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University of Manchester
This program allows you to become fully integrated into the academic and social life of the University of Manchester. Fall, spring, and year options are open to you.
The University of Manchester is an exceptional university for students wanting to take law courses because it offers semester-long law courses. Most other U.K. locations offer only year-long law courses.
Special Opportunities:
  • Pre-Law Pathway for U.S. students
    Do you wish to spend one or two semesters of your junior or senior year studying law at one of the leading law schools in the U.K.? Learn more and see lists of courses here. Note: Level 3 law courses are typically heavily oversubscribed. Law majors who plan to attend in the spring and who wish to take Level 3 law courses need to apply early. Manchester recommends applying by 1 June. 
  • Study Abroad plus Leadership and Service
    The University of Manchester offers this inspiring program for students who want more than just academic credit during their time in the U.K. Study Abroad plus Leadership and Service enables you to engage with British life and society in a dynamic way. In addition, the program seeks to equip you with skills that boost your employability. Note: To participate in any course with an internship or volunteer work component, you must obtain the Tier 4 Student Visa before departure from the U.S. You also need to complete all course requirements while in the U.K.
Use the following resources to learn about courses on EAP:
  • Make sure to check the Academic Guide for all English Universities to see if University of Manchester offers the subject areas you want to study.
  • Read this information before browsing individual course units. University of Manchester online catalog/course listings. Note that in the U.K. “course” typically refers to the degree or major and “modules” refer to individual classes.
  • MyEAP Course Catalog lists courses previously taken by UC students. Additional courses may be available and not all courses may still be offered. Courses that have not yet been taken for credit will not appear in the MyEAP Course Catalog.
  • The Program Guide provides detailed information about the English Universities program.
You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad: 21-24 quarter/14-16 semester UC units per semester. A total of 42-48 quarter/28-32 semester UC units are required per year.

Research and Independent Study
Independent study or research for academic credit may be possible. Arrangements are generally made after arrival at the host institution, although in some cases predeparture preparation may be required. A UCEAP Special Study Research Project may substitute a 10-credit course at Manchester.

University of Manchester 
The University of Manchester enrolls over 40,000 students, and about 2,500 international students from over 180 countries. The university has more than 70 departments, which fall under the faculties of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Medical and Human Sciences. Strong disciplines offered include art history, drama (including theater history and theory only), economics, engineering, English, music, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

Manchester is the only university in the UK that offers courses through a combined Department of Art History and Archaeology. Art history courses offered through this distinguished dual department combine the two interrelated disciplines.

The university is located within the city and offers a big-city setting with a compact and friendly center. Manchester is modern and high-tech while maintaining its historic architectural heritage.


Test Drive Your Future

Internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume for today’s competitive job market. Stand out from your peers, gain hands-on experience, and develop your global professional network.
Important: Your ability to participate in any internship in the U.K. either for academic credit or life experience depends upon obtaining the correct Tier 4 Student Visa before departure. You must request a CAS number from the host university after acceptance.  The CAS number is needed in order to apply for the Tier 4 Student Visa.
A UCEAP Special Study Internship Project may substitute a 10-credit course at Manchester.

1. Internships found through the UCEAP London Study Center

Become engaged in internships through the resources of the London Study Center. The Study Center has information on possible internships in the community, including some in the summer after the end of a year program. According to U.K. visa regulations, only year program students will be able to remain in the U.K. long enough to participate in a summer internship. However, fall or spring students can participate in an internship during the fall or spring term.
Setting Up Your Internship: Contact the London Study Center and submit a resume or CV and a cover letter. The Study Center can assist by writing a letter of recommendation for you, if needed by the internship provider.

2. Student - initiated internships

Be creative and design your own internship. Participants have interned at cultural events, at various city councils, and communication companies such as the BBC. These internships are frequently not for academic credit; however, if your internship is substantial you can request credit by following these three steps.
Setting Up Your Internship: Contact companies and organizations that align with your interest.  Career Development Offices on campus offer excellent guidance on resume or CV and cover letter writing. For students who wish to start the internship search prior to departure, we recommend looking at the host institution's online career resources. 
Student Experiences:
"...I decided I wanted to go into public relations. I began by researching all the PR agencies located in Leeds, looking at their websites and blogs to get a sense of the company and whether they would be open to accepting interns. I eventually found a company called MCG PR, a team of women who specialized in public relations for consumer products. [...] Inspired, I started writing a cover letter to them, describing my goals and relating to the post about how it had solidified the notion of my wanting to try my hand at public relations. Working in a tea-induced frenzy, I attached my CV and sent an email to them. The next day, Sarah, one of the partners of MCG, emailed me and asked for my availability, beginning one of the best experiences I’ve had so far while studying abroad. "
Teresa Chang (U.K.-England, University of Leeds, 2012/13)

3. University of Manchester's Study Abroad plus Leadership and Service Program

This program enables you to gain insight into, and understanding of, British life and society through undertaking a period of voluntary work with a local community group/project.
Setting Up Your Internship: Complete a Study Abroad application pack and identify the Leadership in Action unit as one of your course choices (see link above). 

UCEAP students are responsible to make their own housing arrangements and payments to the housing provider of their choice.  Most students choose on- or off-campus dormitories or university-owned housing in the community, while others choose private accommodations in flats or shared houses.  All universities have resources to help you find private housing.

There are more than 9,300 places available in University of Manchester halls and most are within two to three miles of the campus. Halls are catered and self-catered, but the self-catered options fill up quickly. Past UCEAP students recommend the self-catered halls.

Most students have been pleased with their housing assignments. Fallowfield Campus Housing is highly popular, with many social activities and the option to room with British students. UCEAP students also recommend Bowden Court, Grosvenor Place, Whitworth Park, Weston Hall, and Lambert Hall. The catered and traditional St. Gabriel’s Hall houses mainly freshers and is all female.

Private housing called Manchester Student Homes (from studio flats to large shared houses) is also available for single students and students with families. These accommodations are located in the main residential districts of Manchester, Salford, and Stockport. Lists of private housing are available at the Accommodation Office. Students should take unsigned leases for any private housing to the Accommodation Office to look over and advise on—this office will have information on past student experiences with specific landlords.

Second only to London as a metropolitan center, Manchester is a bustling city. Though no longer an economic center, Manchester maintains enough energy and spirit to rival London. Situated in northwest England and with a municipal population of 2.6 million, Manchester boomed from the Industrial Revolution into the Victorian era and is the third most visited city in the UK.
The campus is close to the Peak District National Park and the Pennine Hills, with extensive sporting and recreational possibilities. There is an on-campus aquatics center and the Manchester Velodrome, which is the North’s only Olympic-size bicycle track (open to everyone). Student Action Manchester is the umbrella volunteer group. A number of film festivals take place in the city with international attendance.