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Summer, Exeter College, Oxford University

Study Abroad Program Overview

The six-week Summer Programme at Exeter College, Oxford is a uniques opportunity to experience the collegiate, discussion-based, research-enriched life of an undergraduate at the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Exeter is Oxford's fourth oldest college. It has occupied much of its present site since its foundation in 1314.

​Exeter is in the middle of Oxford. It would be difficult to be more central. Exeter's exquisite Chapel, tranquil Fellows' Garden and terrace overlooking Radcliffe Square are famously beautiful.

The College is full of history. J.R.R. Tolkien was an undergraduate here, as were Alan Bennett, Martin Amis, and former President Kufuor of Ghana. Other former students include two Supreme Court judges (one from Australia and another from Canada) and Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner. Philip Pullman, another Exonian, based Jordan College on Exeter. The fictitious Inspector Morse collapsed on the lawn in our front quad.

The College not only provides teaching. t has a rich musical life, with what we think is the best mixed-voice Chapel choir in Oxford. There are extensive sports grounds and a boathouse.

Uniquely among Oxford colleges, Exeter has its own careers and internships office to help students choose their future careers.

As you would expect from a small, close-knit College, there is a caring atmosphere, where people look out for each other. With such a supportive and buoyant atmosphere at Exeter, College life is great fun and hugely sociable.​​​​

Students attend classes with international students.

Language of Instruction


Language Study



​Six-week Summer program









​​Collegiate life will revolve around the Cohen Quadrangle, Exeter's newest campus (2016) and the historic Turl Street site (1315). Summer Program students will in the Cohen Quadrangle in single, en suite rooms and enjoy its state-of-the-art modern facilities. You will also be welcomed into Turl Street to stroll in the historic and tranquil gardens and courtyards and to take part in the ancient Oxford tradition of formal dining with fellow students and faculty.

Extracurricular Activities

​​Current Oxford students will organise a busy and varied social calendar of extra curricular and cross-cultural activities, typically including: architectural and literary tours of the University and its constituent colleges, practical city guides, visits to the University's best museums and libraries, sports activities, talent shows, picnics, Shakespeare plays performed in college gardens, quiz nights, afternoon tea, punting on the River Cherwell and trips to nearby towns and places of interest (e.g. Woodstock, with its famous Blenheim Palace and Stratford-upon -Avon, with its Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

On-site Support

​This program is overseen by the EAP Study Center in London. Local staff abroad help students integrate into the culture and provide assistance with academics, safety, and other issues.​

Course Opportunities

​The program is based on the tutorial system, one of the key strengths of an Oxford undergraduate education. In tutorials, you are taught in small groups, and you are given the unique opportunity to learn to defend, analyze, and critique ideas and topics. Academically more rigorous than standard lecture courses you encounter at UC, the tutorial system is challenging but it ensures that you get direct, expert guidance as you undertake in-depth study in a chosen area of research. Instructors are drawn from Exeter College, Oxford University faculty, and from other distinguished universities.
The program offers 12 courses, each comprising 12 lectures, 6 seminars, and 4 tutorials.
  • Literatures of Modernism
  • How to Read Paintings
  • Questions of Travel
  • Histories of Migration
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Development Economics
  • English Law in the International Context
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Medicine and Disease in European History
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Introduction to Astrophysics
  • Mathematics for the Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Individual Research Tutorial
Use the following resources to learn about courses on UCEAP:
  • Access the syllabi for the courses proposed for 2019 to see how this program aligns with your academic interests.
  • MyEAP Course Catalog to search for courses previously taken by UC students.
    Additional courses may be available and not all courses may still be offered. Since new courses have not yet been taken for credit, they may not appear in the MyEAP Course Catalog.
Exeter staff recommends you select one course within your major area of study, and one course that introduces you to a new subject area. 


You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad: 12 quarter/8 semester UC units​. (Each course is worth 6 quarter/4 semester UC units.) The P/NP grading option is not available on this program. 

Internships, Research, and Independent Study

After you have secured your place on the program, the Individual Research Tutorial (IRT) gives you the opportunity to choose a topic of your interest and develop an extended research essay under the direct tutelage of an expert. You also participate with other IRT students in an introductory class on conducting self-directed research, and a mid-session class on shaping your findings into a final research paper. The IRT is taken in place of one of your lecture courses. You are expected to demonstrate prior knowledge of your chosen field of research, a high degree of self-motivation, engagement with your subject, and the ability to work independently. See more detail.

Exeter College

Uniquely among Oxford Colleges, Exeter has two College campuses – the ancient Turl Street site, home since 1315, with buildings ranging in age from the 15th to the 20th century, beautiful gardens, historic chapel, Jacobean Dining Hall, and an extensive library; and the Cohen Quadrangle, completed in 2016 with its inspired architecture, en suite accommodation, state-of-the-art teaching rooms and social-study spaces designed to encourage social and intellectual engagement. Turl Street and Cohen Quadrangle offer ancient and modern interpretations of the collegiate model of communal living and cross-disciplinary learning. You will be welcomed into both campuses to enjoy the best of both worlds and an immersive experience of Oxford academic and cultural life.​

Estimated EAP Costs *

OptionWeeksUnits (Qtr)Units (Sem)UCEAP Fees 1Additional Costs 2
Summer6 - 612 - 128 - 8$12,900$2,775
* Estimates do not include Miscellaneous Campus Fees or, if applicable, Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition, Graduate or Professional Fees. If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay Non-Resident Fees on UCEAP.

1 UCEAP Fees: This represents an estimate of UCEAP fees for the current year. Actual amounts will vary due to potential changes to UC fees, exchange rate fluctuation, etc. This figure includes UC tuition and fees for undergraduate, in-state residents. For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in this estimate, visit the Participants Portal and select the appropriate program. Non-Resident Fees apply: If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay non-resident fees on UCEAP.

2 Additional Costs: Average living expenses include but are not limited to room and board, transportation, books, supplies, and other incidentals and do not include recreational travel or entertainment. The total cost will vary depending on your personal expenses, exchange rate fluctuation, and the program you attend. For a detailed breakdown of the estimate, visit the “Cost” tab of the appropriate program.

All fees are subject to change without notice.


Class Level:

Junior, Senior

Language Prerequisites:



3.30 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure.

All applicants must also have:

  • Serious academic goals and a clear plan for integrating EAP studies into the student's UC degree program.
  • Social, interpersonal, and cross-cultural sensitivity; maturity; willingness to adapt successfully to different living and academic environments; appropriate behavior in a variety of situations.
  • A willingness to abide by program regulations.
  • Completed all campus- and program-specific requirements and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Application Information and Deadlines

Important: If you are planning to participate in back to back study abroad programs (with UCEAP or any other organization), you must notify your campus study abroad office. There are important things to consider when participating in consecutive programs, such as program dates and visa requirements. Not all program combinations are possible.

Application deadlines and information on the application process are available through your Campus EAP Office. Supplemental pre-departure materials will be required for many programs, including, but not limited to, host institution applications, visa and housing applications, medical clearances, etc.

For participation in the program, you must meet all deadlines and submit complete application materials.

These are minimum requirements. After selection by your UC Campus EAP Office, final admission is determined by Exeter College, Oxford University.

Visit your Campus Study Abroad website for program-specific deadlines: