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 Study Abroad in Israel

Each year millions are drawn to Israel’s storied landmarks, spiritual centers and healing seas. Building on the country's history are leading industries and rapid development, where today’s generation can gain career training, competence in Modern Hebrew or Arabic, and a broadened view of the Middle East. 

In Jerusalem, intern or conduct research in a variety of fields, from business and cognitive psychology to performing arts and chemical engineering. For an authentic Israeli experience including outreach projects with local Bedouin tribes, venture just outside the major tourist centers to Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva. In the port city of Haifa, benefit from proximity to Israel’s “Silicon Valley” as well as important historic sites such as Caesarea. 

Programs Overview

Israel Institute of Technology, Technion/Neubauer
Enjoy a unique and prestigious opportunity to do an internship and also take Engineering courses and some courses in the humanities.
Class Levels: Jr, SrLanguage of Instruction: English
Terms: SpringLanguage Prerequisites: None
The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
A flexible, interdisciplinary program comprising Hebrew language, Jewish studies, Israel or Middle East studies, and a diverse range of other courses spanning the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
Class Levels: Jr, Sr, GrLanguage of Instruction: English, Hebrew
Terms: SpringLanguage Prerequisites: None