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 Study Abroad in Indonesia


Program Currently Suspended

UCEAP is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational programs around the world. We have currently suspended operations in Indonesia to explore improvements to program locations, opportunities and academic themes for UC students.

Recommended Alternative Destinations

UCEAP provides a diverse range of academic opportunities including courses for your major, internships, research and the opportunity to study in English. Consider the following similar area studies programs and locations:


Join this exciting summer program at one of Delhi's leading Central Universities. Intensive courses and field trips introduce contemporary India, followed by community development field service in a rural location.

Internship & Research • Pune
An opportunity to explore India in the beautiful cultural and academic center of Pune. A seminar on Indian history and society is augmented by a 6-week internship or independent research project in humanities or social sciences.


National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)
A wide range of courses, listed under Southeast Asian Studies, cover the history, culture, geography, gender, and religions of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, as well as Indonesian language study, are available. Take NUS classes in most UC majors taught by faculty from around the world, and engage with this top level university community through research, clubs, sports, and cultural activities. 


Interdisciplinary Thai Studies • Thammasat Univ.
Experience Thailand through summer study of Thai Buddhism, society and culture, complemented by excursions outside the capital to see more rural, beautiful Thai communities.
Thammasat Univ.
English-taught courses concerning Southeast Asian religions, ethnicities, social and economic development are available as well as internships and volunteer opportunities in the Thai community. Take courses in business administration, economics, development studies, politics, international relations, language, and history. 
Use the MyEAP Course Catalog to explore topics of interest and assess these and many other study abroad locations.