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University of Western Australia
This is one of the exciting opportunities for UCEAP students going to UWA.

UWA Arts Practicum

UCEAP student Amanda Probst arranged an Arts Practicum at the Spare Parts Puppet Theater after arriving in Perth because she wants to work in theater after graduation (before heading off to graduate school) but didn't have any technical background or prior experience. The theater practicum exceeded her expectations: “I’ve learned a lot of practical things about theater that I just couldn’t learn in the classroom no matter how much theory I studied."


Amanda highly recommends the Arts Practicum for UCEAP students interested in gaining real world experience for academic credit. "The one hundred hours required is a lot of work, but well worth it for the practical experience acquired."

Amanda took full advantage of academic opportunities offered by UWA. In addition to the
Arts Practicum, she also undertook independent research on music cognition with a UWA professor. "I've become much more independent in my research abilities and direction.  I'm hoping to use the research as credit toward my Music major and I'm hoping to use it for my senior honors thesis."  

Life on Campus

Amanda describes the UWA campus as "absolutely gorgeous."  She recommends that students get involved with the UWA Perth International Club because they are "helpful in ensuring that exchange students have connections with each other, which has been helpful for times I've felt particularly homesick."


"I don't think I'll ever
have enough pictures of
the peafowl that live
in the Arts building. "



Beyond academics

Amanda reports that she was quite happy with Perth as her EAP destination:  "The climate is excellent, there are water sports everywhere and the people are generally nice." In spite of an academically intensive semester, Amanda says she still had ample time to devote to sports in Perth, including stand-up paddleboarding, scuba diving, and kiteboarding.