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UCEAP Internship Awards

Share Your Internship Experience

UCEAP is inspired by students who get involved in internships on study abroad and honors exceptional experiences with the UCEAP Internship Award. 

Enter the award competition for a chance to receive $500 and recognition of your work across UCEAP's international community of partners, UC campuses, prospective students, and alumni and friends. Your unique project can serve to encourage other students to take part in internships abroad.


Application Open
Application Close
​Awards Issued
Summer and 
Fall 2016
Dec 15, 2016
February 1, 2017 March 2017
Spring 2017​ ​July 13, 2017 ​August 31, 2017 ​October 2017​

Complete and submit your application by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on the Application Close date. 


This award is open to all UCEAP participants who completed an internship while abroad. Internships—both for credit and not for credit—in any academic discipline or professional field are eligible. 

“By the end of my internship, my public speaking skills improved, my confidence grew, and most endearingly, I harbored a passion for education reform and a deep love for teaching. Interning for Stepping Stones and teaching my students redirected the trajectory of my life.” - Cian Cardenas, UC Santa Cruz
Application Instructions
A completed application includes:
  • Application form
  • Reflective essay on your internship experience (1000-1500 words). Address:
    • How you found your internship
    • Your internship company or organization
    • Your role and responsibilities 
    • How your internship impacted your academic experience and career goals
    • Your goals for the internship and how they were met
    • Most valuable skills you learned from your internship, and how you might apply them in your future
    • Any challenges you faced in your internship and how you overcame them
  • 3-5 photos capturing your internship. (A video is also acceptable.) Have a friend or co-worker take the photos and do your best to be engaged in the activity central to your internship experience. (Hint: try to avoid photos of you sitting at a computer.) Note: if photos aren’t allowed, an alternative like a blog post, diagram, or infographic (for example) will work.
  • Recommendation letter from your on-site internship supervisor indicating your performance and accomplishments in the internship. The letter may be written in your supervisor’s native language.
  • Sample of your completed work. Project, proposal, paper, blog, article, etc. Provide a brief explanation of your contribution to the sample. 
What I am most grateful for from my time in Madrid, is how my internship opened my eyes to all the organizations, project ideas, and research avenues I can take with my career.” - Hannah Stroud, UC San Diego

Application Tips

  • Reflect upon and analyze your internship experience 
  • Clearly demonstrate how your internship helped you reach your career, academic and personal goals
  • Make sure your application conveys creativity, rigor, clarity, completeness and organization
  • Start your application during the internship: Keep a journal and write down your experiences while you are abroad (be as specific as possible)
  • Top quality writing is critical. Use writing resources available on your campus to ensure the application is professional, with correct grammar and punctuation.
For questions regarding the internship award or application process, please contact