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Promise Awards

Education abroad is an investment in your academic, professional, and personal future, and UCEAP wants to help you afford this tremendous opportunity. We offer dozens of scholarships — over $1.5 million annually — for students of all backgrounds and majors, and for all kinds of study abroad programs.

Through the UCEAP Promise Awards we will award the following scholarships per departure term:

Term​ Award Application Open Application Close
Summer     ​$1,000 ​Late January ​February 15
​Fall ​$2,000 ​Late January ​March 15
Spring      ​$2,000 ​Summer ​September 15

Over 500 awards, $1,000 for summer or $2,000 for fall, spring, and year terms abroad will be distributed.  

The application cycle for Fall includes all fall and year-long programs with fall departures. The application cycle for Spring includes all Winter, Spring, and Academic Year (Southern Hemisphere programs. If you will participate in a program that spans two terms (such as an Academic Year program including both Fall and Spring terms), you can apply for the UCEAP Promise Awards for all the terms you are abroad.


All UC students participating on a UCEAP program are eligible to apply for a Promise Award. The award selections will be primarily based on academic merit and integration of a selected UCEAP program into a student’s academic and career goals, as demonstrated in a personal statement.  Students with financial need or who are traditionally under-represented in UCEAP programs should include the impact these elements have had on their decision to study abroad. Under-represented students include those who have transferred to UC from a California community college or state university, veterans, first-generation college students, participants of year-long programs, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors, and students on programs where the majority of classes are taught in a language other than English.

How to Apply

Applications for Summer and Fall will open in January. 
  • In order to apply, first register with MyEAP to start an application to study abroad. Once in MyEAP, look for a link to the scholarship application on the menu on the left side.              
  • Be prepared to provide: 1) an application form, 2) a statement of purpose and 3) a copy of your transcript.
  • Deadline: The application must be completed and documents must be uploaded by:
    • 5:00 PM (PT) on February 15 for Summer programs
    • 5:00 PM (PT) on March 15 for Fall programs
    • 5:00 PM (PT) on September 15 for Spring programs

Award decisions will be announced by e-mail before the April 1 (Summer), May 1 (Fall), and November 1 (Spring) withdrawal deadlines.

About the Application Form

The form will ask you questions about your UCEAP program, your academic standing, and background. You will need to enter your departmental, major, or college advisor's name and contact information.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose should be a clear, concise essay, with a maximum of two pages double spaced. In your statement, please address the following:

  • How the country, language (if applicable), and specific program you selected will help you achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals
  • Specific opportunities, courses, or projects you plan to pursue while abroad, and why studying abroad is the best way to accomplish them
  • If you are a student with financial need, please discuss how this has impacted your decision to study abroad
  • If you are a student who identifies with a cohort that is traditionally underrepresented on study abroad programs, please discuss how this has impacted your decision to study abroad. Traditionally underrepresented students on UCEAP programs include, but are not limited to, students who have transferred to UC from a community college or state university, veterans, first-generation college students, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) majors, students on programs where the majority of classes are taught in a language other than English, and students who spend a full year abroad (two semesters or three quarters).
Please include your UC student ID number, country, and program information at the top of each page. It must be uploaded as a PDF document.



You must include a PDF version of a transcript.  The transcript can be official or unofficial.
If you transferred to UC from a California community college or state university, you must upload a PDF version of a transcript from your previous institution in order to be considered for a scholarship. The transcript can be official or unofficial. The transcript must show all courses taken at your transfer institution, with your grades and your cumulative GPA.
If you attended more than one school before transferring to UC, please upload a transcript from the institution where you completed the highest number of units.

​​​Application Tips

Top quality writing is a critical component of your UCEAP Promise Award application. We strongly advise all students to utilize the writing resources available on your campus to ensure the application you submit is written in a professional manner, with correct grammar and appropriate punctuation. Information about the resources available on each campus is available below:

UC Merced - Writing Center
UC San Diego - Writing Center
UC Santa Barbara - Writing Lab

Additional Awards


You could receive one of up to ten scholarship awards of $420-$1,400 if you are an undergraduate student studying at the International Summer School, New Delhi​. You can receive this scholarship in addition to awards you receive from the UCEAP Promise Award initiative. To apply for this award, you must submit an application for the UCEAP Promise Award and you will automatically be considered based on your program choice.


You could receive one of up to 25 scholarship awards of $1,000 (for summer programs) or $2,000 (for spring/fall programs) if you are an undergraduate student studying in Mexico. In support of the UC-Mexico Presidential Initiative, UCEAP is proud to announce that $50,000 in scholarships will be set aside in annually for students studying abroad at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Field Research Program, or the Contemporary Mexico Program. You must apply for a UCEAP Promise Award to be considered for a scholarship to study in Mexico. In addition, you cannot receive both a Mexico scholarship and a UCEAP Promise Award for the same term. Students in the Leadership in Social Justice and Public Policy, Mexico City & Sacramento program will automatically receive program-specific scholarships of $2,000, and are encouraged to apply for a Mexico scholarship through the UCEAP Promise Award application.

UCEAP Guardian Scholarship

The UCEAP Guardian Scholars program supports former foster youth who are pursuing their dreams of study abroad with UCEAP. One award of $2,500 is available annually. To apply for this award, you must submit an application for the UCEAP Promise Award. Those who self-identify as current or former participants in the foster care system will be considered for a UCEAP Guardian Scholarship.

STA Start the Adventure Scholarship

You could receive a $1,000 STA Start the Adventure scholarship if you are an undergraduate student going on a summer program with UCEAP. For every UCEAP student who uses STA to book a flight, STA donates to this scholarship fund, and thus the number of STA Start the Adventure scholarships available will fluctuate annually. You must apply for a Summer UCEAP Promise Award to be considered for the STA Start the Adventure scholarship, with preference given to high-scoring applicants going to non-traditional locations. You cannot receive both a Summer UCEAP Promise Award and an STA Start the Adventure scholarship for the same term.


See our FAQ page for frequently asked questions. 
If you have other questions about UCEAP scholarships, you can also e-mail

Current Recipients of UCEAP Scholarships

Please remember that you must submit a two-page report, along with appropriate photos or video clips, within one month of the conclusion of your term of study. Your report should be a clear, concise essay relating some of your memorable study abroad experiences within a maximum of two pages. In your report:
  • Reflect on the academic, professional and personal goals you set for yourself in your UCEAP Promise Award application. Which of these goals did you accomplish? Which did you have to modify? Have your goals for the future changed as a result of your UCEAP participation? If so, how?
  • Consider the challenges you faced during your time abroad. Were you able to overcome these challenges? Have you seen ways you might be able to apply any skills you gained on UCEAP now that you have returned?
  • Discuss how your UCEAP participation has changed your perspective on your home country and campus.
  • Please include your name, campus, country, program and term abroad in the top right corner.
  • A minimum of 3 diverse photos (suggested photos could include your daily life abroad, a historical or renowned building or location, your host family or local friends, your favorite skyline of landscape, your favorite foods or street scenes).
You must also submit a letter to thank any donors who supported your scholarship. The report, media, and thank you letter should be uploaded according to instructions which will be sent to you via e-mail near the end of your term abroad.

UCEAP is proud to announce the recipients of the UCEAP Promise Awards!

"This opportunity truly would not have been possible without the addition of the UCEAP Promise Award. It not only helped me reduce my financial burden, but also helped me realize the feasibility of such an experience. My exchange in Taiwan is one that I will find hard to forget, as it was also my first time leaving the country. During my stay I have met countless amazing people, not only locals from Taiwan, but also students from around the world. This level of interconnectedness has opened my eyes."

~ Gary Tam, Fall 2015 UCEAP Promise Award Recipient, UC Davis, Taiwan

Summer 2017 Scholarships  

Vincent Abalos, UC San Diego, Germany
Cinthia Alvarado, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Markham Anderson, UC Davis, Japan
Lauren Arce, UC Berkeley, Morocco
Priscilla Bang, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Ruby Basyouni, UCLA, Japan
Brock Burnett, UCLA, Ireland
Noah Burton, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Gary Calcagno, UC Davis, Korea
Oscar Cedano Covarrubias, UC Davis, Germany
Taylor Chan, UC Berkeley, Japan
Spencer-Wingpang Chau, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - England
Andrew Chen, UC San Diego, Japan
Braulio De La Torre, UC Santa Cruz, Sweden
Richard De Thorpe, UC San Diego, Korea
Paola Dela Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Graciela Duenas, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Melodie Elyasian, UC Irvine, United Kingdom - England
Esther Emenalom, UCLA, Ireland
Erica Escalera, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Nicole Fernandez, UC Davis, United Kingdom - Scotland
Chi Ian Fu, UC Santa Cruz, Hong Kong
Leanne Fukumoto, UCLA, United Kingdom - Scotland
Carlos Garcia, UC Merced, Sweden
Emma Gillette, UCLA, Thailand
Julia Granick, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Landon Guelff, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Kayla Hawes, UC San Diego, United Kingdom - England
Gillian Holm, UC Riverside, Taiwan
Madelyn Johnson, UCLA, Thailand
Aanavi Karandikar, UCLA, Taiwan
Nataliya Karashchuk, UCLA, Ireland
Sandeep Kaur, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Hannah Keane, UC Irvine, United Kingdom - Scotland
Joyce Kim, UC Berkeley, Korea
Valle Kimberly, UC Merced, Thailand
Giselle Langley, UC Santa Barbara, Netherlands
Esther Lee, UC San Diego, Korea
Natasha Lee, UCLA, Korea
Yun Yong Lee, UCLA, China
Helen Li, UCLA, Korea
Renee Lin, UC Berkeley, China
Tiffany Lo, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Kevan Loo, UCLA, Germany
Kathleen Luxmore, UC Santa Barbara, Ghana
Alberto Macias, UC Irvine, Dominican Republic
Plant Madeleine, UCLA, Japan
Jessica Mar, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - Scotland
Flor Marshall, UC Berkeley, Germany
DUY MASUNO, UC Berkeley, Japan
Samantha Miceli, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Gabrielle Montalbano, UCLA, Ireland
Sydney Nanton, UCLA, Spain
An Nguyen, UCLA, Japan
Nhat Quang Nguyen, UC San Diego, Netherlands
Monique Ortiz, UCLA, Ireland
Batliner Payton, UCLA, Germany
Alexis Pellecer, UC Santa Barbara, Dominican Republic
Brazina Philip, UC Berkeley, India
Jennifer Phung, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Marina Quintanilla, UC Santa Barbara, Dominican Republic
Stephanie Rodriguez, UCLA, Dominican Republic
Rocky Rojas, UCLA, Korea
Chan Sai Hay, UCLA, Korea
Riya Sanghvi, UC Riverside, Germany
Lisa Santana, UC Riverside, United Kingdom - England
Winnie Shi, UC San Diego, Japan
Malgorzata Sikorski, UC Berkeley, Japan
Nicolette Slender, UC Santa Barbara, Thailand
Ryan Slotar, UC Santa Cruz, Taiwan
Bradley Sullivan, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Daniel Tan, UC San Diego, Japan
Xiao Tan, UC Davis, China
Daniel Theodore, UCLA, Japan
Riane Torres, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Jenny Tseng, UC Irvine, Taiwan
Margaret Tsui, UC San Diego, Japan
Luis Valencia, UCLA, Korea
Chee Vang, UC Irvine, Japan
Vanessa Vazquez, UC Irvine, Mexico
Elisabeth Villalta, UC San Diego, Mexico
Thao Vo, UC Berkeley, Hong Kong
Emma Wilfong, UC Irvine, Spain
Jourdan Wilson, UCLA, France
Jaclyn Wittmer, UC Berkeley, Japan
Kirsten Wong, UC Santa Barbara, Taiwan
Kristie Wong, UC Berkeley, Singapore
Dong Wu, UC Berkeley, Japan
Rachael Wu, UC Berkeley, Japan
Shan Wu, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Nina Ye, UC Irvine, Japan
Joshua Yu, UCLA, Singapore
Xiao Yan Zhao, UC Berkeley, France
Henry Zhu, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England

Fall 2016 Scholarships 

Emmett Abrams , Chile , UC Santa Barbara
Gabriela Aguilar, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Moya Aiyana, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Kathryn Allan, UC Irvine, Spain
Alexis Anaya, UC Santa Cruz, France
Stephani Anderson, UC Santa Barbara, France
Michael Angulo, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Callum Arras, UC San Diego, Denmark
Diana Arteaga, UC Berkeley, Brazil
Sarah Asnaashari, UC Davis, Ireland
Adib Babaei, UC Irvine, France
Lluvia Balanzar, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Tava Barber, UC Davis, France
Holly Barkwill, UC Santa Cruz, Denmark
Sydney Barnett, UC Berkeley, Chile
Sierra Barton, UC Berkeley, Germany
Cyntia Bautista Rodriguez, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Julia Bautista-Corro, UC Santa Cruz, Mexico
Rylie Becerra, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Allison Bell, UCLA, Denmark
Allison Bettencourt, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Heather Bilton, UC Irvine, Netherlands
Jacob Bjorseth, UC Berkeley, France
Jeralyn Bolanos, UC Irvine, Ghana
Rachel Bomactao, UC Davis, Singapore
Nina Brooks, UC Riverside, Italy
Taylor Broom, UCLA, Argentina
Fairy Bui, UC San Diego, Ireland
Daniel Burford, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Jay Burton, UCLA, Japan
Alexandra Bustamante, UC Riverside, Russia
Kendyl Cadell, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Allan Caguiat, UC Santa Barbara, Denmark
Jiufu Cai, UC Irvine, Australia
Burton Camryn, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Danila Cardenas-Fraga, UCLA, Spain
Anton Miguel Carino, UCLA, Japan
Hannah Carlson, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Asucena Carreras Mercado, UC Santa Cruz, Mexico
Katherine Carrillo, UC Berkeley, Jordan
David Castaneda, UC Berkeley, Spain
Karina Cedillo, UC Irvine, Spain
Alec Chac, UC San Diego, Sweden
Grant Chamness, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Veronica Champine, UC Santa Barbara, Chile
Ashley Chang, UCLA, Japan
Emily Chang, UC Santa Barbara, China
Katelyn Chau, UC Irvine, Italy
Angelina Chavarria, UC Santa Cruz, United Kingdom - England
ZeYing Chen, UC Irvine, Korea
Athena Cheung, UC Irvine, Hong Kong
Sunny Chiu, UC Irvine, Hong Kong
Michael Cho, UC San Diego, Japan
Joseph Choi, UCLA, Chile
Connie Chu, UC Santa Cruz, Canada
Esther Cisneros, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Natalie Colburn, UC Santa Barbara, Australia
Emily Cornelison, UC Santa Cruz, Spain
Christopher Cosma, UC Santa Barbara, Costa Rica
Todd Crandall, UC Berkeley, Netherlands
Sol Cummings, UC Berkeley, Japan
Kyle Dahmen, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Joan Dai, UC Berkeley, Japan
Saloni Dalal, UC San Diego, Korea
Taylor Daoust, UC Santa Barbara, New Zealand
Sabastian De Cavalcante Kent, UC Santa Barbara, France
Jacqueline Delgadillo, UC Riverside, Mexico
Sarah DelMonte, UC Berkeley, Argentina
Nina Djukic, UC Berkeley, Costa Rica
Tianyi Dong, UC Berkeley, France
Kevin Dorian, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - England
Taylor Ely, UCLA, Denmark
Finn Emma, UCLA, Thailand
Daniel Eng, UC Santa Barbara, Hong Kong
Lauren Ermacoff, UC San Diego, France
Tabia Esconde, UC Santa Barbara, Korea
Zepeda Estefani, UC San Diego, Canada
Ismael Farooqui, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Bolin Feng, UC Riverside, Japan
Gabriela Fernandez, UC Berkeley, Germany
Bridgett Figueroa, UC Santa Barbara, France
Kristen Flores, UC Berkeley, Costa Rica
Miguel Flores, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Jesus Flores Rodriguez, UC Davis, Mexico
Kaitlyn Fly, UC Santa Cruz, United Kingdom - England
Alexa Fornes, UCLA, Sweden
Tiara Francisco, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Natalie Friedman, UC Santa Cruz, Denmark
Karen Gallardo, UC Berkeley, Costa Rica
Holly Garber, UC Santa Cruz, Australia
Victoria Gilleland-Hendersen, UC Irvine, France
Clara Glassman, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Isabella Goldberg, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Najely Gomez, UC San Diego, Chile
Dulce Gonzalez, UC Davis, Chile
Gretchen Goyette, UC Santa Barbara, France
Karly Graf, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Marisol Guardado, UC Santa Barbara, Brazil
Marlene Guerrero, UC Irvine, Ireland
Liliana Guizar-Serrano, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Brandon Gutierrez, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Amna Haider, UCLA, Spain
Seyedamirvala Hajimirsadeghi, UC San Diego, Hong Kong
Kaito Hakamata, UC Merced, Japan
Derek Hale, UC Irvine, Hong Kong
Michele Haque, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Julianne Harmon, UCLA, France
Luc Irvinea Hernandez, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Rebecca Hernandez, UC Berkeley, Australia
Rhianna Hixon, UC Santa Barbara, France
Alvin Ho, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Lisa Ho, UC Santa Barbara, Taiwan
Hyuntae Hong, UC San Diego, United Kingdom - Scotland
Angela Howard, UCLA, Ghana
Cayman Howard, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Yisheng Huang, UC Irvine, Korea
Hailey Huff, UC Santa Barbara, Ghana
Nathan Hunsuck, UC Merced, Ireland
Iva Icheva, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Kelsey Imler, UC Irvine, Ireland
Erika Iturio, UC Merced, Spain
April Jackson, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Harrison James, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Jennifer Ji, UC Santa Barbara, Taiwan
Laura Jimenez, UC Merced, Spain
Sandy Jimenez, UCLA, Mexico
Madelyn Johnson, UCLA, South Africa
Rachel Johnson, UC Irvine, Ireland
Danielle Jones, UC Berkeley, Japan
Alexander Juarez, UC Irvine, France
Sarah Kaye, UC Santa Cruz, United Kingdom - England
Abigail Kellogg, UC Santa Cruz, United Kingdom - Scotland
Ana Khatiashvili, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Ann Kim, UC Berkeley, Sweden
Ji soo Kim, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Jung Hyun Kim, UCLA, Taiwan
Matthew Kim, UC San Diego, Canada
Elena King, UC Santa Cruz, Senegal
Alice Kojima, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Samantha Ku, UC Irvine, United Kingdom - Scotland
Annette La, UC Santa Barbara, Taiwan
Flora Lam, UC San Diego, Japan
Biby Landaverde, UC Santa Barbara, Denmark
Rowuena Lao, UC San Diego, Singapore
Francisco Lara, UC Davis, France
Zoe Latzer, UC Santa Cruz, United Kingdom - England
Kathryn Le, UC San Diego, Sweden
Gabriela Ledezma, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Christopher Lee, UC San Diego, Sweden
Winnie Lee, UCLA, Hong Kong
Yoon Lee, UC Santa Barbara, Singapore
Monica Lemus Valencia, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Christina Lew, UC Berkeley, Costa Rica
Diana Li, UC Davis, Singapore
Felice Li, UC San Diego, Hong Kong
Justin Lim, UC San Diego, Korea
Lucas Lin, UC Santa Barbara, Hong Kong
Ian Littlehale, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Siwei Liu, UC Berkeley, France
Samantha Lloyd-Knauf, UC Berkeley, Italy
Kelsea Loescher, UC San Diego, Sweden
Bianca Lomeli, UC Santa Cruz, Denmark
Christopher Lopez, UC Berkeley, Argentina
Mariana Lopez, UC Irvine, Spain
Kanan Luce, UC Berkeley, Taiwan
Xuehao Ma, UC San Diego, Japan
Josiah Mackey, UC Berkeley, South Africa
Jason MacMaster, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Yuki Mano, UC Santa Barbara, Australia
Giulia Marinos, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Emily Marker, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Lesley Martinez, UC Riverside, Mexico
Samuel Matyseck, UC Irvine, Germany
Bridget McWaid, UC Santa Barbara, Morocco
Ezinne Meremikwu, UC Santa Barbara, China
Jessica Miao, UC Irvine, Korea
Miranda Miller, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Kathy Moua, UC Berkeley, Japan
Alice Moylan, UC San Diego, Ghana
Torrey Munoz, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Audrey Nakaoka, UC Irvine, Japan
Perwana Nazif, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
PAUL NGO, UC San Diego, Hong Kong
Christian Nguyen, UCLA, Korea
Jessica Nguyen, UC Santa Barbara, Hong Kong
Melinda Nguyen, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Edgar Orozco, UC Davis, Netherlands
Andrea Ortega-Gonzalez, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Sophia Osborn, UC San Diego, Japan
John Peter Pascual, UC Santa Cruz, Spain
Tyler Patterson, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Eliana Pera, UC Berkeley, Brazil
Benjamin Perez Gutierrez, UC Riverside, Germany
John Pham, UC Santa Barbara, Singapore
Mina Phengdara, UCLA, Japan
Jose Picos, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Lizette Pina, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Stephanie Plascencia, UC Berkeley, France
Johanna Popovits, UCLA, Japan
Patrick Powers, UC Riverside, China
Roya Rafat, UC Davis, Spain
Vanessa Ramirez Garcia, UC Irvine, United Kingdom - Scotland
Estela Rangel, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Erin Rexin, UC Davis, Australia
Jorge Reyes, UC Santa Cruz, Spain
Sarah Reyes, UCLA, India
Emily Reynolds, UC Santa Cruz, France
Sari Rickansrud, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Nathaniel Rigler, UC Berkeley, New Zealand
Jennifer Rivas, UC San Diego, France
Alijah Rivera, UC Santa Barbara, Singapore
Daniel Rodriguez Hurtado, UC Santa Barbara, United Kingdom - Scotland
Brittany Ryley, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Brooke Sabin, UC Santa Barbara, Australia
Irving Salas-Barrios, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Cecilia Sanchez, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Edna Sanchez, UC Santa Cruz, Australia
Isaac Sanchez Terrazas, UC Irvine, Russia
Joshua Sanders, UC Berkeley, Germany
Jose Sandoval, UC Irvine, Ireland
Thomas Sherard, UC Santa Cruz, Japan
Ye Bin Shin, UC Irvine, Korea
Monica Sias, UC San Diego, Senegal
Madeleine Siegel, UC Berkeley, France
Jeshua Silvers, UC Berkeley, Denmark
Samantha Smith, UC Santa Barbara, France
Andre Solis-Flores, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Alejandro Stawsky, UC Santa Barbara, France
Julianne Stibbe, UC Santa Barbara, Netherlands
Summer Stiegman, UC Santa Cruz, Italy
Jennifer Sun, UC Irvine, Ireland
Jessica Sun, UC Berkeley, China
Nguon Tan, UCLA, Taiwan
Audrey Tate, UC Santa Barbara, France
Cindy Teng, UCLA, China
Priscilla Tenggara, UC Irvine, Germany
Paige Thesing, UC Santa Barbara, Ireland
Lindsey Thomas, UC Santa Cruz, Australia
Molly Thornberg, UC Berkeley, France
Jay To, UC Irvine, Japan
Denise Torres, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Megan Toussau, UC Riverside, Jordan
Anthony Tran, UC San Diego, Japan
Minh Tran, UC Riverside, France
Toan Tran, UC Irvine, Japan
Miin-Jiuan Tsay, UC Santa Barbara, Taiwan
Julian Vacio, UC Irvine, France
Joel van de Sande, UC Santa Cruz, France
Leina Verrier, UCLA, France
Selina Villaneda, UC San Diego, Botswana
Katrina Villena, UC Merced, United Kingdom - England
Malin von Knorring, UC Davis, Spain
Jiahui Wang, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Hitomi Warren, UC Riverside, Japan
Mikayla Webster, UC San Diego, Japan
Tair Werner, UC Berkeley, Israel
Blanca Yanez, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Lauren Yang, UCLA, Ghana
Yosita Yeerong, UC Santa Barbara, Denmark
Evelyn Yeung, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Ji su Yoo, UC Berkeley, Korea
Erica Young, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Lauren Young, UC Santa Barbara, Sweden

Spring 2017 Scholarships 

Elena Aguilar, UC Irvine, Australia
Vivian Anouchian, UCLA, Italy
Eric Arias, UC Santa Barbara, Italy & Spain
Diana Arteaga, UC Berkeley, Brazil
Spenser Atlas, UC Berkeley, Germany
Ernesto Avalos, UCLA, Spain
Tlaloc Barajas, UC Merced, Japan
Kathy Barboza Gomez, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Raquela Bases, UC Santa Cruz, Spain
Evan Bauer, UC Berkeley, Japan
Justin Beavers, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Cory Berger, UC Berkeley, France
Kaina Bernal, UC Riverside, Korea
Allison Bettencourt, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Meriel Blum, UC San Diego, United Kingdom - England
Raniz Bordoloi, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - Scotland
Anna Bruns, UC Berkeley, Spain
Zachary Carroll, UC Merced, Italy & Spain
Julian Cassano, UC San Diego, Costa Rica
Daxton Castellanos, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Elizabeth Cervantes, UC Irvine, Ireland
Suzanna Chak, UC Berkeley, Spain
Tim Chan, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
David Chang, UC Riverside, United Kingdom - England
Jue Chen, UC Irvine, Hong Kong
Phanitta Chomsinsap, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Allen Chu, UC San Diego, Spain
Caitlyn Cobb, UC Berkeley, Japan
Itai Cohen, UC Berkeley, Australia
Wesley Cooperman, UC Berkeley, Sweden
Elizabeth Crouse, UC Irvine, Spain
Savannah Daniels, UC Santa Barbara, France
Edgar de Casas Ruiz, UC Santa Barbara, Switzerland
Johnleigh Dean, UC Davis, France
Martin Desales, UC Santa Barbara, Costa Rica
Sarah Emerson, UC Berkeley, South Africa
Lauren Ermacoff, UC San Diego, France
Edith Espinoza, UC Irvine, Spain
Ana Foster, UC San Diego, Spain
Zora Franicevic, UC Berkeley, New Zealand
Cynthia Frausto, UC San Diego, Mexico
Andrea Gabriel, UC Berkeley, New Zealand
Amanda Gamban, UC Davis, Switzerland
Alexis Garcia, UC Irvine, Italy & Spain
Andrea Garcia, UC Berkeley, Spain
Jessica Garcia, UC Santa Cruz, Spain
Cecilia Garibay, UC Davis, Italy
Ketrin Gjoni, UC Berkeley, Netherlands
Shreya Gollamudi, UCLA, Spain
Shan Guan, UC Santa Barbara, Singapore
Maia Hoffman, UC Santa Cruz, Ireland
Kaleigh Homstad, UC Davis, Switzerland
Anna Hong, UC Riverside, Korea
Eric Horng, UC San Diego, Sweden
Angela Howard, UCLA, Barbados
Tara Howell, UC Davis, Switzerland
Madeleine Ing, UC Berkeley, France
Elzbeth Islas, UC San Diego, France
Jorge Jauregui Gallo, UC Riverside, Mexico
Kelli Kaesberg, UC Santa Barbara, South Africa
Kegan Kawamura, UC Berkeley, Japan
Chloe Kimble, UC Santa Barbara, Japan
Kalila Kirk, UC Berkeley, Chile
Erika Kodera, UC Berkeley, Japan
Karen Kuang, UC Berkeley, Hong Kong
Jayden Raye Lapin-Tatman, UC Berkeley, Germany
Angel Lee, UC Riverside, Switzerland
Janet Lee, UC Berkeley, Italy
Jordan Leigh, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - Scotland
Monica Lemus Valencia, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Wenshan Li, UC Davis, Korea
Wen-Ho Lin, UC Davis, China
Jacqueline Liu, UC Santa Barbara, France
Bianca Lomeli, UC Santa Cruz, Denmark
Laura Lomeli, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Amy Loo, UC Berkeley, France
Perla Lopez Guerrero, UC Riverside, Spain
Yurixi Lopez-Miranda, UC Santa Barbara, Mexico
Aaron Lovato, UC Santa Barbara, Argentina
Saul Luna Vargas, UC Santa Barbara, Jordan
Kseniya Lyalina, UC Berkeley, Japan
Rachel Ma, UC Irvine, Japan
Olivia Maigret, UC Berkeley, Brazil
Victoria Marentez, UC San Diego, Chile
Lucero Martinez Cisneros, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Ashley McGowan, UC Santa Barbara, Ireland
Cori McGowens, UC Berkeley, South Africa
Kelsey McKinney, UC Santa Barbara, Italy
Tanya Mendez, UC Irvine, Spain
Nicole Mesa, UC Irvine, Spain
Angelo Meza, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Aaliyah Muhammad, UC Riverside, Solomon Islands
Jasmin Munoz, UC Berkeley, Ireland
Han Ngo, UCLA, Japan
Lena Ngo, UC San Diego, Japan
Christian Nguyen, UCLA, Korea
Johnny Nguyen, UC Santa Barbara, Hong Kong
Nancy Nguyen, UC Berkeley, United Kingdom - England
Erina Niwa, UC Berkeley, Japan
Sarah Nordahl, UC Berkeley, France
Vanasis Ohanian, UC Santa Barbara, Switzerland
Saoirse O'Neill, UC Berkeley, Italy
Florence Ortiz, UC Santa Cruz, Mexico
Emma Paik-Tesch, UC Merced, Ireland
Kathryn Palmer, UC Santa Cruz, France
Mara Palmieri, UC Santa Cruz, France
Sabrina Patel, UC Berkeley, Germany
Jessica Peple, UC Berkeley, New Zealand
Stacy Peralta-Ortiz, UC Irvine, Mexico
Luis Pereira, UC Irvine, France
Dahlia Peterson, UC Berkeley, China
Jose Picos, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Charles Pinkel, UC Riverside, Solomon Islands
Tian Qiu, UC San Diego, Japan
Saul Quintero, UCLA, Mexico
Wright Rahkel, UC Riverside, Spain
Annakaren Ramirez, UC Berkeley, Costa Rica
Estela Rangel, UC Santa Barbara, Germany
Mirelle Rangel, UC Irvine, Netherlands
Sari Rickansrud, UC Berkeley, Japan
Sofia Safranek-Uribe, UC Santa Cruz, Italy
Alejandra Salgado, UC Merced, United Kingdom - England
Kevin Sanders, UC Santa Cruz, Chile
Candice Sandoval, UC Irvine, France
Shivani Shah, UC Berkeley, Spain
Nabil Shakeel, UC Riverside, Switzerland
Crystal Shi, UC Berkeley, Spain
Maya Silverman, UC Santa Cruz, Germany
Jasmine Stoltzfus, UC Davis, Israel
Joshua Strickfaden, UCLA, Japan
Kevin Sue, UC Santa Barbara, China
Sierra Sutton-Putney, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Michael Sween, UC Merced, Sweden
Chiaki Takebayashi, UC Irvine, United Kingdom - England
Nguon Tan, UCLA, Costa Rica
Rachel Tang, UCLA, Thailand
Siwen Tang, UCLA, United Kingdom - England
Maria Tejeda Ponce, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Bryan Tena Caballero, UC Berkeley, Brazil
Priscilla Tenggara, UC Irvine, Hong Kong
Deanna Timmons, UC Riverside, Japan
Arturo Torres, UCLA, Switzerland
Joceline Torres, UC Irvine, Switzerland
Yoaly Torres Flores, UC Irvine, Spain
Khanhlinh Tran, UC Santa Barbara, Switzerland
Josue Valladares, UC Irvine, Spain
Arameh Vartomian Khoygani, UC San Diego, France
Jaqueline Velazquez-Medina, UC Riverside, Italy & Spain
Patricia Camille Veneracion, UCLA, Switzerland
Natalie Wambach, UC Berkeley, Sweden
Cecilia Wang, UC Berkeley, France
PongZhe Wang, UC Merced, Taiwan
Chrystal Waters, UC Irvine, Korea
Megan Winnett, UC Santa Barbara, South Africa
Andrea Wong, UC Irvine, Korea
Blanca Yanez, UC Santa Barbara, Spain
Lauren Yang, UCLA, Solomon Islands
Emily Yeh, UC San Diego, Switzerland
Hannah Yi, UCLA, Sweden
Dana Yizhaky, UC Berkeley, Australia
Christina Yoon, UC Irvine, Italy & Spain
Elmira Yousufi, UC Irvine, Spain
Suqiong Yu, UC Davis, Japan
Yuan Yuan, UC Berkeley, Mexico
Alondra Zambrano, UC Merced, Netherlands
Leila Zarifi, UC Berkeley, France
Yihan Zhang, UC San Diego, Japan
Chuyin Zhu, UC Berkeley, Denmark 
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