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 Studies in Your Major

Study Abroad in Your Major 

Studying abroad offers exciting new approaches to your field of study, equipping you with an international perspective, a résumé attracting future employers and confidence in your major. We’ve developed a diverse portfolio of programs to fit your interests and major.

UC-Approved Courses

All UCEAP courses abroad are UC-approved, awarding UC credit and grades for your study at a top-rated university. With planning, you can earn UC credit toward GE/breadth and major requirements and graduate on time. 

Below are some of the most popular disciplines for UC students and programs abroad in those fields. All recommended programs receive excellent student reviews, offer a wide availability of courses for international students, and incorporate valuable field training or academic opportunities such as research or internships. 

Biological and Environmental Science

Backpack through tropical rainforests in Costa Rica, research the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or work in high-end labs in Japan.  


Intern at the headquarters of global companies, expand your professional network in a hub of foreign business and learn alongside future leaders in finance and business. 

Communication Studies

Learn intercultural communication first-hand while you study everything from interpersonal communication to journalism and mass media in fascinating places such as Korea, Israel, and Spain. 

Computer Science

Develop your own research project in Sweden, learn new ways of problem-solving in Manchester, or take advantage of state-of-the-art computing facilities at a world-ranked university in Hong Kong.  


Examine different economic systems, issues, and policies in action while you witness how other countries are responding to an increasingly interrelated economic world.  


Collaborate with leading scientists on an internship, join in group lab experiments and simulations, or conduct pioneering research at an internationally acclaimed university. 

Film and Media Studies

Engage in hands-on film production, directing and screenwriting in a truly global setting while you take advantage of unique courses unavailable at the University of California. 

Fine and Performing Arts

Experience the business of Art at Sotheby’s in London, learn traditional African dance in Ghana, or study ethnomusicology in beautiful Mexico City. 

Global and International Studies

Observe first-hand the cultures, sites, and global forces you had only read about before with programs spanning over 40 countries on 6 continents.


Immerse yourself in the very places you’ve studied while you gain access to historical archives, world-class libraries and the expertise of distinguished faculty at highly ranked universities. 


Study fascinating topics like cross-cultural communication and endangered languages while gaining access to practical coursework on phonology/phonetics, syntax/morphology, semantics and more

Math and Physical Sciences

Make rapid progress in your major as you learn new techniques for mathematical modeling, analyze remarkable fossils and geologic rock formations in the field, develop group work and oral presentation skills, or study materials chemistry. 

Political Science

Take part in a life-changing internship with a member of parliament, build professional networks learning from senators and other political elites, or immerse yourself in a highly regarded program built specifically for political science students. 

Public and Global Health

Eager to make a difference now, even before graduation?  Work with children in Rio's favelas or remote communities in the Solomon Islands, study sustainable practices in the deserts of Israel, environment management in New Zealand or public health in Ghana. Beyond observing medical services and public health practices, these programs allow you to immerse in field research and propose solutions to the challenges you discover.


Learn about military psychology in Israel, enjoy an intimate class setting in an elite psychology program in Spain, or conduct a psychology research internship in metropolitan Hong Kong.   


Take your interest in human society and affairs to an international level. Explore Scandinavian society in Denmark, criminal justice and deviance in Hong Kong, or the political and economic dynamics of Europe in Barcelona.

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