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Pre-ILP Free University Berlin


If you need additional German instruction to meet the program requirements for the Free University, Humboldt University, or Technical University programs in Berlin, you can enroll in the UCEAP Pre-Intensive Language Program (Pre-ILP) prior to your semester or year at the German university. The Pre-ILP is designed to provide the equivalent of second-year language proficiency.
If you are participating in the fall or year program, you will enroll in the summer Pre-ILP. You must have at least one year of university-level German at the time of departure. The program is hosted by FUBiS, an affiliate of Free University.
If you are participating in the spring program, you will enroll in the winter Pre-ILP. You must have at least four quarters or three semesters of university-level German at the time of departure. The program is hosted by Goethe-Institut, Berlin.
You will attend classes with UC and other international students.

Course Opportunities

German language acquisition is the focus of the program. You will take an online placement test during your UCEAP application process and an oral interview upon arrival to determine your level of language proficiency. You will then be assigned to German language courses at the appropriate level.


Summer Pre-ILP: 10 quarter/6.7 semester UC units are required; one course.
Winter Pre-ILP: 7 quarter/4.7 semester UC units are required; one course.
Students have an option to reduce the number of units for the Pre-ILP program if they are approaching the unit cap on their UC campus.

Language of Instruction and Grading Options

All courses are taught in German 
Summer Pre-ILP- courses must be taken for letter grade.
Winter Pre-ILP- courses must be taken P/NP


Go to the Participants section to see current or past calendars.
Summer Pre-ILP : mid-July to mid-August
Winter Pre-ILP : late January to late February 


If you are participating in the Summer Pre-ILP, you can choose to live in a single room in a shared apartment at one of the Free University’s student dorms, a single occupancy apartment, or with a German family. You will apply for housing through FUBiS.
If you are participating in the Winter Pre-ILP, you will live in private accommodations. You will apply for housing through Goethe-Institut, Berlin.

On-site Support

UCEAP students are supported by UC’s network of study abroad offices at every UC campus and partnerships with UCEAP host universities throughout the world. Local UCEAP staff will help you integrate into the culture and provide assistance with academics, housing, safety, and other issues. Additional assistance is provided by the FUBiS staff.

Language Prerequisite

Summer Pre-ILP: Three quarters or two semesters of university-level German.
Winter Pre-ILP: Four quarters or three semesters of university-level German.