extension of the UCEAP Travel Insurance Policy


    Traveling Before or After UCEAP 

    The UCEAP travel insurance coverage begins 14 days before the official start of the program and ends 31 days after the official last day of the program.
    If your student is traveling outside the U.S. before or after UCEAP and foresees a gap in insurance coverage while abroad, your student may choose to purchase up to three months of coverage that extends the UCEAP travel insurance policy in 30-day increments for coverage while abroad only. Extension insurance cannot be purchased for coverage in the U.S. Applying and paying for extension insurance is an easy online process through

    Claim Forms


    Insurance Claims Process


    Personal Property Insurance

     As on any UC campus, all students are responsible for their personal property. While UCEAP provides property insurance (in addition to other non-medical benefits), UCEAP strongly encourages students to review the policy in detail, ask questions, and assess whether the coverage will be adequate. If it is not sufficient, students should consider purchasing additional personal property insurance to cover possessions such as cameras, calculators, PDAs, and laptops while abroad. Accidental damage is the number-one cause of computer losses. Theft is number two.

    Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance is highly recommended for all students studying abroad. The benefit of personal liability is paid to cover expenses due to injury to a 3rd person or damage to that person's property.(E.g., if student damages a vehicle while on a bicycle). The UCEAP insurance policy does not include liability coverage.  

    Optional Renters Insurance

    While on campus, the University of California recommends that students consider purchasing renters insurance if living away from home. Renters insurance is not mandatory, and may be purchased from any source. 

    Optional Tuition Insurance

    While on campus, the University of California recommends that students consider purchasing tuition insurance to protect them financially in case they need to withdraw for medical reasons. Tuition insurance is not mandatory, and may be purchased from any source.