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Internships & Research Options

Take your Future for a Test-Drive.

Ever wonder how your major will apply in the real world? Are you thinking about the career path you will take after graduation? By conducting an internship or research project abroad, you can increase the return on your study abroad experience as you build a professional skill set and confidence in your field.

Get an up-close view of politics working alongside senators in Australian Parliament. Examine robotics with lead researchers in Japan. Help teach English to schoolchildren in Chile. UCEAP has partnered with organizations in some 29 countries worldwide to develop exciting internships and research in education, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and in various industries in the private sector. 

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Did you know? In today's globalized economy, some 73% of employers are seeking job applicants with international experience in a professional setting.


Chile: Internships + Research
Set within the vibrant capital city of Santiago, UCEAP has partnered with numerous NGOs, businesses, government offices, radio stations, and schools to connect you with an internship for academic credit (either to replace a course or for partial units). Whether your interest is in teaching and education, promoting sustainability, or the legal field, there are a variety of options to help you build career skills. See examples of student projects


China (Shanghai): Bus & Econ Internships
Gain an in-depth understanding of the economic development, global market maneuvers, and business environment of one of Asia’s most active financial centers. An internship for UC credit will be available with private sector companies, educational institutions, and NGOs. See examples of student projects while studying at Fudan University.

Discover the richness of modern Beijing and gain global perspectives in an emergent nation in world affairs. Internships award UC credit and allow immediate application of classroom studies at a prestigious university. Options range from work at law firms to advertising and media agencies, government offices, banks, and more. See examples.
Monteverde, one of the richest wildlife sanctuaries in the tropics, attracts biologists from all over the world. Here you will travel through a variety of educational sites as you build research skills and a formidable portfolio. This program combines lectures in the forest, individualized instruction, field trips, lab work, and independent research in biology, ecotourism, agroecology, or other environmental topics.

Ghana: Internships + Research
Special Studies research or internships earn 4 UC quarter/2.7 semester units and, depending on the placement, a professional training certificate. Exceptional projects are available in all subjects—from public health to renewable energy, education, and business administration. Examples: Provide HIV/AIDS education to schoolchildren, promote eco-tourism, or help improve access to healthcare in a remote village. UCEAP students have founded non-profits, published their research, and left a legacy of their work at many NGOs.

Hong Kong: Undergraduate Research
Add research skills to your résumé this summer working on a project directed by an international faculty member. Generally reserved for graduate-level studies, this is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to investigate topics ranging from the arts to engineering, law, medicine, education, and more at a leading research university with a global vision.
Experience Irish politics and culture from within its governing body in a highly focused internship in Dublin. With a population of over one million people, the capital city of Dublin has a particularly student-friendly atmosphere and endless cultural attractions. During your time in Parliament (about two days per week), you may carry out research, write reports, draft press releases, and correspond with constituents on local matters.
This program in Be’er Sheva is ideal for global health, development, and environmental studies majors. Conduct primary research in the Ben-Gurion archives, address sustainability challenges, or apply global health education through hands-on field work in local clinics. Some placements have been at the Institute for Desert Research, units for Youth Education and Activities, and environmental research institutes. Projects are arranged once abroad and award 2-4 units. See internships list and syllabus.
Compare and contrast societies in two amazing European capitals while earning UC credit. You’ll spend 5 weeks each in Madrid and Rome, taking courses by local instructors in the humanities and social sciences. The optional semester-length track includes a 10-week academic internship in English in one of the two locations.  Examples of placements include interning with design studios, international NGOs, marketing and PR firms, and TV and news agencies.


The Japanese tradition of mono zukuri (the “spirit of creation”) embodies this full-time research program at Osaka University, a pioneering institution driving exciting advances in the fields of robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. You will work alongside grad students and lead researchers at the Frontier Lab on topics related to your field of study. 

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With Spanish among the top three world languages, studies in Spain will benefit you anywhere your travels and future career take you. While taking classes at the nationally-acclaimed Autonomous University of Barcelona, you can conduct an internship in a field of your choosing. UCEAP has developed a vast portfolio of opportunities across such fields as psychology, law, urban development, marketing, and more.

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Vikings and medieval charm aside, the Swedish college town of Lund will surprise you with its progressive society. English is widely spoken here, and it is among the most affordable study abroad destinations in Europe. At the prestigious Lund University, you may conduct hands-on research or lab work with a faculty member. Internships are organized through the Biological Sciences and Engineering departments. See examples of student projects. 

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UK-England: London Internships 

Currently ranked 17th in the world and 5th in Europe by World University Rankings, the prestigious University College London is a paradise for high achievers in any major. Its faculty-student ratio of 1 to 10 provides small classes and personalized support from leading experts. Because of its location in London, this is a fantastic program for conducting an internship. Opportunities span from international relations and law to business, the arts, and more. 
Discover the professional art world while living in London, the ultimate big city. This dynamic program is ideal for students interested in a career as conservator, curator, gallerist, collector, art fund manager, or other essential art market roles. Gain practical skills accessing and analyzing art market data, understanding branding and marketing, and more as you take trips to international fairs, auctions, exhibitions, and galleries. Sotheby’s exclusive auction house also offers privileged access to pre-sale viewings, talks by experts, and handling sessions.

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