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Great World Capitals​

Culture Lovers Welcome.

A life-changing international experience is waiting for you. There will be few times in your life when you have the chance to live abroad, let alone in a major world capital. From cities that never sleep with their neon-lit streets or late-night foodie scenes, to bustling centers of fashion, commerce, trade, and art, these capitals will offer you a lifetime of memories. All you have to give is one semester.

Explore featured programs in: 

Beijing, China
As the seat of the political power in China, Beijing is a bustling capital with centuries of diplomatic history and culture. The city is draped in imperial grandeur and  architectural wonders, yet it is also the modern international center of an emergent nation in world affairs. As you take courses on Chinese society and culture, politics, or international relations, you will gain new global perspectives alongside China’s top students. 

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is both a trendy city and a historic epicenter of events that have shaped the social and political landscape of modern Europe. The city is ever-evolving, where posh and punk philosophies coexist in a climate of tolerance and creativity, and where, some 20 years post-Wall, historic remains such as the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie provide a living textbook for German and European studies. Courses in English incorporate German language study, field trips, and a weeklong excursion to other European destinations such as Prague, London, and Vienna. 
Delhi, India
Get an unforgettable glimpse of India through a combination of classes, travel study, cultural workshops, and development fieldwork activities with Indian and international students. Program trips to the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Pink City of Jaipur expand on local dialects, diet, dress, housing, and the arts. The final 2 weeks of the program include community field service with a relief organization in rural Rajasthan. 

Sotheby's Institute of Art:

Discover the professional art world while living in the ultimate big city. This dynamic program is open to undergraduate students from all majors and backgrounds and includes trips to international fairs, auctions, exhibitions, and galleries. Sotheby’s exclusive auction house offers privileged access to pre-sale viewings, talks by experts, and handling sessions. Learn More

University College London

Currently ranked 17th in the world and 5th in Europe by World University Rankings, the prestigious University College London is a paradise for high achievers in any major. Its faculty-student ratio of 1 to 10 provides small classes and personalized support from leading experts. Because of its location in London, this is a fantastic program for conducting an internship. Opportunities span from international relations and law to business, the arts, and more. Learn More

Mexico City, Mexico
With Spanish among the top three world languages, Mexico is a top destination for professional and academic advancement. Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, rivals Paris in its number of museums and cultural attractions.

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Access small classes, independent research, credit-bearing internships, and engaging courses for music majors through the National School of Music. Program trips to ancient murals, pyramids, and other historic sites add to the discovery. Learn More

Contemporary Mexico, UC Center

This 5-week program offers a preview of Mexican life, culture, and politics. In addition to in-class study of modern Mexico and Spanish language, you will benefit from an active calendar of activities and cultural trips. Learn More

Rome, Italy
One of the most beautiful cities on earth, Rome is the ideal setting for this UC program in English. Within the heart of the historic center, you can take courses in a broad range of subjects to fulfill major or GE/breadth requirements, study Italian language, and do an internship. ​Excursions around the city are a part of almost every course. Outside of class, UCEAP hosts lecture series and cultural events, cooking classes, day trips, volunteer options, and conversation exchanges to help you acclimate to life as a Roman.

Santiago, Chile
Set along South America’s western coastline, Chile offers both urban intellectual settings and some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world, including the hot springs of Patagonia. Within the vibrant metropolis of Santiago, you will discover a thriving culinary, bohemian, and arts scenes as well as numerous NGOs, international institutes, and government offices with which you may intern for academic credit. This program offers study at one of the country’s top universities and a variety of excursions designed to acquaint you with Chilean culture.

Multi-City: Buenos Aires & Santiago
Spend 6 weeks each in the exciting capitals of Buenos Aires and Santiago and explore how different understandings of the past have shaped two amazing societies. Within the topics of human rights and cultural memory, you'll compare the modern social and political life of Chilean and Argentine cultures. 


Multi-City: London & Paris
Move your classroom to Europe’s most exciting capitals this spring. You’ll spend 5 weeks in each location exploring topics in urbanism, immigration, social movements, and evolving perceptions of national identity. Both cities are elegant centers of art, fashion, business, politics, and arguably the best croissants and fish ‘n chips in the world. Stop by Buckingham Palace, take a closer look at the famed Mona Lisa, and find out why some of history’s greatest artists, writers, and scholars have been attracted to these cities of infinite dualities.

Multi-City: Madrid & Rome
From beautiful Rome to stylish Madrid, prepare for two unforgettable experiences in one. You’ll spend 5 weeks in each city, taking courses by local instructors on topics ranging from social revolutions and globalization to Spanish and Italian history through film. Site visits to centers of government, education, and media are included. As you sample Spanish tapas or take in the inspiring sights of the Roman Pantheon over a cup of gelato, your firsthand discoveries of these unique capitals will breathe new life into course lectures and studies.


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