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Internships Abroad
Employers today are looking for a lot more than a degree. They want confident and experienced candidates who can thrive in different international and multicultural business settings. To that end, an internship with UCEAP enables you to:
    Develop professional fluency in a new language
    Adapt to workplace practices in another country
    Connect with international experts in your field
    Create a lifelong and global network
    Formulate well-defined personal career goals
One of the distinct advantages of studying abroad with UCEAP is the wide range of internship opportunities and support.
We offer internships across over 50 UC majors in 30 countries worldwide.

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 Research Programs and Undergraduate Research Awards

“My internship was an enriching experience in many ways. Working in a clinic specialized in neurology, I was able to see how anatomy and physiology are the fundamental skills that a physical and occupational therapist uses every day in their work. I learned a lot of different kinds of neuropathy as a consequence of stroke, Parkinson’s disease and hypertonia,”
Gi Liu, UC Santa Cruz

Erin Mozdy, UC Davis

“My internship goals were to learn about the computer science workplace and the real-world applications of what I’ve been taught. My goals were met and exceeded. The programming skills I began with were vastly improved throughout the internship, and I’m confident that I will be able to deliver if my future jobs require writing code,”

Erin Mozdy, UC Davis​​​​​​​​​​

UCEAP internships differ with regard to time commitment, length, staff support, and area of focus. The UCEAP programs listed below either require an internship, or they provide support to students searching for an internship. This list is not exhaustive; you can search for your own internship on any program where internships are possible.

Things to Consider


Optional or Required?

  • Optional - you are not required to do an internship, but UC students have completed internships at these locations. If you choose to do an internship, you will do it in addition to your required coursework, or it may replace one of your courses.
  • Required - the internship is a mandatory component of the program.

For both optional and required internships, you need to consult the relevant UCEAP program pages to learn about the internship application process and time commitment (if specified).

Time Commitment

In general, the time you can dedicate to an internship is dictated by your program’s academic schedule and your personal objectives. 

  • Part-time: Typically 8-15 hours per week. The internship and courses usually take place concurrently.
  • Full-time: Typically 30-40 hours per week. The full-time internship can take a variety of forms:
    • Full-time for the duration of the program along with minimal coursework
    • Full-time after the term has ended and coursework is concluded
    • Full-time before the term has started and courses have begun
    • Some internships start as part-time during the term and transition into full-time once the term has ended
​UCEAP Program
Optional or
Language of Internship 
Australia: Competitive Parliament Internship, Australian National University in Canberra​ Optional​ ​Fall Spring English
Australia: University of Tasmania Sustainability and Wilderness Studies ​Optional ​Fall
Belgium: Field Researc​h and Internship, Brussels ​Required Fall
Chile: Immersion- Chile Universitie​s Optional​ Fall Spring Year​ Spanish
China: Global & International Studies, Fudan University​ Optional​ ​Fall ​English Chinese
China: Fudan University ​Optional ​Spring ​English Chinese
China: Peking University ​Optional ​Spring Year ​Chinese
China: Peking University with Internship ​Required ​Spring ​English Chinese
​China: Summer Global Internship, Shanghai ​Required ​Summer ​Engish 
Cyprus: University of Nicosia
Fall Quarter
Spring Semester

​Fall Spring

Czech Republic: Central European Studies, Prague​ ​Optional ​Fall Spring Year ​English
France: Field Research and Internship, Paris​ ​Required Fall
France: Field Research and Internship, Strasbourg​ ​Required Fall
Ghana: University of Ghana​ Optional​ Fall Spring Year​


Free University
Humboldt University
Technical University​
​Optional Fall Spring Year German
Germany: Summer Global Internship, Berlin​ Required​ Summer​ English​
Hong Kong: Summer Global Internship ​Required Summer​ English​
Hungary: Grand Budapest Optional​ Fall Spring Year​ English​
India: Semester in Mumbai with Internship Required Fall English​
Ireland: Irish Parliament Internship Required​ ​Fall Spring English
Israel: Israel Institute of Technology, Technion/Neubauer Required​ ​Spring English
Italy: University of Bologna​


Fall Spring Year Italian
Italy: Made in Italy, UC Center Florence (Semester)​ Optional ​ ​Fall Spring


Italy: All Roads Lead to Rome, UC Center Rome​ ​Optional ​Fall English
Italy: Art, Food, and Society, UC Center Rome (Semester) ​Optional ​Spring ​English
Japan: Hitotsubashi University ​Optional ​Spring Year English Japanese
Japan: International Christian University ​Optional ​Spring Year ​English Japanese
Japan: International Christian University with Internship Required​ Spring English Japanese
Japan: Keio University ​Optional ​Year ​English Japanese
Japan: Waseda University​ ​Optional ​Year ​English Japanese
Jordan: Diplomacy & Policy Studies, Amman Optional​ ​Fall Spring English
Korea: Yonsei University ​Optional ​Fall Spring Year English Korean
Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico​ Optional​ ​Fall Spring Year Spanish
Singapore:​ Science and Engineering Internship​ Required Summer ​English
​Singapore: Summer Global Internship ​Required ​Summer ​English
South Africa: Summer Global Internship ​Required Summer​ ​English
Spain: Complutense University of Madrid ​Optional ​Fall Year


Spain: University of Barcelona ​Optional ​Fall Spring Year ​Spanish
Spain: University of Granada ​Optional ​Fall Year ​Spanish
Switzerland: Global & International Studies, University of Geneva Required Spring English
Taiwan: National Taiwan University (NTU) ​Optional ​Fall Spring Year ​English
Thailand: Thammasat University Optional​ Fall Spring Year​ English
UK-England: Arts, Politics, Society & Space, UC Center London​ Optional​ ​Fall English
UK-England: London host universities​ Optional​ Fall Spring Year​ English
UK-England: Sotheby's Institute of Art, London​ Optional​ ​Fall Spring English
UK-England & France: Global Cities Urban Realities, London & Paris: Semester with Internship  ​Required Spring​ English​
UK-Scotland: Intern: Scotland Required​ Fall Spring English

"At the Korea Productivity Center, I translated professional documents from English to Korean and saw my language skills and Korean vocabulary improve significantly. I embraced the Korean corporate culture and acted as a translator on meetings with major companies such as Siemens and Royal Philips. My internship really helped me understand business planning and the exposure made me very excited about my future career,"
You Jin Choi, UC Irvine

“Working as part of Migrant Voice opened my eyes to the possibility of making a career that genuinely touches and improves the lives of one’s neighbors. It showed me that even one person’s small commitment to a cause can reap tangible results.”
Isabel Soloaga, UC Berkeley

Step 1: Select a Program​

Before departure, carefully research options that match your goals. Do not limit yourself to a single destination. Consider visa requirements, rules for working abroad, and whether an internship requires an application, interview, or other actions to place you before you arrive. To receive academic credit in your major, be sure to consult with your UC major department advisor.

Step 2: Update your Resume

Visit your campus career center for advice on updating your resume or CV. Pay attention to country-specific formatting and requirements.

Step 3: Ask an Advisor

UCEAP is here to help you along the way with any questions! You can meet in person with a UCEAP advisor on campus or a UCEAP Academic Specialist by phone or email.

Step 4: Review UCEAP internship procedures and policies 

If you are interested in a program where you need to set up your own internship, we have a helpful blog post: 5 Steps to Add an Internship to your Study Abroad Experience.

Priscilla Tengarra, UC Irvine

“This all began when my host mother recommended me to visit a tech mecca, Silicon Allee, a startup community in Berlin. Although initially I was intimidated at the prospect of integrating into this pool of seemingly over-qualified group of techies, I noticed how smoothly I integrated into the networking session. After speaking to a few locals I was introduced to the founder and CEO of the community who shared that he was looking for a social media intern to help at Factory Berlin, a parent company that recently acquired Silicon Allee. One week later, I was invited to interview and in days, I became the Global Marketing Intern for Factory.”
Priscilla Tengarra, UC Irvine.

UCEAP Internship Awards

The University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) honors exceptional internship experiences with the UCEAP Internship Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize students who have distinguished themselves through internships conducted while abroad on UCEAP and to encourage other students to take part in internships abroad.
Enter the award competition for a chance to receive $500 and recognition of your work across UCEAP's international community of partners, UC campuses, prospective students, and alumni and friends. Your unique project can serve to encourage other students to take part in internships abroad.


Application Open
Application Close
​Awards Issued
Summer and 
Fall 2018
Dec 14, 2018 February 15, 2019 March 2019
​Spring 2019 ​July 11, 2019 ​August 29, 2019 ​October 2019
Complete and submit your application by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on the close date. 


This award is open to all UCEAP participants who completed an internship while abroad. Internships—both for credit and not for credit—in any academic discipline or professional field are eligible. 
Cian Cardenas, UC Santa Cruz
“By the end of my internship, my public speaking skills improved, my confidence grew, and most endearingly, I harbored a passion for education reform and a deep love for teaching. Interning for Stepping Stones and teaching my students redirected the trajectory of my life.”

Cian Cardenas, UC Santa Cruz

Application Instructions
A completed application includes the following components.

  • Application form

  • Reflective Essay. A clear, concise account of your internship experience (1000-1500 words) addressing the following:
    • How you found your internship
    • Your internship company or organization
    • Your role and responsibilities within the organization
    • Your goals for the internship and whether they were met
    • How your internship is connected to your major/minor, courses you have taken, or courses you are currently taking
    • How your internship has influenced your career plans and goals
    • The most valuable skills you learned from your internship, and how you might apply them in your future
    • Any challenges you faced in your internship and how you overcame them.
  • 3-5 photos and/or a video that demonstrate your participation in the internship.*
    • Photo Tips:
      •    Have a friend or co-worker take the photos
      •    Do your best to be engaged in the activity central to your internship
      •    Avoid photos of you sitting at a computer
      Note: High quality photos may be used in UCEAP social media and marketing materials (photo credit will be given).
    *If photos are not allowed at your internship, an alternative like a blog post, diagram, or infographic (for example) will work.
  • Recommendation letter from your onsite internship supervisor indicating your performance and accomplishments in the internship. The letter can be written in your supervisor’s native language. You can upload the letter directly into the application portal.

  • Sample of your completed work. Project, proposal, paper, blog, article, etc. Provide a brief explanation of your contribution to the sample. 

Application Tips

  • Reflect upon and analyze your internship experience 
  • Clearly demonstrate how your internship helped you reach your career, academic and personal goals
  • Make sure your application conveys creativity, rigor, clarity, completeness and organization
  • Start your application during the internship: Keep a journal and write down your experiences while you are abroad (be as specific as possible)
  • Top quality writing is critical. Use writing resources available on your campus to ensure the application is professional, with correct grammar and punctuation.
For questions regarding the internship award or application process, please contact

Student Stories

2018-19 Fall Internship Award Winners

  • Van Bui, UC Irvine, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Tiffany Wang, UC San Diego, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Anne Park, UC San Diego, Yonsei University, Korea
  • Rena Li, UC Santa Barbara, Made in Italy, UC Center Florence, Italy
  • Irene Kwangaba, UC San Diego, University of Ghana

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2017-18 Spring Internship Award Winners

  • ​​Li Shen Ooi, UC Santa Barbara, Peking University, China
  • Remi Dayton, UC Berkeley, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Betty Ding, UC Santa Barbara, Peking University, China
  • Jonedel De Lara, UC Santa Barbara, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Casey O'Hara, UC San Diego, Middle East Studies, Amman, Jordan

Read about all of the Fall 2017-18 Internship Award Winners!

2017-18 Fall Internship Award Winners

  • Michelle Xie, UC Santa Barbara, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Lincoln Liechti, UC Santa Barbara, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Lauren Roberts, UC Santa Barbara, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Elena Lippi, UC Davis, University of Ghana
  • Charles James, UC Berkeley, Language & Culture, Tsuru University, Japan

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2016-2017 Spring Internship Award Winners

  • Juitung Raya Kuo, UC Berkeley, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Que Do, UC Santa Barbara, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Esther Cisneros, UC Santa Barbara, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Victor Hiltner, UC Berkeley, Carlos III University, Spain
  • Sophia Osborn, UC San Diego, Waseda University, Japan

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2016-2017 Fall Internship Award Winners

  • Justin Leung, UC Santa Barbara, University of Hong Kong
  • Isabel Soloaga, UC Berkeley, Arts, Politics, Society & Space, UC Center London, UK
  • Erin Mozdy, UC Davis, Technical University, Berlin, Germany
  • Gi Liu, UC Santa Cruz, University of Granada, Spain
  • Priscilla Tenggara, UC Irvine, European Studies, Free University Berlin (FU-BEST), Germany​​

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2015-2016 Internship Award Winners

  • Jacqueline Puliatti, UC Santa Cruz, University of Ghana
  • Tatiana Ferreyra, UC Berkeley, Pontifical Catholic University- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
  • Cian Cardenas. UC Santa Cruz, Fudan University, China
  • Hannah Stroud, UC San Diego, European Transformations, Spain
  • Dahee Kim, UCLA, Language & Culture, UC Center Florence, Italy