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Reciprocity photo contest

Participate in the Reciprocity Photo Contest!
Share your pictures and be featured on our website!
It's your story that brings the Education Abroad Program to life for future participants! 

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UCI Spotlight on EAP Alumnus

After receiving a reciprocity fellowship from UC’s Education Abroad Program and spending one year at UCI, Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez decided that graduate school was right for him.

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Research on the Ice

Studying with the Department of Geological Sciences at UC Santa Barbara enabled Robin Matoza to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity for field research in Antarctica.

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Impressions of California

Having never been to the United States before, South African reciprocal exchange student Anita Ballantyne had no idea what the American culture or way of life had in store for her.

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UK Student's Experience at Santa Cruz

British people often question the need to spend time in the US. We share a language and our histories are inextricably linked. Surely our differences are minimal. Jo Anna Tubbs, however, could not have predicted how much she would learn from a culture supposedly so similar to her own.

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Vice-Versa: EAP Reciprocal Exchanges

Reciprocal Exchange students bring new cultural viewpoints and different approaches to learning to their host UC campuses, and take home expanded viewpoints and different academic perspectives.

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Global Cohabitation: UC Irvine Establishes an International Village

The new UCI International Village will be home to over 100 students, with 50 percent UCI students and the rest from abroad, with the international cohort a mix of both EAP Reciprocal Exchange students and international degree applicants.

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