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Cuts and Consolidation: The 1970s

After the rapid expansion of the 1960s, the gloomier economic situation in the 1970s resulted in a period of consolidation, reorganization and scrutiny for UCEAP. The focus was on improving and expanding programs in countries where UCEAP already had a presence, rather than expanding farther around the world.


A total of 542 students studied abroad through UCEAP during the 1971-72 academic year;

UCEAP was lauded as “one of the very best overseas programs” by a faculty member of the Western Association of Colleges and Universities.


Committees were formed to evaluate the Study Centers in Bordeaux, France, and Padua, Italy. This review process continued for other Study Centers through the 1970s.


UCEAP’s Beirut program was terminated because of civil unrest in Lebanon.  


A total of 679 UC students studied abroad during the 1978-79 academic year.

Eleven UC students studying in Hong Kong visited China, a rare priviledge at the time​.











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