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Promise Awards

Education abroad is an investment in your academic, professional, and personal future, and UCEAP wants to help you afford this tremendous opportunity. We offer scholarships — $1 million annually — for students of all backgrounds and majors, and for all kinds of study abroad programs.

Through the UCEAP Promise Awards we will award the following scholarships per departure term:

Term​ Award Application Open Application Close
Summer     ​$1,000 ​Late January ​February 15
​Fall ​$2,000 ​Late January ​March 15
Spring      ​$2,000 ​Summer ​September 15

Over 500 awards, $1,000 for summer or $2,000 for fall, spring, and year terms abroad will be distributed.  

The application cycle for Fall includes all fall and year-long programs with fall departures. The application cycle for Spring includes all Winter, Spring, and Academic Year (Southern Hemisphere programs. If you will participate in a program that spans two terms (such as an Academic Year program including both Fall and Spring terms), you can apply for the UCEAP Promise Awards for all the terms you are abroad.


All UC students participating on a UCEAP program are eligible to apply for a Promise Award. The award selections will be primarily based on academic merit and integration of a selected UCEAP program into a student’s academic and career goals, as demonstrated in a personal statement. Students with financial need or who are traditionally under-represented in UCEAP programs should include the impact these elements have had on their decision to study abroad. Under-represented students include, but are not limited to, those who have transferred to UC from a community college, veterans, first-generation college students, participants of year-long programs, and students on programs where the majority of classes are taught in a language other than English.

How to Apply

In order to apply, first register with MyEAP to start an application to study abroad. Once in MyEAP, look for a link to the scholarship application on the menu on the left side.        
Winter/Spring and Southern Hemisphere Year applications must be submitted by September 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM. 

Applications for Summer and Fall will open in late January. 
  • Deadline: The application must be completed and documents must be uploaded by:
    • 11:59 PM (PT) on February 15 for Summer programs
    • 11:59 PM (PT) on March 15 for Fall programs
    • 11:59 PM (PT) on September 15 for Spring programs

Award decisions will be announced by e-mail before the April 1 (Summer), May 1 (Fall), and November 1 (Spring) withdrawal deadlines.

About the Application Form

You will be asked to complete a general application form. Please make sure to indicate that you are interested in UCEAP scholarships in order to be directed to the UCEAP Scholarship Application. The form will ask you questions about your UCEAP program, your academic standing, and background. Your answers to the questions on that form will help curate a list of recommended opportunities for which you may be eligible. If you choose to apply to any of the opportunities recommended to you, you will be asked to provide supplemental information, including a statement of purpose.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose should be a clear, concise essay, with a maximum of 500 words. In your statement, please address the following:

  • How the country, language (if applicable), and specific program you selected will help you achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals
  • Specific opportunities, courses, or projects you plan to pursue while abroad, and why studying abroad is the best way to accomplish them
  • If you are a student with financial need, please discuss how this has impacted your decision to study abroad
  • If you are a student who identifies with a cohort that is traditionally underrepresented on study abroad programs, please discuss how this has impacted your decision to study abroad. Traditionally underrepresented students on UCEAP programs include, but are not limited to, students who have transferred to UC from a community college or state university, veterans, first-generation college students, students on programs where the majority of classes are taught in a language other than English, and students who spend a full year abroad (two semesters or three quarters).

​​​Application Tips

Top quality writing is a critical component of your UCEAP Promise Award application. We strongly advise all students to utilize the writing resources available on your campus to ensure the application you submit is written in a professional manner, with correct grammar and appropriate punctuation. Information about the resources available on each campus is available below:

UC Merced - Writing Center
UC San Diego - Writing Center
UC Santa Barbara - Writing Lab

Additional Awards


You could receive one of up to 25 scholarship awards of $1,000 (for summer programs) or $2,000 (for spring/fall programs) if you are an undergraduate student studying in Mexico. In support of the UC-Mexico Presidential Initiative, UCEAP is proud to announce that $50,000 in scholarships will be set aside in annually for students studying abroad at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Field Research Program, or the Contemporary Mexico Program. You must apply for a UCEAP Promise Award to be considered for a scholarship to study in Mexico. In addition, you cannot receive both a Mexico scholarship and a UCEAP Promise Award for the same term. for the same term.

UCEAP Guardian Scholarship

The UCEAP Guardian Scholars program supports former foster youth who are pursuing their dreams of study abroad with UCEAP. One award of $2,500 is available annually. To apply for this award, you must submit an application for the UCEAP Promise Award. Those who self-identify as current or former participants in the foster care system will be considered for a UCEAP Guardian Scholarship.

STA Start the Adventure Scholarship

You could receive up to a $1,000 STA Start the Adventure scholarship if you are an undergraduate student going on a summer program with UCEAP. For every UCEAP student who uses STA to book a flight, STA donates to this scholarship fund, and thus the number of STA Start the Adventure scholarships available will fluctuate annually. You must apply for a Summer UCEAP Promise Award to be considered for the STA Start the Adventure scholarship, with preference given to high-scoring applicants going to non-traditional locations. You cannot receive both a Summer UCEAP Promise Award and an STA Start the Adventure scholarship for the same term.


See our FAQ page for frequently asked questions. 
If you have other questions about UCEAP scholarships, you can also e-mail

Current Recipients of UCEAP Scholarships

Please remember that you must submit a two-page report, along with appropriate photos or video clips, within one month of the conclusion of your term of study. Your report should be a clear, concise essay relating some of your memorable study abroad experiences within a maximum of two pages. In your report:
  • Reflect on the academic, professional and personal goals you set for yourself in your UCEAP Promise Award application. Which of these goals did you accomplish? Which did you have to modify? Have your goals for the future changed as a result of your UCEAP participation? If so, how?
  • Consider the challenges you faced during your time abroad. Were you able to overcome these challenges? Have you seen ways you might be able to apply any skills you gained on UCEAP now that you have returned?
  • Discuss how your UCEAP participation has changed your perspective on your home country and campus.
  • Please include your name, campus, country, program and term abroad in the top right corner.
  • A minimum of 3 diverse photos (suggested photos could include your daily life abroad, a historical or renowned building or location, your host family or local friends, your favorite skyline of landscape, your favorite foods or street scenes).
You must also submit a letter to thank any donors who supported your scholarship. The report, media, and thank you letter should be uploaded according to instructions which will be sent to you via e-mail near the end of your term abroad.

UCEAP is proud to announce the recipients of the UCEAP Promise Awards!

"This opportunity truly would not have been possible without the addition of the UCEAP Promise Award. It not only helped me reduce my financial burden, but also helped me realize the feasibility of such an experience. My exchange in Taiwan is one that I will find hard to forget, as it was also my first time leaving the country. During my stay I have met countless amazing people, not only locals from Taiwan, but also students from around the world. This level of interconnectedness has opened my eyes."

~ Gary Tam, Fall 2015 UCEAP Promise Award Recipient, UC Davis, Taiwan

Summer 2018 Scholarships  

Named Scholarship Recipients

Spain 1972-73 Alumni Cohort Scholarship, Amanda Tedesco, UCR, Spain
STA Start the Adventure Award, Matthew Hernandez, UCSB, India
Theda Shapiro Scholarship, Alexander Behar-Murieta, UCB, China
Theda Shapiro Scholarship, Elias Reyes Umanzor, UCSB, Italy

IME-Becas Award Recipient

Stephanie Bueno, UCLA, United Kingdom - Scotland


Promise Award Recipients

Anita Adams, UCB, Italy
Robin Adams, UCSD, Thailand
Elizabet Aklyan, UCB, Netherlands
Kevin Amemiya, UCSD, Japan
Kiavash Areff, UCR, Japan
Madison Avrea, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Jonah Baughman, UCSC, Japan
Andrew Bilan, UCSD, Hong Kong
Joan Binalinbing, UCLA, Thailand
Sarah Borenstein, UCB, Ireland
Mariann Bui, UCR, Japan
Gio Albert Caballero, UCSB, Taiwan
Tiffany Cai, UCSD, Korea
Talia Chalhoub, UCSB, Ireland
Melissa Chavez, UCSB, Mexico
Jessie Chen, UCLA, Ireland
Brenda Chicas, UCSD, Dominican Republic
Michelle Ching, UCB, Japan
Amy Choi, UCLA, Hong Kong
In Kyung Chung, UCSD, Korea
Doug Cummings, UCLA, France
Camille Dang, UCLA, Hong Kong
Alyssa Dawson, UCSD, Mexico
Fabiana De Lima, UCSC, Argentina
Patricia Dela Rosa, UCR, United Kingdom - England
Chase DeLong, UCLA, Japan
Keying Deng, UCSD, Taiwan
Daniel Diaz, UCI, Spain
Lauren Dimalanta, UCSD, Japan
Abigail Duran Hernandez, UCLA, Korea
Raimel Garcia Hernandez, UCB, Japan
Gregory Gladkov, UCB, France
Breanna Grijalva, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Marisol Guardado, UCSB, Korea
Michael Hong, UCB, Japan
Wenting Hu, UCLA, Hong Kong
Victor Jeong, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Tanizaki Jin, UCB, Japan
Laila Khorasani, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Heidi Kim, UCB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Courtney Kirkland, UCB, Ghana
JooHyun Koh, UCLA, Korea
Tina Le, UCSD, Netherlands
Tran (Vicky) Le, UCSB, Germany
Matthew Lee, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Raymond Lee, UCD, Taiwan
Amir Lehman, UCSD, France
Keith Leung, UCI, Hong Kong
Chenyang Li, UCB, Taiwan
Hans Li, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Yanchang Li, UCSD, United Kingdom - England
Melody Lin, UCSB, Japan
Kekai Liu, UCSD, China
Sean Liu, UCSD, Japan
Rebekah Livermore, UCLA, Russia
Emily Lopez, UCM, Japan
Jenny Luu, UCLA, Ireland
Julie Ly, UCLA, Japan
Davit Martirosyan, UCSD, United Kingdom - Scotland
White Melanie, UCR, France
Natalie Musick, UCB, Mexico
Derick Ong, UCSD, Japan
Janay Osborne, UCB, Spain
Mary Paula June Pesante, UCI, Japan
Amy Pham, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Harrison Phan, UCLA, Japan
Alex Renn, UCB, Taiwan
Steve Reyes, UCR, France
Megan Riley, UCSB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Nayeli Rodriguez, UCLA, Korea
Pooja Sahota, UCR, Spain
Alyssa Saldana, UCB, Netherlands
Jessica Schwabach, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Jennifer Seibel, UCSD, Germany
Amanda Shein, UCM, Thailand
Kris Shin, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Bueno Stephanie, UCLA, United Kingdom - Scotland
Liang Chin Su, UCSB, Germany
Boonyanud Sudchaitham, UCSB, Taiwan
Elizabeth Szulc, UCSB, Germany
Alison Tejada, UCD, United Kingdom - England
Pan Thin, UCLA, Taiwan
Patricia Tjan, UCI, Ghana
Amy Tran, UCLA, Korea
Betty Tu, UCLA, Hong Kong
Ariana Turner, UCR, Mexico
Luigi Varilla, UCLA, Ireland
Ula Varley, UCSB, Germany
Tina Wang, UCR, Japan
Connie Wong, UCLA, Taiwan
Shellie Wong, UCLA, China
Meaghan Woody, UCD, Thailand
Rebecca Wu, UCSB, Taiwan
Shihong Xu, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Richard Yu, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Elaine Zhang, UCLA, China
Samantha Zhang, UCSB, Thailand
Briana Zhen, UCSB, Netherlands
Max Zhu, UCLA, Taiwan​

Fall 2018 Scholarships

Named Scholarship Recipients

Guardian Scholarship, Azura FairChild, UCSD, Russia
Jasmine Jahanshahi Memorial Scholarship, Natalia Rico, UCB, Chile
Carmen Usobiaga Memorial Scholarship, Yimeng Li, UCSB, Spain
John Marcum Memorial Scholarship, Galina Gursky, UCSB, Senegal
Peter Wollitzer Memorial Scholarship, Xueying Xiang, UCB, Japan
Rose Family Foundation Scholarship, Dalia Soto-Beltran, UCB, France
Theda Shapiro Scholarship, Kevin Siegrist, UCD, Germany
Theda Shapiro Scholarship, Michelle Grunberg, UCSB, Spain

IME-Becas Award Recipients

Alejandro Perez, UCLA, France
Elsa Calzada Valdez, UCLA, Netherlands
Emiliano Gomez, UCLA, France
Erika Campos, UCLA, Mexico
Evelyn Chavez, UCR, United Kingdom - England
Gabriella Lopez, UCR, Spain
Jocelyn Partida, UCR, Japan
Kaycee Flores, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Luz Flores, UCLA, Mexico & United States of America
Monica Monreal, UCR, Korea
Saul Gutierrez, UCLA, Italy
Valeria Alvarez, UCLA, United Kingdom - Scotland
Viviana Lopez, UCLA, Mexico

Promise Award Recipients

Dania Abou Zanaid, UCSD, Spain
Heily Acicon, UCSC, Argentina
Ludwig Adisiswoyo, UCSB, Singapore
Sun Alexandria, UCSC, Japan
Natalia Arguello-Inglis, UCSB, Mexico
Selina Arias, UCD, Chile
Aisha Asif, UCSD, Denmark
Lily Augus, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Yannett Avila, UCM, India
Daniel Barton, UCSD, Japan
Sarah Barukh, UCLA, Argentina
Rex Bauer, UCSC, Spain
Nguy Beagan, UCSC, Hong Kong
Alexander Behar-Murieta, UCB, China
Saaima Bholat, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Amber Birchell, UCSB, Spain
Alexa Black, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Christian BLACK, UCI, Denmark
Brandon Boettcher, UCD, Japan
Derek Brackett, UCSC, Canada
Olga Brevnova, UCD, Netherlands
Haley Browning, UCSC, Japan
Harley Buhay, UCI, Korea
Emily Cai, UCLA, Ireland
Hannah Cain, UCD, Ireland
Valeria Calvillo, UCI, New Zealand
Elsa Calzada, UCLA, Netherlands
Barbara Camacho Garcia, UCB, Costa Rica
Alexis Camanga, UCSC, Australia
Claire Campbell, UCSC, France
Graziella Cannarsa, UCLA, Spain
Sophie Caplan, UCSC, Germany
Aubrey Carr, UCSB, Ireland
Arturo Castaneda Barrios, UCD, Germany
Jaela Caston, UCSB, New Zealand
Kevin Chang, UCI, Korea
Angel Chavez, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Louie Chavez, UCSC, India
Catherine Chen, UCSB, Japan
Yutong Chen, UCSB, Taiwan
Joseph Choi, UCSD, Korea
Kaylan Cholewa, UCSB, Netherlands
Xiaowan Chu, UCB, Italy
Tracey Chung, UCR, Hong Kong
Alexandra Cisneros Carey, UCB, Costa Rica
Callie Clark, UCB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Sarahi Contreras, UCSB, Spain
Elena Contreras Chavez, UCI, Singapore
Margarita Cortez, UCB, Sweden
Erich Crawford, UCSC, Italy
Cailan Cumming, UCSB, Chile
Sandy Cun, UCR, Korea
Brandon Dang, UCSD, Singapore
Aminzadeh Daniel, UCSD, Netherlands
Bryant De la Torre, UCSB, Netherlands
Amber de Neve, UCB, Japan
Sophia DeMornay-O'Neal, UCB, France
Jenna Deutschman, UCD, Germany
Stephanie Do, UCLA, Japan
Lisa Dong, UCR, New Zealand
Nick Dooley, UCSC, Spain
Daphne Du, UCR, Netherlands
Jennifer Dusto, UCSD, Australia
Michael Dyblie, UCSB, France
Hayley Edlund, UCSB, Australia
Alexandra Egland, UCB, France
Jasmine Ehrlich-Simm, UCSB, Morocco
Nour Elshazly, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Melanie Elyasian, UCLA, Ireland
Pistole Emilee, UCLA, Jordan
Kathryn Falgout, UCSB, France
Derek Feng, UCI, United Kingdom - Scotland
Kelsey Fennell, UCSB, Chile
Juan Pablo Feregrino, UCSD, Japan
Christopher Fernandes, UCSD, Argentina & Chile
Daniela Flores, UCSC, Chile
Luz Flores, UCLA, Mexico
Salma Flores Castaneda, UCM, Botswana
Aimee Foy, UCSC, Australia
Marina Franceschi, UCD, Sweden
Diana Fregoso, UCB, Italy
Ruby Gans, UCSB, Germany
Kimberly Garcia-Galvez, UCSB, Mexico
Emiliano Gomez, UCLA, France
Jackqueline Gonzalez, UCM, Korea
Natalie Gonzalez, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Ian Good, UCD, Denmark
Tene Goodwin, UCD, France
Alexandra Greig- Duarte, UCSB, France
Elena Guanuna, UCSD, China
Alexandra Guillaume, UCI, Korea
Kimberly Hackney, UCSB, Hong Kong
Kelli Hamilton, UCLA, South Africa
Austin Harmon, UCSC, Korea
Deryn Harris, UCI, France
Nicole Harris, UCB, Barbados
Lindsey Hawkins, UCD, Jordan
Moriah Hayes, UCSD, Ghana
Isabel Hegge, UCB, Norway
Ricardo Hernandez, UCI, Hong Kong
Edgar Hernandez Gallegos, UCB, Taiwan
Sergio Hernandez Lemus, UCSB, Netherlands
Lauren Hocker, UCSB, South Africa
Nathaniel Hodge, UCSB, Jordan
Karina Hoge-Salerno, UCSB, Spain
Kelcey Howeth, UCSB, Spain
Xiaocheng Hu, UCSB, Germany
Eddie Huynh, UCI, United Kingdom - Scotland
Juanita Ibarra, UCB, Mexico
Stevi Ibonie, UCSB, Netherlands
Ka In Iong, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Galina Isayeva, UCSB, Korea
Devon Iversen, UCLA, Denmark
Liu Jeffrey, UCB, China
Colin Johnson, UCR, Hong Kong
Raina Johnson, UCB, Jordan
Harmeet Kalsi, UCM, India
Maya Kandell, UCB, Chile
Monuchroth Keary, UCSB, Jordan
Marian Kennedy, UCSC, Mexico
Chaeyoun Kim, UCLA, Korea
Joo Yeon Kim, UCLA, Korea
Aditya Koppula, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Ava Kristy, UCSC, Ireland
Kathleen Krogh, UCSD, Spain
Chih Yuan Josie Kuo, UCLA, Japan
Irene Kwangaba, UCSD, Ghana
Austin Le, UCSD, China
Jennifer Lee, UCSB, Korea
Jenny Lee, UCSD, Sweden
Michelle Lee, UCLA, Italy
Shannon Lee, UCSB, France
Reyes Leslie, UCSC, Argentina & Chile
Amanda Levi, UCB, Netherlands
Joanny Leyva, UCB, Mexico
Rachel Liao, UCSD, Netherlands
Olivia Light, UCLA, Barbados
Jessica/Aloha Lima, UCSB, Spain
Timothy Lipuma, UCD, Ireland
Jonathan Loc, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Justin Lonh, UCI, Taiwan
Donovan Lopez, UCI, Japan
Emily Lopez, UCM, Japan
Gabriella Lopez, UCR, Spain
Dulce Lopez Gonzalez, UCB, Mexico
Viviana Lopez Sevilla, UCLA, Mexico
Alana Lopez-Koen, UCB, South Africa
Devin Lu, UCSC, Australia
Ghanee Ludin, UCR, Hong Kong
Carlos Luna, UCSB, Japan
Rosa Lutz, UCSC, New Zealand
Yu Lin Ma, UCSD, United Kingdom - Scotland
Jose Macias III, UCD, Mexico
Lizeth Magana, UCSB, Mexico
Nhi Mai, UCI, New Zealand
Jessica Mancera, UCI, Australia
Noah Martinez, UCM, Netherlands
Jessica Matlock, UCSC, Italy & Spain
Natalie Mazza, UCB, Netherlands
Elizabeth McDonald, UCM, New Zealand
Brett McKim, UCSB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Zoe McPheron, UCSC, Spain
Alondra Mejia-Munoz, UCSD, Mexico
Sergio Mendez Vargo, UCSC, Brazil
Payton Metzer, UCLA, Sweden
Tyler Micel, UCSB, Germany
DeAnna Miller, UCSC, Ghana
Ong Minghua, UCSD, Spain
Blake Mirolla, UCSB, Spain
Irene Morales, UCI, Italy
Fatima Moran, UCSB, Barbados
Ella Moreno, UCSB, Spain
Enrique Moya, UCSC, Costa Rica
Abigail Mullin, UCB, Spain
Keerthana Muthukrishnan, UCLA, Ghana
Kayla Myers, UCB, United Kingdom - England
nadia nash, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Elena Neale-Sacks, UCSC, Argentina & Chile
Liana Ngo, UCLA, Japan
Anna Nguyen, UCLA, Hong Kong
charlie nguyen, UCSD, Japan
Michelle Nguyen, UCSB, Sweden
Vivian Nguyen, UCD, Ireland
Samuel Noh, UCI, Korea
Koosha Nouri, UCSB, United Kingdom - England
Ari Nunez, UCSD, Italy
emanuel nunez, UCSB, Mexico
Jesus Nunez, UCSB, Italy
Jennifer Olguin Urias, UCSB, Germany
Gabriela Oliveira, UCSC, United Kingdom - England
Annika Danielle Olives, UCSD, Netherlands
Christian Ortiz Gonzalez, UCSB, Germany
Kaeley O'Shea, UCSD, Ghana
Emily Parks, UCSB, Australia
Jocelyn Partida, UCR, Japan
Erika Paz Rivera, UCB, Brazil
Roey Paz-Priel, UCLA, Germany
Alejandro Perez, UCLA, France
Rene Perez Jr, UCSB, Russia
Jesi Petersen, UCD, South Africa
Sharon Phan, UCI, Korea
Michaela Picazo, UCM, Argentina
Nathaniel Pick, UCSB, Japan
Jewel Quilaton, UCB, Japan
Yareli Quirarte Zuniga, UCSB, Mexico
Salome Ragot, UCB, Mexico
Natali Rahimzadeh, UCSB, United Kingdom - England
Arian Ramirez, UCSB, Germany
Malcolm Rashid, UCSB, Czech Republic
Steve Reyes, UCR, France
Heather Rickansrud, UCB, Denmark
Collin Rodgers, UCSC, Denmark
Maribel Rodriguez Perez, UCM, Spain
Nathan Ross, UCD, Sweden
Michael Roush, UCSC, Italy
Mary Rshtouni, UCLA, Netherlands
Kelly Rubin, UCSC, United Kingdom - Scotland
Ally Russell, UCD, Spain
Ariana Rutledge, UCB, Spain
Sofia Safranek-Uribe, UCSC, United Kingdom - Scotland
Ashley Salas, UCI, Thailand
Pedrom Salehian, UCI, Japan
Cox-Parra Samantha, UCB, Germany
Swetha Sampath, UCI, Korea
Laurie Sanchez, UCSB, Japan
Citlalli Sandoval, UCSB, France
Sarai Santamaria, UCB, Mexico
Nidina Sapkota, UCSC, Thailand
Hannah Saul, UCI, Netherlands
Ellis Scherer, UCSC, Ireland
Geneva Schlafly, UCSB, Singapore
Loren Schneider, UCSC, Spain
Gemma Searle, UCB, Germany
tom sharabany, UCB, Brazil
Hadar Sharf, UCLA, Italy
Marian Sheen, UCLA, Japan
Rozlind Silva, UCSB, Singapore
Gun Hee Sim, UCSB, Taiwan
Laurel Sinclair, UCSB, France
Madeline Smith, UCLA, Korea
Zoe Snedeker-Short, UCLA, Brazil
Alejandro Sobrera Barboza, UCSB, China
Austin Stahl, UCSB, Chile
Jordan Stead, UCI, Spain
Karsyn Stewart, UCSD, Spain
Keenan Stewart, UCI, Japan
Gabrielle Straub, UCSB, Spain
Madison Swenson-Ruiz, UCSB, United Kingdom - England
Kenji Takeda, UCI, Japan
Xin Yi (Cindy) Tan, UCSB, Singapore
Amanda Tang, UCSB, Barbados
Yi-Chien Tang, UCLA, Singapore
Thaddeus Tarshis, UCSB, Germany
Ian Tayler, UCB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Maria Tejeda Ponce, UCSB, Mexico
Victoria Thiem, UCI, Korea
Lacy Thompson, UCSD, Czech Republic
Isabelle Tiry-Garcia, UCSC, Italy
Thanh-Mai Tran, UCSB, Spain
Ryo Uehara, UCR, Japan
Roberto Ulloa, UCB, Italy
Aaron Valdivia, UCSD, Japan
Miguel Valdivia, UCSB, Brazil
Gisselle Valencia, UCD, France
Hanley Valentin, UCD, Chile
Kennedy Valenzuela, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Zachary Vallery, UCSB, Ireland
Sheri VanBilliard Walpert, UCSC, Australia
Leila Vieira, UCSB, Japan
Jessie Wang, UCB, China
Jazmine West, UCSD, South Africa
Benjamin Wilson, UCSC, Spain
Gina Witte, UCLA, Korea
Annie Wong, UCSB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Brian Wong, UCSD, Japan
Josiah Wong, UCSD, Sweden
Samantha Wong, UCSD, Korea
Lindsay Workman, UCB, Chile
David Xie, UCB, Norway
Winnie Xie, UCI, Italy
Tsun-An Yang, UCB, Spain
Alexandra Yee, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Isaac Yun, UCB, Korea
Hanif Zeeshan, UCI, United Kingdom - England
natalia zepeda, UCB, Mexico
Chloe Zgorzelski, UCLA, Denmark
Jeffrey Zhang, UCB, New Zealand
Yanyilun Zhi, UCLA, Sweden
yingying zhou, UCSB, Hong Kong
Amy Zhu, UCD, Korea
Yingjian Zou, UCSB, Hong Kong​


Spring 2019 Scholarships 

Named Scholarship Recipients

Guardian Scholarship, Tylar Campbell, UCLA, Canada
Jasmine Jahanshahi Memorial Scholarship, Mingtao Chen, UCD, Spain
Rose Family Foundation Scholarship, Leandra Ramlo, UCB, France
Theda Shapiro Scholarship, Bella-Graciela Chavez, UCB, Brazil

Promise Award Recipients

Adilenne Tello, UCSB, Japan
Aidan Patterson, UCSB, Italy
Akina Ishimoto, UCI, Japan
Alejandro Sobrera Barboza, UCSB, China
Alexia Daoussis, UCSC, Australia
Alfred George Milan, UCSC, France & United Kingdom - England
Alvarez Bedolla David, UCSB, Spain
Amalya Penso, UCB, Italy
Amberlyn Choo, UCSC, Japan
Amita Chauhan, UCB, France
Amrawit Silassie, UCR, Switzerland
Amy Atun, UCD, Spain
Anais Tournier, UCSB, France
Ariel Rosenthal, UCSD, Japan
Arlene Anguiano, UCSC, Spain
Ashley Boren, UCSB, Singapore
Ashley Young, UCLA, Ghana
Audrey Webb, UCB, Australia
Ava Kristy, UCSC, Switzerland
Azura FairChild, UCSD, Russia
Bailey Hobson, UCLA, Spain
Berna Idriz, UCI, Netherlands
Brenda Lepe, UCI, Spain
Bridget Poisel, UCLA, Ireland
Cailan Cumming, UCSB, Switzerland
Callen Lappin, UCB, France & United Kingdom - England
Carlos Arteaga, UCI, Japan
Caroline Velez, UCM, Hong Kong
Cassidy Irwin, UCB, Solomon Islands
Chaeyoun Kim, UCLA, Hong Kong
Chandler Sutherland, UCB, Denmark
Charlotte Mahoney, UCSB, New Zealand
Chase Ramos, UCR, Thailand
Chelsey Boykin, UCSC, Barbados
Chris Cai, UCB, China
Christopher Palacios, UCB, Japan
Chunmei Chen, UCSD, Denmark
Cindy Lu, UCSB, Sweden
Claire Messina, UCSB, Jordan
Courtney Kirkland, UCB, Solomon Islands
Cristina Sanchez Gonzalez, UCI, Hong Kong
Daniel Barton, UCSD, Korea
Desiree Gonzales, UCB, Italy
Destiny Ramirez, UCB, Ghana
Elianet Romero, UCI, Italy
Elizaveta Tremsina, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Emily Castelan-Moreno, UCI, Spain
Emily Hyde, UCB, Mexico
Emily Pham, UCR, Israel
Eric Chen, UCI, Japan
Erica Truong, UCI, Singapore
Erich Crawford, UCSC, Sweden
Erika Barrall, UCSD, Japan
Erin Smith, UCD, Ghana
Ezra Garfield, UCB, Chile
Galina Gursky, UCSB, France
Gavin Houghton, UCSC, Australia & Solomon Islands
Ghislaine Gozum, UCI, Netherlands
Glenda Sanchez Hernandez, UCSB, Brazil
Gwyneth Kaminski, UCI, Korea
Hannah Raslan, UCB, Mexico
Hector Arias, UCB, Mexico
Ian Good, UCD, Denmark
I-Ling Fang, UCSD, United Kingdom - England
Jacqueline Liu, UCSB, Switzerland
Jacqueline Tejada, UCM, Australia
Javier Chaname, UCM, New Zealand
Jessica Robles, UCSD, Italy
Jieyi Chen, UCD, Japan
Joanna Tien, UCLA, Hong Kong
Jocelyne Guerrero-Saldana, UCSB, France
Jordan Thompson, UCD, Ireland
Joseph Christian Agbagala, UCR, United Kingdom - England
Joshua Erdtsieck, UCB, Spain
Joshua Lee, UCLA, Japan
Julie Xu, UCD, Japan
Justin Lagera, UCB, South Africa
Kai Patterson, UCSC, Costa Rica
Kaira Wallace, UCSB, New Zealand
Kaitlyn Lombardo, UCB, France
Kirsten Cook, UCSB, Chile
Krista Kenny, UCSB, Ireland
Leah Steiger, UCB, Brazil
Leila Berkovitz, UCB, Mexico
lester telon cruz, UCSC, Brazil
Liana Ngo, UCLA, Japan
Lillian Avedian, UCB, Czech Republic
Lina Ngo, UCSB, Korea
Lindsay Workman, UCB, Israel
Loren Schneider, UCSC, Spain
Madison MacKenzie, UCI, Japan
Marcus Jimenez, UCB, Mexico
Margarita Mendeleva, UCB, United Kingdom - England
Maribelle Assaad Boutros, UCSB, Spain
Martin Baeza, UCM, Japan
Marymar Vacio, UCI, Japan
Megan Schouweiler, UCSC, Solomon Islands
Melika Panbehchi, UCB, Germany
Melissa Reynolds, UCSD, Germany
Melissa Reynoso, UCI, Spain
Michelle Fausto, UCLA, France & United Kingdom - England
Michelle Ziko, UCB, Argentina
Monique Bolsajian, UCSB, Ireland
Moriah Hayes, UCSD, United Kingdom - England
Nadia Budiman, UCB, Spain
Nahi Kim, UCLA, Netherlands
Natalia Alejandra Arguello-Inglis, UCSB, Mexico
Nathan Silitonga, UCSD, Japan
Nathaniel Pick, UCSB, Japan
Ngan Luong, UCI, Japan
Nia Robertson, UCD, New Zealand
Nicole Mendoza, UCB, Italy
Nicole Timofeevski, UCB, Czech Republic
Olivia Light, UCLA, Canada
Orkidya Valdez, UCLA, Spain
Owen Farmer, UCB, Taiwan
Prachi Jha, UCB, Sweden
Raimel Garcia Hernandez, UCB, Japan
Rebecca Gerny, UCB, France
Richard Guzman, UCR, New Zealand
Rita Perez, UCLA, Spain
Robin Goharchin, UCI, Netherlands
Rose Oscar, UCB, Ghana
Rosetta Pendleton, UCI, Japan
Ruby Soto Cardona, UCB, Ghana
Sabra Diamond, UCB, Sweden
Samaria Berry, UCM, Hong Kong
Sammy Fejleh, UCI, France & United Kingdom - England
Samrawit Ayele, UCSC, Netherlands
Sean Thielen, UCLA, Italy & Spain
Shakiba Shadman, UCI, United Kingdom - England
Sherry Zheng, UCSD, Solomon Islands
Shin Ehara, UCSD, China
Sonia Scallon, UCB, Taiwan
Stephanie Katz, UCSB, Spain
Tanioka Dean, UCB, Japan
Tate Krogstad, UCSB, United Kingdom - Scotland
Temesghen Ghde, UCB, Japan
Thanh-Mai Tran, UCSB, Spain
Tristan O'Neill, UCSB, Japan
Victoria Haworth, UCB, Mexico
Victoria Torres, UCB, Netherlands
William Curtin, UCB, Japan
Xiaorou Liang, UCB, China
Xueying Xiang, UCB, Japan
Yeshay Thaye, UCLA, Korea
Yesica Lopez, UCSB, Mexico
Yitzel Jimenez, UCSB, Spain
Yiyuan Chen, UCB, Italy
Yuri Ceriale, UCLA, Japan
Zehra Qazi, UCR, Korea​

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