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University of Melbourne
​The University of Melbourne is a top ranked institution that provides a consistently strong undergraduate education across a wide range of disciplines. The Melbourne School of Engineering offers an outstanding selection of engineering disciplines, including Biomedical, Chemical & Biomolecular, and Computing & Information Systems.
If you are interested in Business Administration, Economics, and Management & Marketing, University of Melbourne is for you! The Faculty of Business and Economics offers excellence at every level of a business and economics education.
The Media and Communication program is considered to be the best in Australia and has a high international standing. The program prepares students for a career in the fast-changing professional areas of digital, broadcast, print, and mobile communication.
The University of Melbourne does not offer an undergraduate degree in Education, but you can take undergraduate education courses that are listed under breadth subjects. The university has a Graduate School of Education.
Use the following resources to learn about EAP courses:
  • See the academic offerings at all Australian universities to determine if University of Melbourne is the right partner institution for you.
  • The University of Melbourne online catalogs or course listings (Select "Subjects" and then search)
      • Note: Because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, the Australian academic year begins in February with Semester 1, followed in late July by Semester 2. When searching for courses at your host institution, keep in mind that you enroll in Semester 1 courses if you are a UCEAP Spring participant, and Semester 2 courses if you are a UCEAP Fall participant. Sequential course series are set up accordingly.
  • MyEAP Course Catalog to search for courses previously taken by UC students.
    Additional courses may be available at host institutions or program locations and not all courses may still be offered. Since courses in new programs have not yet been taken for credit, they may not appear in the MyEAP Course Catalog.


You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad. 24 quarter/16 semester UC units per semester are required; usually four or five courses.

Research and Independent Study

Independent study and internships for academic credit may be possible in this program.
Please see the Internship tab for more information on research opportunities.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne 
Initially chartered in 1853, The University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university. It currently enrolls some 33,000 students in a variety of subjects. The university’s stately main campus is located about a mile north of Melbourne’s central business district in Parkville, an area filled with restaurants, galleries, shops, and gardens. Melbourne offers a number of interdisciplinary programs, including Australian studies, Asian studies, women’s studies, literary theory and semiotics, Jewish studies, comparative literature, and cultural studies. In addition, qualified students may take courses at the nearby Victorian College of the Arts. (CRICOS 00116K)

Visit The University of Melbourne website​​​​

Test Drive Your Future

Internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume for today’s competitive job market. Stand out from your peers, gain hands-on experience, and develop your global professional network.


  • The following opportunities are for internships, volunteering, and research
  • Business and Management
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Biomedicine, Land and Environment

Setting Up Your Internship

  • You are able to apply for some internship courses (bottom of page) as you would for any other module, with approval being determined by the relevant faculty. UCEAP staff is available for advice.

Additional Information

  • The majority of Humanities and Social Science and Science, Biomedicine, Land and Environment opportunities are more suited for students intending to be at the University of Melbourne for the academic year.
  • Note that even though there is faculty support to source placements, the majority of students will organize their placements independently.

Student Experience

Joanna Vicente (UCSB, Spring 2015)
Joanna participated in the Public Affairs Internship and interned for the Jesuit Community College (JCC), a Registered Training Organization and a Learn Local certified organization. The organization helps people in need to live more meaningful lives and reach their full potential through the many training programs they offer.
My role in this organization was to undertake a desktop research report on bridging visas and asylum seekers living in the community. The aim of this report was to provide background information on policies, practices and other circumstances that affect Asylum Seeker’s financial security, which seems to be the root problem of many of the difficulties and struggles that Asylum Seekers face when living in the Australian community.
Looking back on my experience, as challenging as it was, I realize how many skills I acquired. I was able to slowly adapt to a work environment where I knew I needed to step up my game and show a type of initiative that was not required in my academic past. This initiative is one where as an employee you are implicitly expected to undertake your tasks without the reassurance and guidance of someone else. Of course there is always help when one needs it, but the difference in the professional world that I learned is that unless you go and ask for help, no one will come to you to make sure you’re doing things the right way. My time spent with this organization was challenging in many ways but extremely rewarding.”
Please note- Current internship offerings may vary, you may do your own research to find additional internship opportunities.

​There are three general housing options: 1) residential colleges, 2) university-affiliated apartments, and 3) off-campus housing (flats or shared houses).

Past students placed at Uni Melbourne have lived in all of the above options with both favorable and mixed reports. Students who lived in residential colleges liked them, though it took a while for some to make friends, and some reported encountering hazing practices. Most UCEAP students choosing off-campus housing have been satisfied with it, although some have reported being uncomfortable with the anxiety and uncertainty of the housing search.

UCEAP participants have the freedom to choose the housing option that best suits their needs and lifestyle, however, students should be aware that housing is not included in the UCEAP program fees. All participants are responsible for selecting, securing, and paying directly for semester housing while in studying in Australia, even if on financial aid.

For more information about housing options at the University of Melbourne, see the Uni Melbourne accommodation site for international exchange students.


Always a popular choice! The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the fastest growing city in Australia certainly has its appeal, but Melbourne also offers old-world charm; the tree-lined avenues, classy boutiques, clanging street cars, friendly people, gorgeous parks, and Victorian architecture make it a unique and likable city. In fact, according to the Global Livability Report issued by The Economist, three-time winner Melbourne has been voted the world’s most livable city this year, beating out Vienna, Austria and Vancouver, Canada!

Melbourne is a true cultural hub and a city with style. Fashion, food, and wine flourish alongside art, theater and music, all revitalized by years of immigration, particularly from Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, and Asia. Increasing numbers of immigrants and students, especially from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, add to Melbourne’s impressive cultural diversity. Due to its prolific cinema history and as the birthplace of Australian television, Melbourne is host to several film festivals and is also famous for its street art.

Tram, bus, and train systems connect the city to inner and outer suburbs. Beaches, coastlines, forested ranges, and ski resorts are easily accessible. Melbourne hosts several major sporting events yearly, including the Australian Open (tennis), the Australian Masters (golf), and the Grand Final of Australian Rules football.

The University is located in the city of Melbourne, about a mile north of its central business district. It’s an area filled with restaurants, galleries, shops, and gardens. Uni Melbourne provides an exciting and enriching life for students. In a study conducted by the University of Melbourne’s Student Union, students praised the campus’ inner-city location, in addition to its wide range of cultural and social activities and sports clubs.

Locals recommend:
  • Taking a tour of the Phillip Island Nature Park to observe adorable penguins as they emerge from the surf to the safety of their dune burrows.

  • Shopping at Queen Victoria Market. More than Melbourne’s shopping mecca, it is a historic landmark, a tourist attraction, and the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere.

  • Taking in the view of the 12 Apostles and other wonders along Great Ocean Road. With its striking contrasts, this drive is often described as one of the world’s greatest coastal drives.
Students can intern or volunteer in the following areas
Humanities and Social Science