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Global Expansion: The 1980s

With the economy on the upswing and the Cold War winding down, the 1980s were a period of growth for UCEAP, which expanded into the Pacific and opened programs in the USSR.


A total of 659 UC students studied abroad during the 1980-1981 academic year, and around 200 students attended UC through reciprocity exchange programs.


UCEAP moves into Oceania, sending five students to Australia.


Some UCEAP students in Europe, especially West Germany, were attacked by European students reacting to the US deployment of Pershing Missiles.


UCEAP alumna Kathryn Sullivan (Bergen, Norway, 1971-72; UC Santa Cruz): became the first American woman to walk in space during a mission aboard the shuttle Challenger;

UCEAP expands into India, sending 16 students to New Delhi;UCEAP and various European universities sponsored a seminar on “European Views of the Nuclear Arms Race”.

During the 1984-85 academic year nearly 750 students studied abroad through UCEAP.


UCEAP sent students to 26 countries and 45 universities;

A second seminar, “The Nuclear Arms Race: An American-European Dialogue” was held in Dubrovnik, bringing together UCEAP students and European students. 


John Marcum took over from William Allaway as the Director of UCEAP;

Programs in Peking were temporarily closed after the Tiananmen Square massacre.





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