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Spain  2019-20
Complutense Univ. of Madrid - Fall

UCEAP Travel Requirements

Your first payment date is May 1st. This is also the deadline to withdraw from the program without UCEAP financial penalty. Additional withdrawal fees may apply for some programs.
Consult the Money Matters tab above for details about your UCEAP fees.

Campus Health Insurance Requirement: You are responsible for either 1) paying the health insurance fee at your UC campus, or 2) obtaining a health insurance waiver from your UC campus. ​​​​​​​​


Materials will be posted here as they become available.
Review all linked instructions in the Pre-Departure Checklist as soon as possible.
Review each tab and plan ahead to meet all deadlines.


UCEAP Contacts

Amanda Krehbiel-NadriUCEAP Program Specialist

Phone: (805) 893-4268​

Christine Rehage, UCEAP Finance Accountant:
Phone: (805) 893-8459

Mailing Address:
Amanda Krehbiel-Nadri
UCEAP Systemwide Office - Complutense
6950 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
Goleta, CA 93117-5823
Pre-Departure Checklist
Item Submission Deadline Read and Complete Submit To
1 Review Now - and refer back often Review each of the tabs above for additional deadlines and important information:
  • Travel Requirements
  • Money Matters
  • Insurance
  • Calendars
  • Policies
  • Petitions
Varies by Item
2 Read now. Most of your questions will be answered in these guides.
Official UCEAP Guides


3 Now – through
the end of your
Contact and Passport Information

Online in MyEAP
​4 ​Read now and apply for your visa by the dates listed in the Visa Application Timeline​ ​Student Visa

​Spanish Consulate

Save electronic copies of your Student Visa application documents for your own records and for easy access while you are abroad.
5 ​Plan ahead and prepare prior to arrival Students who submitted a Departmental Pre-Approval to Extend (DPA) form with their Application

Save electronic copies and take the originals with you to Spain for your Student Resident Permit application
6 3/8/19 Electronic Signatures

Highly Recommended

Online in MyEAP





Digital Passport-style Photo

Email to
8 ​3/8/19 ​Housing Rules & Questionnaire

​Email to
9​ ​3/8/19 Request for Disability Accommodation Abroad
(if applicable)

​Email to
or mail to the
10​ ​3/8/19 Requirements for Students Taking Dependents
(if applicable)

online payment 
to ACI
11 6/14/19
UCEAP Health Clearance

12​ ​7/8/19

Host University Registration

Email your completed registration form to


13 The Participation letter will emailed to you in February.  The Acceptance letter will be mailed to your campus for you to pick up in early April.

Complutense Acceptance Letter &
UCEAP Participation Letter

Keep electronic copies of these letters for your records and submit the originals with your visa application
​14 Prior to Arrival (Optional) ​Madrid Transportation Pass Application

15 Read Now
Arrival Information

Print a copy to take with you when you travel abroad.

Money Matters

Please review each of the tabs above for important program information. For financial questions, review the 2019-20 UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad before contacting your UCEAP Finance Accountant at

2019-20 Payment Due Dates and Amount Due

  • First payment of $950.00 is due by: May 1, 2019

UCEAP Program Budget(s) and Payment Schedules:

  • Refer to the second page of your UCEAP Program Budget for payment due dates.
  • Financial Aid Students: Your first payment is deferred until the second payment due date. Your MyEAP account will automatically be assessed a late payment fee for the first payment, which will be reversed if/when UCEAP receives your financial aid.
  • 2019-20 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

2019-20 Payment Instructions


Notice regarding Fall, Winter and Spring UC tuition

Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by increases or reductions in State funding, or other developments.

2019-20 Fees and Penalties​

Release of Financial Information (Parent Access)

Third Party Authorization/Restriction:

2019-20 eRefund Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization (EFT)

Frequently Asked Questions


Insurance Information

Campus (SHIP) Health Insurance Requirement: All registered UC students are required to maintain US health insurance regardless of whether they are studying on or off campus. During your term(s) abroad, you are responsible for either 1) paying the health insurance (SHIP) fee at your UC campus, or 2) obtaining a health insurance waiver from your UC campus. For questions about campus health insurance waivers, please visit your campus Insurance Office website. 

The UC campus (SHIP) health insurance is completely separate from the mandatory UCEAP travel insurance described below.
Be aware before needing medical care:
  • All UCEAP participants are covered by the required UCEAP travel insurance policy. It cannot be waived.
  • The policy includes both medical and limited non-medical benefits, including AD&D, personal property, and security evacuation. Review the policy documents linked below for coverage and benefit information.
  • The policy provides primary coverage for accidents and illnesses when traveling outside the US.
  • Eligible medical expenses can be submitted for refund consideration ($0 deductible/$0 copay), subject to limitations and exclusions.
  • Preventive care (including vaccinations) is not a covered benefit.
  • Most foreign health care providers will not bill US insurance companies directly for services rendered.
  • Be prepared to pay for medical treatment at the time of service, then file a claim for reimbursement consideration.
Travel Insurance Liaison:

Student Travel Insurance Checklist
Due Date
To Do
Important - Plan Ahead

1 N/A You will be automatically enrolled in the UCEAP travel insurance policy. You do not need to take action.

Refer to the Calendars tab to determine your eligibility period.
The UCEAP travel insurance automatically covers UCEAP participants anywhere in the world 14 days before the offical start through 31 days after the official end of the UCEAP program.
Review travel insurance coverage information:
Read these documents. Most of your questions will be answered here.
2 months before departure
Budget for unplanned medical expenses.

Consider acquiring a credit card to be used only for these expenses.
The UCEAP travel insurance is not the same as UC campus health insurance.

In most locations, you will be required to pay for medical treatment at the time of service by cash or credit card.
7 days before departure
Plan Ahead - Need out-of-country coverage sooner than 14 days before the official start of your program?
Discuss with family if you will need out-of-country insurance coverage before or after UCEAP.
Before departure
Carry with you at all times while abroad.
The UCEAP travel insurance card has the policy number and emergency assistance contact info you may need if you require medical assistance abroad.
7 days before the end of UCEAP
Plan Ahead - Need out-of-country coverage longer than 31 days after the official end of the program?
Discuss with family if you will need out-of-country insurance coverage after UCEAP.

Questions about UCEAP Coverage, Benefits, and Claims?
Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI)
1+ (888) 293-9229 (inside the US)
1+ (610) 293-9229 (outside the US)
*Press '2' for member services and provide the UCEAP policy #

How to file an insurance claim
In case of an Emergency
  1. Contact local emergency services or go to the nearest hospital.
  2. Contact local UCEAP or partner representative.
  3. Contact 24/7 United HealthCare Global (UHCG) Emergency Response Center
​​1+ (800) 527-0218 (inside the US)
1+ (410) 453-6330 (outside the US)​
*Identify yourself as a UCEAP participant.

Questions about buying an extension of the UCEAP travel insurance or coverage for dependents travelling with you?
Alex Zeron, Mercer Health & Benefits
1166 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
1+ (212) 345-8910


Program calendars are updated as dates become available.
Do not make any travel arrangements until the dates for your program option are posted. If dates are unavailable, see the previous year's calendar for a general idea.​ ​​​
​Carefully review this Calendar and the Arrival Instructions in your Pre-Departure Checklist prior to booking any travel arrangements to and from your program. The Arrival Instructions will inform you of the date, time, and location where you will need to check-in for the start of your program.  Please plan for the time it will take to get from the airport to the check-in location. You will not be allowed to arrive later than the required check-in time.
Read airline and airfare rules prior to purchasing a flight. UCEAP strongly recommends purchasing changeable roundtrip airfare, which allows you to adjust your travel plans for a fee. Some airlines may not allow you to board without a roundtrip or onward ticket to demonstrate when you plan to exit the host country.
Your Program Budget is based on a changeable roundtrip student fare. Neither UCEAP nor the Financial Aid office will reserve or pay for your airfare. If you are a financial aid recipient, you need to be prepared to purchase your airfare prior to receiving your financial aid disbursement.
UCEAP has a partnership with STA if you would like to take advantage of the Airfare Deposit Program, which allows you to put down a deposit and pay the balance closer to the time of departure.
UCEAP does not recommend that you make any personal travel plans during the program prior to receiving a more detailed schedule, which will be available after your program begins. You are responsible for confirming the official dates of all holidays, classes, exams, and program activities before booking any personal travel arrangements. You may discover travel options that are less expensive if booked within the host country, along with local travel deals for students.
Complutense University of Madrid
Fall & Year Official Arrival & Start Date August 14, 2019
Orientation August 14, 2019
​Homestay Check-in ​August 15, 2019
Placement Test and Ciudad Universitaria Campus Tour August 16, 2019
ILP August 19 - September 5, 2019
Final Exams (ILP) September 6, 2019
​Last night in homestays ​September 30, 2019
Homestay Checkout October 1, 2019
Semester I September 2, 2019 - December 20, 2019*
Toledo Excursion ​September 13, 2019
Segovia Excursion​ ​October 18, 2019
Winter Break December 21, 2019 - January 7, 2020
Semester I Exams December 16, 2019 - January 31, 2020*
Fall Official End Date**​ ​February 1, 2020
Semester II January 20 - May 14, 2020*
​Aranjuez Excursion ​TBD
​Cuenca Excursion ​TBD
Spring Break April 3 - 13, 2020
Semester II Exams May 18 - June 12, 2020*
Year Official End Date** ​June 13, 2020


* Estimated dates.  Dates of classes and exams at Complutense vary by academic department.

**Plan to stay in Madrid until the Official End Date, or until your finals are over. No special arrangements will be granted for early exams or early departure from Spain.

Policies and Contracts

When you choose to participate in UCEAP, you accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the UCEAP community.
This section contains important policies that address your rights and responsibilities while on UCEAP. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and abide by all policies and procedures, even when they exceed those of your UC campus.
The following UCEAP policies implement various provisions of the University-wide Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students.

 Official UCEAP Policies


Participation Petitions

Study List Petitions

Research, Internship, and Independent Study Forms

Evaluation of UCEAP Coursework for Credit

To the Student: Please provide a copy of this coversheet together with all the relevant information you have about each class that you wish to petition for credit, including:
  • The MyEAP course catalog description.
  • The syllabus and/or reading list (Note: syllabi may not be in use in all countries)
  • Any graded papers, projects or examinations which you completed
For more information about petitioning courses for credit, please see the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.​
  • Refer to the second page of your UCEAP Program Budget for payment due dates.
  • Financial Aid Students: Your first payment is deferred until the second payment due date. Your MyEAP account will automatically be assessed a late payment fee for the first payment, which will be reversed if/when UCEAP receives your financial aid.
  • 2019-20 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

2019-20 Payment Instructions

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