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 Study Abroad in Argentina

Study in Argentina’s renowned capital—Buenos Aires. This cosmopolitan city brims with fascinating history on every corner, from its tango halls and vibrant nightlife to its museums, theaters, cafés​ and late-night bookstores.

During the summer at the National University of Tres de Febrero, take classes taught in English in the very center of Buenos Aires for rapid immersion into city life. Or take a semester to work on your Spanish at the Torcuato Di Tella University, really learn the city from its northern neighborhood, and enjoy excursions to estancias, Uruguay and Iguazú Falls. Or choose the multi-country program that begins in Buenos Aires and continues to Santiago, Chile for the study of human rights.


Programs Overview​

Human Rights and Cultural Memory, Buenos Aires & Santiago
Following a week of intensive Spanish language instruction, spend equal time in the exciting capitals of Buenos Aires and Santiago. Courses explore human rights and cultural memory, examining how people in Argentina and Chile have reconstructed their societies very differently as their understandings of the past have shaped contemporary social and political life in the present.
Class Levels: So, Jr, SrLanguage of Instruction: English, Spanish
Terms: FallLanguage Prerequisites: None
Immigration and Identity: Asia in South America
Begin an exploration of national identity with the history of immigration to Argentina, then explore the comings and goings of Asian populations and the ways in which this has complicated and enriched the country.
Class Levels: So, Jr, Sr, GrLanguage of Instruction: English, Spanish
Terms: FallLanguage Prerequisites: None
Latin American Studies, National Univ. of Tres de Febrero
Intensive summer program in Latin American Studies taught in English. Five weeks in the center of Buenos Aires with local excursions to support and expand instruction. Optional Spanish language instruction available.
Class Levels: So, Jr, SrLanguage of Instruction: English, Spanish
Terms: SummerLanguage Prerequisites: None
Spanish Intensive Language, Torcuato Di Tella University
Intensive study of Spanish for a semester meets all language requirements and pre-requisites for any other EAP program in Latin America or Spain. Live and study in Buenos Aires. Program includes History course instructed in English, activities in the city, and excursions to other parts of the country.
Class Levels: So, Jr, SrLanguage of Instruction: Spanish
Terms: Fall, SpringLanguage Prerequisites: Min 0 qtrs/sems; Max 1 year