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Pre-ILP University of Cadiz


This Pre-Intensive Language Program (pre-ILP) in the seaside city of Cádiz provides a transition from American to Spanish culture, from English to Spanish language, and from the California university system to the Spanish system. The program has much to offer both to students with the required minimum level of Spanish, as well as to more advanced speakers.

It is designed specifically for students who enroll in one of the following UCEAP programs in Spain: University of Barcelona (fall and year option only), the Complutense University of Madrid, or the University of Granada. You select the option for the pre-ILP in Cádiz when you apply to one of these programs.

Cádiz itself is set on Spain’s southern Atlantic coast and is one of the most beautiful and welcoming coastal cities in southern Spain. The city offers a rich cultural life during the summer season and draws large numbers of Spaniards from all over the country to relax on the beaches and take advantage of the city’s lively nightlife. Since UCEAP students headed for all the eligible Spain programs begin their participation in Cádiz first, you will also have the chance to meet students going to different destinations to share experiences later in the year.

You will live right in the picturesque medieval city. In addition to its museums and other cultural sites, the UCEAP program includes outings to various locations in the surrounding area that will be featured in the classroom materials. Such destinations usually include Puerto de Santa Maria, the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, Tarifa, and los Pueblos Blancos. And don’t forget the option to sign up for flamenco lessons!

Students attend classes with international students and other UC students.

Course Opportunities

This program helps enhance your communication skills and also prepares you to understand lectures and take notes, so that you can succeed in a Spanish academic setting. Students
with only five quarters/three semesters of Spanish can also use this program to qualify for the fall or year in BarcelonaGranada, or Madrid, all of which require a minimum two years of Spanish.

Students take a language course that is completmented by cultural instruction and excursions to local areas of interest. The language instruction takes place at the University of Cadiz  with other international students. The cultural instruction is special for UCEAP students to prepare for the coming participation in Spanish universities. It includes practice lectures, film screenings, and several excursions sometimes accompanied by local Spanish students.

Advanced Language & Civilization
listed under Spanish, lower division, 6.5 UC quarter units


3.0 - 6.5 quarter/2.0-4.3 semester UC units required; one course.

Language of Instruction


Language Study

The curriculum is language based; Spanish grammar, composition and conversation skills are all emphasised during the pre-ILP.

Internships, Research, and Independent Study

Opportunities for Internships, research or independent study are not available during the pre-ILP.


The program runs for five weeks. Go to the Participants section to see current or past calendars.

mid-July to mid-August


All students live in single rooms in the campus residencia (university residence hall). The residencia is located directly on Cathedral Square in the historic old section of town. It is only a five-minute walk to Playa Victoria, a stretch of beautiful sandy beach several kilometers long, and a 10- to 15-minute walk to the university facultad where UCEAP classes are located. Photos, a map of the location, and information about the residencia are available online.

On-site Support

UCEAP students are supported by UC’s network of EAP offices at every UC campus and partnerships with UCEAP host universities throughout the world. The Cádiz pre-ILP is administered by a UC Faculty Director, who is responsible for all UCEAP Spain programs, resides in Barcelona, and conducts periodic visits during the pre-ILP. The UC Faculty Director and on-site staff help students integrate into Spanish culture and provide assistance with academics, housing, safety, and other issues.

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