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Internships Abroad
Discover how interning abroad with UCEAP can help you take a first step toward your future career. In today's global economy, employers are looking for motivated and experienced candidates who thrive in multicultural settings and have confidence in their field.
As you search for internships that fit with your academic and career goals, you will find UCEAP programs that enable you to:
  • Develop professional proficiency in a new language
  • Adapt to international workplace practices
  • Make contacts with experts in an industry of your interest
We offer internships across some 50 UC majors in 29 countries worldwide.


Find the Right Fit

Study Abroad Programs with Required Internships

In the following programs, the internship is a required component of the program and provides most or all of the academic credit you will receive. Whether in government or in the sciences, these programs provide amazing opportunities to spend a term working side-by-side with experts in an international setting.

Study Abroad Programs with Optional Internships

There are also many locations in which UCEAP can facilitate internships with corporate, governmental, or private organizations that take the place of a course at the host university. Programs where this process is especially well organized and opportunities are plentiful include:
To see what types of opportunities are available in other locations, refer to the "Internships" tab for each program on the UCEAP website. Programs where internships are possible.
Before departure, interested students should consult with their major department about the kinds of studies that are acceptable for credit in their major. For more information, review the Academic Information section of the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.
Latest News on Gilman Scholarships for International Internships.

Internship Resource Documents

If you are looking for information on how to set-up a Special Study Internship, you can use these documents for guidance.


Internship Success Stories

If you are participating in an internship on UCEAP, be sure to document your experience in photos, video, and in writing and look for submission instructions in the spring!
2013-2014 Internship Success Stories Winners:

“This internship required me to not only speak both Catalan and Spanish, but it also gave me the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with both judges and district attorneys…Most of all, I had the opportunity to observe a rehabilitative justice system that distinguishes itself from the United States’ punitive justice system...My ability to adapt to a foreign environment that speaks a different language and works with different workplace methods allowed me to demonstrate to law schools my ability to overcome a demanding environment.” 
Heriberto Meza, UC Irvine
Barcelona, Spain
Internship at Department of Juvenile Justice

“When you work in a place that has a completely different culture to what you are used to, you realize that the world is made up of shades of gray, and things are not always as they seem. Reading about other cultures and concepts in textbooks is not the same as experiencing them for yourself in real life, and doing an internship is a great way to experience it.”
Sarah Vella, UC San Diego
Bangkok, Thailand
Internship with an NGO that defends the rights of migrant workers in the sex industry

“A few times that I would arrive to the school—using a rickshaw as the sole mode of transportation—the principal who was my advisor would not be at the school and would fail to inform me. On these days, rather than be annoyed by the inconvenience, I would attempt to find my own tasks to do. I found that these unstructured days were my most productive and rewarding; I often would ask teachers to hand me exams and a few students and I would work on their reading comprehension and writing in the school’s library for hours.”
Anjuli Dasika, UCLA
Pune, India 
Internship with an English Medium government school
Jane Huson (UC Santa Barbara) interned at a local high school in Bologna, Italy.
See her internship video here!