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Univ. of New South Wales (Quarters)

Study Abroad Program Overview

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is known for its many achievements in research and innovation in areas ranging from biomedical sciences; water, climate, and sustainability; social policy, government, and health policy; robotics and devices; and so much more.

UNSW is located in Kensington, a suburb of Sydney which has many shops, offices, and parks. Some of the finest beaches in Australia are in or near Sydney, as is Sydney Harbour, with its famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. 

Students attend classes with international and/or host country students.

Language of Instruction


Language Study

The School of Humanities & Languages offers Chinese Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, as well as Greek and Italian.


Fall :  
​mid-September to mid-December (one quarter)

Winter + Spring :  
​mid-February to late August (two quarters)

None :  







UNSW Accommodation offers affordable and convenient student housing on and off campus. As you can apply for accommodation before you’ve received your official offer letter, you can get a jumpstart on selecting the best housing options well before the application deadlines. ​

Extracurricular Activities

​From its location in the Sydney suburb of Kensington, the University of New South Wales is a short distance from several parks and zoos, including the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Aquarium, as well as museums and performing arts halls. Students may also find time to participate in one of Australia’s favorite pastimes or go to a sporting event at the Sydney Football Stadium, the AZN Stadium or the Royal Randwick Race Club. UNSW’s close proximity to Coogee Beach provides the opportunity to enjoy the surf and sun while golfing, bushwalking, and even scuba diving. Markets can be found near the campus, providing the opportunity to taste local dishes and shop for handcrafted goods. In addition to all the city has to offer, UNSW has over 150 clubs suited to almost any interest, whether academic, political, religious or cultural. 

On-site Support

​You will be fully supported by the UCEAP Resident Director and Program Administrator, located at the UCEAP Study Center in Melbourne, Australia. ​

Course Opportunities

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a member of the Group of Eight, a coalition of Australia's leading research-intensive universities, as well as a member of the prestigious international network Universitas 21.
UNSW’s School of Art, Design, and Media (COFA) has been rated Australia’s Top Art & Design School. 
The UNSW Business School is a leader in research, and the School has been consistently ranked first among the major Australian Universities for its quality of teaching. Research standards are high, and members of the School play an important part in policy issues and debate within Australia.
Use the following resources to learn more:


​You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad.

Fall: 3 courses for 18 quarter/12 semester UC units

Winter + Spring: 5 courses for 30 quarter/20 semester UC units minimum; 6 courses for 36 quarter/24 semester UC units maximum allowed. Students may take two courses one term and three courses in the other term or three courses each term.

Research and Independent Study

Research and independent study for academic credit may be possible in this program.

The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales, Sydney 
The University of New South Wales (UNSW) was established in 1949 and enrolls approximately 39,000 students. UNSW is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, 20 minutes from the central business district and Sydney Harbor. The university offers extensive science, technology, environment, and engineering courses. It is also known for its multidisciplinary programs, which include Asian and Australian studies, gender studies, marine sciences, and media and popular culture. (CRICOS 00098G) 

Visit The University of New South Wales website​​

Test Drive Your Future

Internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume for today’s competitive job market. Stand out from your peers, gain hands-on experience, and develop your global professional network.


  • Media (MDIA3007)
  • Business Internship (FINS3201) (additional fee of ~US $2,200 but UNSW allocates placement)

Setting Up Your Internship

  • The MDIA3007 internship course is run through the School of Arts and Media (SAM) and placements are student-initiated so students need to seek out an internship opportunity themselves and submit this for approval to the school. 
  • Business internship students are placed in a workplace for two full days each week, and also have academic contact hours with their supervisor.

Additional Information

  • The courses are worth 6 units of UNSW academic credit (6 UC quarter units/4 semester units) and are taken along with 2 other courses to make up a full-time study load for the term. Students are expected to attend the internship placement 2 full days per week for the duration of the term​. 
  • In addition to the placement, the courses include an academic component which students must complete.
  • Students are required to have at least 1 other approved course option to enroll in initially until their placement is confirmed.
  • GPA of at least 3.00 required. Student must have completed at least 4 semesters of a relevant degree.

Please note- Current internship offerings may vary, you may do your own research to find additional internship opportunities. 

Estimated EAP Costs *

OptionWeeksUnits (Qtr)Units (Sem)UCEAP Fees 1Additional Costs 2
Winter + Spring2730 - 3620 - 24$9,900$17,900
* Estimates do not include Miscellaneous Campus Fees or, if applicable, Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition, Graduate or Professional Fees. If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay Non-Resident Fees on UCEAP.

1 UCEAP Fees: This represents an estimate of UCEAP fees for the current year. Actual amounts will vary due to potential changes to UC fees, exchange rate fluctuation, etc. This figure includes UC tuition and fees for undergraduate, in-state residents. For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in this estimate, visit the Participants Portal and select the appropriate program. Non-Resident Fees apply: If you are subject to out-of-state tuition at your UC campus, you will pay non-resident fees on UCEAP.

2 Additional Costs: Average living expenses include but are not limited to room and board, transportation, books, supplies, and other incidentals and do not include recreational travel or entertainment. The total cost will vary depending on your personal expenses, exchange rate fluctuation, and the program you attend. For a detailed breakdown of the estimate, visit the “Cost” tab of the appropriate program.

All fees are subject to change without notice.


Class Level:

Junior, Senior, Graduate

Language Prerequisites:



2.85 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintained through the end of the last term prior to departure.

All applicants must also have:

  • Serious academic goals and a clear plan for integrating EAP studies into the student's UC degree program.
  • Social, interpersonal, and cross-cultural sensitivity; maturity; willingness to adapt successfully to different living and academic environments; appropriate behavior in a variety of situations.
  • A willingness to abide by program regulations.
  • Completed all campus- and program-specific requirements and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Application Information and Deadlines

Important: If you are planning to participate in back to back study abroad programs (with UCEAP or any other organization), you must notify your campus study abroad office. There are important things to consider when participating in consecutive programs, such as program dates and visa requirements. Not all program combinations are possible.

Application deadlines and information on the application process are available through your Campus EAP Office. Supplemental pre-departure materials will be required for many programs, including, but not limited to, host institution applications, visa and housing applications, medical clearances, etc.

For participation in the program, you must meet all deadlines and submit complete application materials.

These are minimum requirements. After selection by your UC Campus EAP Office, final admission is determined by the University of New South Wales.

Visit your Campus Study Abroad website for program-specific deadlines: