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University of Nicosia, Spring Semester

Study Abroad Program Overview

Known for its beaches and sunny weather, Cyprus is a major Mediterranean tourist hub for Europeans. Students can take advantage of its status as a vacation destination and travel to other countries via the many discount airlines that connect Cyprus to Europe and beyond. The campus is located in Nicosia (called Lefkosia by the Greek-speaking residents), the capital of the island republic of Cyprus. It is the country’s largest city, with about 270,000 inhabitants. The walled old city is the cultural center of town and has museums, cafes, and, restaurants. The surrounding “new city” also has shopping, restaurant and nightlife areas. Although Greek and Turkish are the two official languages of Cyprus, English is widely spoken as it was the official language during British colonial rule.

With robust offerings in accounting, business administration, management, and marketing, the
University of Nicosia would be a strong fit for business majors looking for an English-language
study abroad program.Course offering vary from semester to semester, but the largest offerings tend to be in accounting, architecture, biology, and electrical engineering, communications, and psychology. Coursework in other disciplines—particularly those that are less common across the UC—may be of interest of UC students, such as multimedia studies, international relations, interior design, and marketing. Students can also arrange for field and lab research opportunities as well as internships.
Students attend classes with host country students.

Language of Instruction


Language Study



​The spring term runs from mid-January to late May. 









​Students are housed with other international students in university apartments located in
residential areas near the University of Nicosia campus.

Extracurricular Activities

​n addition to the academic coursework, students participate in a series of educational trips and 
cultural excursions within Cyprus. Destinations include the southern coastal cities of Larnaca,
Limassol, and Paphos as well as the Troodos Mountains and Northern Cyprus.​

On-site Support

​A Faculty Liaison and the International Student Support service will provide program
oversight and supervision. The office organizes several events, orientation sessions,
workshops, seminars (e.g., ‘How to deal with culture shock’, etc.), and trips around Cyprus.​

Course Opportunities

​​​Study at the University of Nicosia (UNIC) and discover a university situated at the crossroad of the ancient and the modern. Take courses in international relations to take advantage of these unique surroundings as you study energy security, the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus’ place within the European Union and the world. Study international business and sports management, or explore the local and international economy, entrepreneurship in Nicosia, and Cyprus’ role as an international financial services hub.
Students are enrolled at UNIC through the Global Semesters office. Coursework is available in the School of Business, School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Law, and School of Sciences and Engineering. All courses are taught in English by host university faculty. 
As part of the UNIC's Global Semesters program, you have access to hundreds of courses taught in English in subjects including business administration, marketing, communication, international relations, European studies, and many more. Review the list of Frequently Offered Courses for the Spring​ to determine what you would like to study at UNIC. 
Check out this comprehensive guide to the many academic opportunities at UNIC
Use the following resources to learn about courses on UCEAP:
  • University of Nicosia catalog/course listings. Note that most course syllabi can be found on the website.  
  • MyEAP Course Catalog lists courses previously taken by UC students. This is a new program, and there are currently no courses listed.
  • The Program Guide​ provides detailed information about academic culture, requirements, and restrictions.​


​Spring Semester: You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad: 22.5 quarter/15 semester UC units, five courses. 

Research and Independent Study

​​​Independent study or research for academic credit is possible as part of the full-time course load.
In order to arrange a research project or independent study project, you will need to email with the subject line “Research Request” during the application process. This email should include your research proposal. Do not wait until the last minute!
The Global Semesters program at UNIC will assist you in identifying an appropriate faculty member to assist and guide you with your research, site, and field visits.

The University of Nicosia (UNIC)

UNIC is located in the capital city of Nicosia, and is the largest research university in Southern Europe that teaches in English, with globally-ranked programs in Medicine, International Relations, International Accounting, Architecture, Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology, and Law.  
With over 20 affiliated research centers, research at UNIC focuses on a variety of global and local issues, including health, complex networks, social organization, education, engineering and environmental sustainability. Cutting-edge research is carried out in areas of educational technology, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.
UNIC has a large student body of 11,500 students from over 70 countries. It offers more than 100 programs at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level.
For more information, visit the University of Nicosia's website.

Test Drive Your Future


Internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume for today’s competitive job market. Stand out from your peers, gain hands-on experience, and develop your global professional network.

Internships are available for credit during the semester in a variety of subject areas, ranging from international business to communications and digital media. The Global Semesters office at UNIC administers the internship program.

How to Obtain an Internship

  • You must apply for an internship during the enrollment process prior to arrival. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to secure an internship. Do not wait until the last minute!
  • Email and put "Internship Request" in the subject line. In this email you must include your resume and a brief statement indicating your field of interest for the internship. The more thoughtful, clear, and detailed you are, the better.
  • The Global Semesters program will work with a department on campus to determine which placement and corresponding course will best suit your skills, background, and interests.
  • Once placements have been allocated, the Global Semesters program will provide you with information about the position (prior to arrival in-country).  

Estimated EAP Costs *

OptionWeeksUnits (Qtr)Units (Sem)UCEAP Fees 1Additional Costs 2
Spring17 - 1722.515$12,375$4,225
* Estimates do not include Miscellaneous Campus Fees or, if applicable, Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition, Graduate or Professional Fees. If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay Non-Resident Fees on UCEAP.

1 UCEAP Fees: This represents an estimate of UCEAP fees for the current year. Actual amounts will vary due to potential changes to UC fees, exchange rate fluctuation, etc. This figure includes UC tuition and fees for undergraduate, in-state residents. For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in this estimate, visit the Participants Portal and select the appropriate program. Non-Resident Fees apply: If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay non-resident fees on UCEAP.

2 Additional Costs: Average living expenses include but are not limited to room and board, transportation, books, supplies, and other incidentals and do not include recreational travel or entertainment. The total cost will vary depending on your personal expenses, exchange rate fluctuation, and the program you attend. For a detailed breakdown of the estimate, visit the “Cost” tab of the appropriate program.

All fees are subject to change without notice.


Class Level:

Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Language Prerequisites:



2.85 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure.

All applicants must also have:

  • Serious academic goals and a clear plan for integrating EAP studies into the student's UC degree program.
  • Social, interpersonal, and cross-cultural sensitivity; maturity; willingness to adapt successfully to different living and academic environments; appropriate behavior in a variety of situations.
  • A willingness to abide by program regulations.
  • Completed all campus- and program-specific requirements and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Application Information and Deadlines

Important: If you are planning to participate in back to back study abroad programs (with UCEAP or any other organization), you must notify your campus study abroad office. There are important things to consider when participating in consecutive programs, such as program dates and visa requirements. Not all program combinations are possible.

Application deadlines and information on the application process are available through your Campus EAP Office. Supplemental pre-departure materials will be required for many programs, including, but not limited to, host institution applications, visa and housing applications, medical clearances, etc.

For participation in the program, you must meet all deadlines and submit complete application materials.

These are minimum requirements. Your Campus EAP Office determines selection and final admission.  

Visit your Campus Study Abroad website for program-specific deadlines: