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Photo Contest

2018 Photo & Video Contest - Enter now!

Participate in the 2018 Reciprocity photo and video contest to win a $50 Amazon gift card and be featured in our publications!

Submit your entries in the following categories:


1) EAP faces in UC places - Do you have a favorite place on campus? Have you taken a photo of a UC tradition (festival, game, celebration)? Have you spotted your campus mascot? Share a picture of yourself or everyday student life!

2) TRAVEL. LEARN. LIVE. - What is your happiest memory? How do you and your friends explore UC and California? Show us where your new experiences and adventures have taken you!

3) Look Mom! I'm wearing my UC tee-shirt! - How do you express your UC spirit? Where do you wear your "blue and gold"? Send us a picture in your UC t-shirt.


4) Time of your Life - Give us your best video. Instagram, Time Lapse, YouTube​, etc.​

Deadline is Monday, February 5, 2018.

Only submit photos you would NOT be embarrassed to show to your family and friends ; )


Submit your photo as an attachment to  
Subject: Your Full Name / UC Campus
Text: Name; Home University
Caption: Include a description of the picture, where it was taken, etc.
File name: Category#_Name_UCCampus (i.e. 1_AMPLE_Sally_UCD)

Write your full name, host UC campus, home university and a description of the picture, where it was taken, etc. to post on Facebook​

Use hashtag #UCEAPexperience @UCEAPReciprocity on Instagram.
(make sure your profile is public so we can view your submission)

Through your submission you will grant EAP permission for use of your name and photograph for publicity and/or orientation purposes of the Program in publications, audio-visual presentations, and other related media.*

Check out past winners on our Facebook​.
It's your story that brings the UC Education Abroad Program to life!

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January 2013 Photo Contest Winners 

Category 1: EAP faces in UC places 


Picture by Mei Ye - National University of Singapore - UCR

Taken at the HUB (Highlander Union Building), where we can overlook UCR landmarks - Bell Tower and grand UCR logo.


Category 2: Travel. Learn. Live. 


Picture by Cagatay Gulec - Bilkent University - UCLA 

No need to look at the stars to see how small and insignificant we are. Taken with the "biggest tree on earth" at Sequoia National Park, CA.


Category 3: Look Mom! I'm wearing my UC T-shirt! 


Picture by Daniel Torres Ossorio - National Autonomous University of Mexico - UCD

In front of the California State Capitol.


Category 4: Academic Adventures

A number of you submitted great photos showing you in course or campus related adventures. 

Picture by Hyunwoo You - Yonsei University - UCSD

UCSD is just next to the Pacific Ocean. The picture was taken at La Jolla Shores while taking a surf class. This is why I like California!


Honorable Mention

 Picture by Zhejian Li - University of Western Australia - UCB

Holi (Festival of Color) at Cal.

 Picture by Yilun Guan - National University of Singapore - UCSB

I took this picture at the beautiful UCSB campus near a bike lane. Falling leaves, sunset and bikes compose a beautiful image and my enjoyable life.

 Picture by Hyunwoo You - Yonsei University - UCSD

There are lots of places to go hiking in California. This is the famous potato chip rock on the Mount Woodson Trail, San Diego. 

 Picture by James Roberts - University of Auckland - UCSD

People from Holland, New Zealand and Australia meet to travel to Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park. Being on this trip made us realize what we came for, to make great friends and to share truly inspiring memories.

 Picture by Melissa Farrington - University of Leeds - UCSD

Triton Spirit: This photo was taken at the very start of the Fall quarter, as my new friends and I got into the Triton spirit at the year's first water polo game.

 Picture by Zhejian Li - University of Western Australia - UCB

Exploratorium in San Francisco, a specially designed room makes the size of similar objects/people look different in different parts of the room.

 Picture by Yuxin Sun - Fudan University - UCSB

Taken in Death Valley National Park when I took part in the field study class (EARTH 18) at UCSB.

 Picture by Omer Emre Okten - Koc University - UCB

Final destination of our I-House retreat, totally worth the ride.

Spring 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Co-1st place winners are:

Picture by Nathan Ellis - University College Cork - UCSD

Nathan Ellis, Alex Cremona, and Michael Chew heading home at sunset on Black's Beach,
just west of UCSD campus.

Picture by Soo Hyun Lim - Yonsei University - UCSB

This picture was taken on the beach near UCSB (Ellwood Beach, Goleta). It shows how nice Santa Barbara is. It is 'heaven'.

Co-2nd place winners are:

Picture by Valentina Riva - University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi - UCLA

Bruin Plaza, UCLA Campus.
The picture on the left was taken during the NISSO orientation, while I took the one on the right the day before coming back home. I arrived as an exchange student from Italy, and I left 3 months later as a true Bruin!

Picture by Isabel Orti-Lopez - Autonomous University of Barcelona - UCI

This picture was taken in front of the Bren Event Center, at the carnival before the last basketball game. I made these two friends when I was living in Vista del Campo.

3rd place winner is:

Picture by Gunjan Punjabi - University of Auckland - UCSC

You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Being atop Upper Yosemite Falls that day made me feel like I accomplished everything that I came on this UC exchange for.

Spring 2010 Photo Contest Winner

EAP faces in UC places!

Picture by Francesco Gini University of Padova – UCI
(This picture has been taken in the Student Center in the UCI campus, during the first days of our EAP program and is the symbol of my life in UC. I think the perfect title for this shot would be: "Crazy Italian Anteaters")


Fall 2009 Winners

Category 1: UC had this and I never knew it!

Picture by RENARD TEIPELKE Free University Berlin – UCSD
(Cliffs at Black Beach near International House in the northwest of the UCSD campus)

Category 2: Field trips/Vacations/Landscapes of the USA

Picture by LEDA FARROW Massey University - UCB
(The perfect Picnic. This was taken at Point Reyes National Park, a two hour drive out of Berkeley. Being all International students, it was great to get out and see the coast! The day ended with soccer on the beach and a bonfire with smores! Strange but extremely addictive!)

Category 3: Artistic Photo

Picture by DIEGO ANDRES SUAZO VACAREZZA Pontifical Catholic University of Chile UCD
(New York City, Grand Central Station)

Category 4: Students in Action

Picture by GIULIA DOSSI University of Bologna -UCSB
(Some sleep-talk, at UCSB we sleep-study...)

Honorable Mention

Picture by BOXIANG PAN Fudan University- UCD
(The fallen leaf sees the growth of the campus. Photo taken at the fountain in front of Dutton Hall.)​

*Student authorizes the Program to use his/her name and any images (such as photos or video), recordings, or any submitted testimonials for publicity purposes of the Program in publications, the UCEAP website, audio-visual presentations, and other related media. Any copyright-protected work which student deliberately submits or includes as part of a recording used by the Program are either the Student's own property or work for which Student has permission to use. Student understands that Program may, without limitation, exercise all ownership rights including copyrights relating to images, recordings or testimonials.