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New Programs for 2014-15

We are pleased to announce the following new programs to complement our comprehensive and diverse portfolio of study abroad opportunities:

  • ​​​​Canada: Mc​Gill University, Montreal 
    An opportunity for students to enh​ance their French language skills and advance their degree in Montreal, a highly rated student city and perhaps more accessible alternative to Europe. 

  • Dominican Republic: Santiago, Community Public Health
    Students gain hands-on career training in the medical field as they improve their Spanish. Highlights include a health practicum and clinical rotation in an underserved community.

  • Germany: Munich University of Applied Sciences, Engineering for Sustainability
    The addition of a program in Munich offers future engineers invaluable access to global companies headquartered in the city. Courses cover entrepreneurship, innovations in green technology, and project-based learning in lab experiments and simulations.

  • Indonesia: Yogyakarta, Contemporary Indonesia
    In this compact, 5-week program, students will explore Indonesian development and delve into topics of gender, popular culture in the digital age, religious freedom, foreign aid and community development, urbanization and sustainability under the guidance of a UC Professor.

  • UK England University College London
    University College London is an additional option to the English Universities immersion program and a prestigious and competitive environment for students of all majors to advance their studies.

  • UK England Sotheby’s Institute of Arts, London
    At Sotheby’s, students will get a behind-the-scenes view of the professional art world and learn the business firsthand in trips to major art fairs, auctions, exhibitions, and galleries.