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Victoria University of Wellington

Take regular university courses in your major or a related field. EAP immersion programs in New Zealand offer UC students the rewarding opportunity to be fully integrated into the academic and social life of any one of our exchange partners. Although each institution has its own specializations and strong offerings in many fields, they are similar in academic structure and most academic disciplines are available. With EAP, you are guaranteed a top public university that provides a consistently strong undergraduate education and offers a wide range of disciplines.

The School of Psychology offers an excellent program, with specialist programs including Forensic psychology, Cross-Cultural psychology, and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. Outstanding course and research opportunities are also offered in more traditional areas such as cognitive development, social, and organizational psychology.

When searching for courses: in New Zealand courses are often referred to as "papers"; the units earned from a course are called "points" and the university catalog is called the "calendar". So what does "course" mean in New Zealand? It's the term they use to describe a degree program or program of study.
Use the following resources to learn about courses on EAP:
  • See the academic offerings at all New Zealand universities to determine if Victoria University of Wellington is the right partner institution for you. The document also lists course restrictions, if they apply.
  • Host institution online catalogs or course listings: Victoria University of Wellington
      • Note: Because New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, their academic year begins in February with Semester 1, followed in July by Semester 2. When searching for courses at your host institution, keep in mind that you enroll in Semester 1 courses if you are a UCEAP Spring participant, and Semester 2 courses if you are a UCEAP Fall participant. Sequential course series are set up accordingly.
  • MyEAP Course Catalog lists courses previously taken by UC students. Additional courses may be available and not all courses may still be offered. Since courses in new programs have not yet been taken for credit, they may not appear in the MyEAP Course Catalog.


You are required to take a full-time course of study while abroad. 21 quarter/14 semester UC units per semester are required.

Research and Independent Study

Research and independent study may be possible in this program. Arrangements are generally made at the Study Center after arrival at the host institution. Predeparture preparation may be required.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington 
Victoria University was established in 1897. The main campus is located in Kelburn, a residential area of Wellington about one mile from the city center. The Law Faculty, part of the Faculty of Commerce and Administration, and schools of Architecture and Design are located in the heart of the city. In addition to institutes and research facilities, the university has faculties of Architecture and Design, Commerce and Administration, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Science. You can find strong course work in English and New Zealand literature, indigenous studies (including Maori, Pacific, and Asian studies), linguistics, environmental and ecological sciences, geography, political science, and theater and film.
Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is located in the southwestern tip of the North Island. Wellington is a particularly good choice if you are interested in observing New Zealand politics. As an intellectual and cultural center, Wellington has numerous museums and art galleries, drama and musical societies, and professional theater companies.

Test Drive Your Future

Internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume for today’s competitive job market. Stand out from your peers, gain hands-on experience, and develop your global professional network.

1. Student – initiated Internships

Be creative and design your own internship. Past participants have interned for a wide range of organizations. These internships are frequently not for academic credit; however, if your internship is substantial you can request credit by following these three steps.
Setting Up Your Internship: Contact companies and organizations that align with your interest.  Career Development Offices on campus also offer excellent guidance on CV and cover letter writing. For students who wish to start the internship search prior to departure, we encourage you to look at the online career resources Victoria University of Wellington has to offer. UCEAP staff is available for advice. 

2. International Research Internships -

    The Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR)

International students in cross-cultural study are invited to undertake a research internship at the Centre. CACR is located within the School of Psychology. 
Setting Up Your Internship: Read the Becoming a CACR intern brochure. For additional questions, contact the Center. UCEAP staff is available for advice.
Additional Information: There are no set criteria for interns. Although the majority of interns are post-graduates, each student's application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The internship is confirmed if a faculty member is available to supervise a student. Students receive an internship certificate. To receive credit, UCEAP students would have to follow these three steps.

​You are responsible for selecting, securing, and paying for your housing (even if you are on financial aid). Each university has a housing office where you can obtain information about on- and off-campus housing.

It is recommended that you live in a residence hall. Independent housing in Wellington is expensive and difficult to find. You are eligible to apply for accommodation to all the halls of residence offered at Victoria University. There are several catered and self-catered halls from
which to choose.

​Located in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, Victoria University of Wellington provides students with the opportunity to live in a thriving and energetic city filled with cafes, bars, museums, libraries, galleries, restaurants and some of New Zealand’s most famous activities, including surfing and hiking, or “tramping” as New Zealanders call it. Wellington also has a wonderful zoo and a state of the art sanctuary, Zealandia, both areas perfect for animal lovers to view and study the unique and rare wildlife of New Zealand. Campus life includes a variety of clubs and student societies to help immerse yourself into New Zealand student life while doing things you enjoy with people who share your interests.

Take advantage of the outstanding Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) to better understand and debate pressing global issues such as economic interdependence, poverty, and human security. VILP is an academically-oriented extra-curricular program of seminars, lively debates, speaker events, and activities that focus on international leadership, cross-cultural communication, and sustainability. Exchange students are welcome to participate, so join in and expand your international knowledge!