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Summer Checklist!  Use this easy check list to complete all the steps to get you to Berkeley!
Summer Timeline
Summer 2019
*Registration and submission of required documents must be completed a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the beginning of session of enrollment to insure that visa documents can be generated in time for students’ departure
Schedule of classes becomes available on-line January 1
Registration period begins* February 1
Session A (6-week) May 28 - July 5
Session B (10-week) June 10 - August 16
Session C (8-week) June 24 - August 16
Session D (6-week) July 8 - August 16
Session E (3-week) July 29 - August 16
Transcripts are sent to the students’ home university as they become available Mid-September

Eligibility and English Language Proficiency

Students must be nominated by their home university.  Nominees must be able to speak and write in English at the university level and should be comfortable studying in a cooperative learning environment. Participation may represent a significant portion of the course grade. 

Students who plan to attend courses taught in English and whose home university language of instruction is not English,  see the English language proficiency requirements

A limited number of English as a second language courses are offered by UC summer sessions. There is no minimum score recommendation or requirement for English as a second language courses. An online placement examination is required for students enrolling COLWRIT 5, 6, 8 and/or 9.

Course Selection, Course Load, Grades

Schedule of Classes

Selecting Courses

It is particularly important that advisors and students be attentive to any course prerequisites or special enrollment instructions noted (i.e.: "Math 5 required", "consent of instructor required" or "by audition only"). Students are responsible for verifying that they meet the requirements for the class.  If you are unsure if you meet course prerequisites, contact the department or the instructor and be prepared to provide documentation of your previous coursework (course description or syllabus, transcripts). 

Minimum Course Load (Number of  Units)
The compressed time frame of the summer sessions in comparison to the regular academic term makes it necessary for students to devote a much greater percentage of time than usual to study. Students generally enroll in two classes depending on the number of units assigned each class. Most courses are 3-4 units. Students can take a maximum of 10 units per session but this is not recommended for non-native speakers of English.

 The definition of full-time enrollment varies depending on the sessions selected.

F-1 students are required to maintain full-time enrollment.  

 Link to minimum unit load enrollment requirements, and program dates

Grades and Enrollment

Grades will be recorded on an official UC transcript. UCEAP Reciprocity students are not enrolled in UC degree programs and will not receive credit toward a UC degree.

Grading Options
Summer sessions students receive letter grades (A, B, C etc.) for all coursework except in cases where the pass/not pass option has been requested. Confirm your home university's grading requirements before you select a course grading option. You may change your grading option after courses start if you make the change by the "Change Grading Option" deadline.  
See Deadlines

Enrollment Changes
Students must complete official “add” procedures and "drop" or cancellation procedures for any courses that they decide not to attend. For all changes contact Reciprocal Exchanges.
See Deadlines

Course that are not dropped will later appear on the UC transcript as an "F" grade. Grades of "I" (incomplete) must be completed before the end of the following academic term or the "I" will become a grade of "F".

Health Services and Insurance

Registered summer students have access to general outpatient medical care through the University Health Services (UHS).  Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) provides counseling services to assist with academic success, life management and personal growth and development.  All services are conveniently located and are confidential.

Link to Health Services

Medical care in the U.S. can be very expensive. Participants are required to have health insurance coverage that meets the stated requirements. You should purchase a health insurance policy before you arrive in Berkeley. This policy should cover all medical and hospital costs from the time you leave your current residence to the day you plan to return.

Bring with you a full description of the health benefits, an identification card giving the period of validity and U.S. contact information. Proof of health insurance must be presented to the check-in staff during the first week of the session.

Link to requirements 
Glossary of Insurance Terms

Visa Information

In order to obtain an F1 visa, students will be required to provide the U.S. consulate or embassy with the I-20 visa authorization form and documentation of living expenses for the period of study. Contact the nearest consulate for information about visa application.

Required Funding

All international students must demonstrate proof of sufficient funding to support themselves while in the U.S.  Tuition and fees are provided by the exchange but you must provide living expense funding documentation for issue of the I-20. UC Berkeley requires a minimum of $6,300 USD.

This amount does not include the cost of travel. The living expense estimate is for the purpose of I-20 issue only. Actual cost to the student will vary depending on the student's lifestyle.


Financial Documentation: The total amount of support in all letters, bank statements, etc. must equal or exceed the minimum living expense requirement.  You may be asked for such financial documentation at the US Embassy when you apply for a visa stamp in your passport. Keep the original copy for your own use.

Passport: Valid at least six months into the future.

Document Guidelines 


The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an electronic system for collecting and managing information about international students and scholars. There is a SEVIS fee of $200. This fee is in addition to the fee paid to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate for visa application and must be paid at least three days in advance of the visa interview appointment. See Visa Resources for more information on the SEVIS fee.


Students have many housing options.
Link to summer sessions housing page

Housing is in high demand in the Berkeley area.  Arrange for housing as soon as possible after enrollment!

Financial Information

CalCentral: View your student account.  Financial information is available online.  You are responsible for checking your student account regularly and paying for any fees that apply.
Students are billed in CalCentral immediately when fees are incurred.  
Payment Options: See left side FAQ.
Document Management Fee: $58 one-time fee eliminates charges for individual documentary requests and provides students with unlimited transcripts, incomplete petitions, verifications of enrollment and more.

Health Insurance:  Health insurance coverage is mandatory.  See the insurance requirements and possible options you can purchase prior to arrival in the U.S.


F-1 student visa regulations allow you to arrive no more than 30 days prior to the start date of the academic program. The time required for processing of the student visa at the U.S. consulate may vary.  Allow adequate time for visa processing prior to departure. Students benefit from a grace period of 60 days after the last day of the academic program and are advised to plan leisure travel in the U.S. for after their studies.

Before You Arrive: Get Ready!

Berkeley International Office (BIO) Pre-Arrival Information
Go to this page for information and videos that will prepare you for success at UCB.

When You Arrive

Arrival Check-in
The Berkeley International Office (BIO) has a convenient online check-in process. For more information see the Summer International Student Tutorial.

Welcome Reception
Check back for 2019 dates and times.