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Study Abroad in English

Advance in your major, gain global perspectives, immerse in a new culture, and do it all without learning a new language. UCEAP has options with courses taught in English in over 30 countries, including many where English is the primary language of the host country.
Explore featured programs in: 

Argentina & Chile: Multi-City Program

Spend 6 weeks each in the exciting capitals of Buenos Aires and Santiago and explore how different understandings of the past have shaped two amazing societies. Within the topics of human rights and cultural memory, you'll compare the modern social and political life of Chilean and Argentine cultures.  

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 Australia: Studies in your Major
At once the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the rugged Outback, and spectacular coastal cities, beautiful Australia has it all. When you are not diving coral reefs or rappelling trees in tropical rainforests, you will find rewarding course opportunities in any major, from studio art to psychology, Aboriginal studies, or​ human genetics. This is a perfect location to study in English while experiencing a diversity of cultures and varied landscapes.

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China (Shanghai): Bus & Econ + Internships
This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in business and career opportunities in Shanghai, one of Asia’s most active financial centers. Fudan University is internationally recognized for quality academics and global exchanges. Here you'll gain an in-depth understanding of economic development and global market maneuvers. An internship for UC credit will be available with private sector companies, NGOs, and educational institutions.

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England & France: Multi-City Program
Spend 5 weeks each in London and Paris, two exciting capitals with unique social and political frameworks. These global centers for art, fashion, history, and cuisine will become the backdrop in which you’ll explore topics in urbanism, immigration, social movements, and evolving perceptions of national identity. You may earn major/minor credit in urban studies, political science, sociology, and comparative literature.

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Ghana: Development Studies + Internships
Accra, rated a top destination in 2013 by the New York Times, is Ghana’s capital and home to Africa's fastest-growing economy. From snake handlers on packed beaches to treehouse-inspired architecture in upscale neighborhoods, Ghana embodies West Africa’s emerging social dichotomies. Exceptional internships and community engagement options are available in all subjects, including public health and renewable energy.  
Hong Kong: International Summer School
Join a global student community sharing in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) mission to advance knowledge in science, technology, engineering, business, and management. High-quality courses taught in English are held at an ultramodern campus just 30 minutes from the city center. Ranked among the top ten best student cities by QS World University Rankings, Hong Kong is a city of exploration, adventure, and endless attractions.  
Hong Kong & Shanghai: Global Business in Asia
Gain an in-depth understanding of the economic development and business environment in China. You’ll spend 2 weeks each in Hong Kong and Shanghai—two of Asia’s most energetic financial centers. Taught in English, this is an invaluable learning experience for anyone interested in business or career opportunities in East Asia.  
Experience Irish politics and culture from within its governing body in a highly focused internship in Dublin. With a population of over one million people, the capital city of Dublin has a particularly student-friendly atmosphere and endless cultural attractions. During your time in Parliament (about two days per week), you may carry out research, write reports, draft press releases, and correspond with constituents on local matters.

Italy & Spain: Multi-City Program
Compare and contrast societies in two amazing European capitals. You’ll spend 5 weeks each in Madrid and Rome, taking courses by local instructors on topics ranging from social revolutions and globalization to Spanish and Italian contemporary history through film. Lectures are supplemented by cultural activities and visits to centers of government, education, and media throughout beautiful Rome and stylish Madrid. ​Quarter and semester options available.

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Japan: Global & International Studies
Just 20 minutes from central Tokyo, discover the modern evolution of Japanese society and culture. In recent years, Yokohama has developed to become Japan’s second metropolis, boasting fine food, parks and historic districts, and plenty of shopping. Courses feature field excursions to cultural sites, including a multi-day visit to Hiroshima as well as an integrative lecture seminar that involves independent research.  

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​Posh Maastricht is a Euro-eclectic jewel in the south of the Netherlands, with Spanish and Roman ruins, cosmopolitan food, and French, German, and even Flemish influences. Bordering Belgium and Germany, the city is a far cry from windmills, clogs, and tulips.

Business & Economics Program:

For an international perspective on business and economics, Maastricht University is the ideal choice. Courses are similar to graduate seminar work at UC and offer practical professional training in report writing, collaborative project management, and conference presentation. Learn More   

University College Maastricht Program: ​

Join a close intellectual community among those with like-minded interests in the liberal arts. Classes integrate theoretical and practical perspectives on par with graduate seminar work at UC. Over 120 courses of study are available in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. Learn More

Netherlands (Utrecht): Studies in your Major

​Utrecht is a top academic destination in Europe located just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam by train. This charming city attracts many visitors with its picturesque cobblestone streets, tree-lined canals, medieval quarter, and multitude of shops and cafés.

Univ. College Utrecht Program:

UCU, an elite honors college enrolling only 700 students in liberal arts and sciences, emphasizes individual attention. This program offers excellent courses for psychology and biology majors. Learn More

Utrecht University Program: 

UU boasts innovative research, an international environment, and twelve Nobel Prize winners. Take courses in economics, law, film, international relations, gender and ethnicity studies, and more. Learn More   ​

New Zealand: Studies in your Major

Known widely for its movie-like “Middle-earth” landscapes, the compact islands of New Zealand offer a paradise for adventurers. Juxtaposed with its lush rainforests and stunning glaciers are thriving multicultural cities where Kiwis enjoy a high quality of life. Courses are offered for all majors at a choice of seven world-class universities. Specialized studies include: indigenous arts, biological sciences (at Massey), business or psychology (at Waikato), geology and earth sciences (Otago), sustainability studies (Lincoln), economics (Canterbury), and Maori Studies (all locations). 

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Scotland: Studies in you Major + Service-Learning
Rated CNN’s top travel destination for 2013, Scotland offers a wealth of culture, scenic beauty, delicious food, and just a hint of mystery as home to the legendary Loch Ness.  With one of the liveliest indie music scenes outside London, Glasgow will distinguish you from the norm. The program accommodates a broad variety of majors, from veterinary sciences to political science. You may enroll in a course at the Glasgow School of Arts. To add real-life experience to your résumé, take a unique service learning course through the Department of Urban Studies.

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Sweden: Hands-on Research, Studies in your Major
Vikings and medieval charm aside, the Swedish college town of Lund will surprise you with its progressive society and free spirit. English is widely spoken here, and it is among the most affordable study abroad countries in Europe. At Lund University, you may conduct research in science and engineering or take courses in a wide variety of majors. Out of class, you will be immersed in an active student life through clubs known as “the Nations of Lund,” the Nordic equivalent to the Greek system.  

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