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Transfer Students

Welcome to the University of California. During your short time at UC, we know you want to get the best education for your dollar. Adding study abroad to your academic career can help with that. Not only will you build your self-confidence and grow as a person, you will also acquire new skills, experience different cultures and forge lasting friendships. Plus, your international experience will earn high marks with employers.

You can graduate on time

All UCEAP courses taken abroad award UC credit and may be integrated with degree paths at your home campus. During predeparture planning, your academic adviser can help you identify courses abroad that may fulfill major, GE and breadth requirements. UCEAP also offers you continued UC enrollment, allowing you to keep to your academic plan and make your graduation date.

You are eligible to study abroad

UCEAP study abroad programs vary in eligibility requirements, such as language ability, residency and GPA. At the time of departure, your GPA must meet the study abroad program requirements. If you have no UC GPA yet, your transfer GPA may be used (with some exceptions).

Your campus study abroad office can help you navigate the eligibility requirements.

Going abroad is getting cheaper

With the rising cost of living and getting an education in California, many students are discovering that some UCEAP programs can save them money. Studying abroad in a country with a favorable cost of living and exchange rate may offset an otherwise expensive year in California.

Many UCEAP programs also cost less than non-UC study abroad providers, even before factoring in a range of fee reductions and discounts. If you have financial aid, your package is adjusted to cover the cost of the study abroad program. Transfer students also get special consideration when it comes to UCEAP scholarships.

Visit your campus study abroad office

The UCEAP application deadlines may require you to apply shortly after being admitted to UC. The time between application and departure is between 6 and 9 months. The folks at your campus study abroad office can help you choose the right program, figure out the best term to study abroad, understand the visa process and more.

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