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Removing Roadblocks: The 2000s


In an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education (“What Direction for Study Abroad? Eliminate the Roadblocks"), UCEAP Director John Marcum outlined his major goal for the foreseeable future: Diversifying and strengthening the program so that as many students as possible could participate.


UCEAP celebrated its 40th anniversary in Bordeaux, France, where the first participants studied in 1962;

During the 2002-03 academic year 3,635 UC students studied abroad through UCEAP. The campus with the most UCEAP participants was UC Berkeley (622), followed by UC Los Angeles (582) and UC Santa Barbara (558).


UCEAP Director John Marcum outlined his aims of expanding into graduate education, stressing “comparative perspectives study in collaboration with partner institutions,” expanding opportunities for students abroad to do internships, research, and public service learning, and forming ties between campuses in different countries with similar specialties.


UC Santa Barbara overtook UC Berkeley as the campus with the most UCEAP participants (888 and 778, respectively), a lead it has maintained;

UCEAP Executive Director John Marcum retired and was replaced by Michael O'Connell (UC Santa Barbara) as Interim Director.


Michael Cowan (UC Santa Cruz) replaced Michael O'Connell as Acting Executive Director of UCEAP.








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