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Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Interested in examining unique organisms, habitats, and ecosystems? Would you like to enhance your technical education in computer and information sciences, math, and engineering at an internationally acclaimed research university? Discover new modes of problem-solving, fresh approaches to design, and new perspectives on your major by studying abroad.

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Did you know? 97% of UCEAP students who plan to take courses in their major while abroad receive major credit.

Chile: University of Chile
Set within the vibrant capital city of Santiago, the University of Chile is one of the country’s top universities. Its Facultad de Ciencias (physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science), Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra (geology, geography, and geophysics), and Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas (which includes medicine) are all very highly ranked, and its School of Engineering is ranked number one in Latin America. Chile offers both an urban intellectual setting and some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

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Ireland: Science & Engineering Summer School
In less than 2 months, you can complete a year of calculus-based physics or take exciting courses in computer science at the new University College Dublin Science Centre. Ranked in the top 1 percent of higher education institutions worldwide, UCD is a leader in innovative science teaching and research and an ideal destination for networking with top students and faculty in your field. The beautiful campus is close to Dublin's bustling city center.

Japan: Lab Research, Engineering & Science
The Japanese tradition of mono zukuri (the “spirit of creation”) embodies this full-time lab research program at Osaka University, a pioneering institution driving exciting advances in the fields of robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. You will work alongside grad students and lead researchers at the Frontier Lab on topics related to your field of study. Located in modern Kansai.
Work within a Japanese lab team for 8 weeks on a research project in areas such as nanotechnology and molecular science, life science and biotechnology, systems and robotics, computing and information science, advanced material science, photon science, and other emerging fields. Cultural activities will help you explore Osaka's traditional parks, temples, shrines, amusement parks, and active nightlife.


New Zealand: Massey University
Known widely for its movie-like “Middle-earth” landscapes, the compact islands of New Zealand offer a paradise for adventurers. ​Juxtaposed with its lush rainforests and stunning glaciers are thriving multicultural cities. Courses are offered for all majors. Specialized studies include biological sciences, including animal sciences. Many volunteer or internship placements are also available.
Rated CNN’s top travel destination for 2013, Scotland offers a wealth of culture, scenic beauty, delicious food, and just a hint of mystery.

Field Geology, Univ. of St. Andrews

Fulfill UC science general education requirements in only 6 weeks as you enjoy summer outdoors in Scotland. Develop group work and oral presentation skills working closely with your instructors, and roll up your sleeves for intensive fieldwork analyzing fossils, minerals, and various rock types.  Learn More

University of Glasgow

Known for its gastropubs and music scenes comparable to London, Glasgow offers a true big city experience and rigorous academic program. Within 2 short months you can complete a year of calculus-based physics or several biology requirements at one of the UK's leading schools in the sciences. Learn More

Sweden: Lund University
​A charming medieval college town, Lund is also a modern international center for research and education. At the prestigious Lund University, you may conduct hands-on research in science (particularly biological sciences) and engineering in English. Many classes include lab components that emphasize practical understanding and application of course material to industry situations. The departments have many social traditions and activities which foster innovations and a sense of community among science majors. See examples of student projects.


Taiwan: National Taiwan University
​Undertake a special project in engineering or science with a research team in one of National Taiwan University’s state-of-the-art laboratories. Excursions and field trips, cultural activities, and a series of English-based lectures will introduce you to the people and culture of Taiwan.

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