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Visit the WWW Before You Leave Home

Once you have received notification of your UC campus placement, we highly recommend a virtual visit. Browsing the campus web pages is an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with your host department and campus culture. You may link directly to all UC campuses through the EAP web page. Of course, as an EAP Reciprocity student some of the information on UC web pages does not apply to you. Should you have any questions about what study options and services are available to you as a Reciprocity student, please ask your home UC Liaison or UC Study Center office to assist you.

Useful Web Sites

The following will give you an introduction to some aspects of U.S., UC and California culture you might want to further investigate!

Education in the U.S.

General USA


Explore the communities you are interested in through newspapers


Meet UC Students

We recommend that you attempt to meet UC students presently attending your home university before you leave for the US. They will be able to provide you with different kinds of information about your host UC campus and could be valuable contacts when you arrive in California! Many Reciprocity students are able to arrange to share California housing or find temporary lodging with UC students they meet while still at home. UC students are the best sources of information for what life at your new school is really like from a student perspective. They can give you the most accurate information on everything from the best burritos (a Mexican style filled crêpe) to who has the best local cell phone service.