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National Taiwan Normal University

​Language and Culture Summer Sessions

 - Summer

Language and Culture

- Summer + Fall

- Fall

This guide was created to help you navigate the different aspects of travelling abroad as a UCEAP student. All important aspects of attending university in your host country are addressed here, including academic information, extension of UCEAP participation, cultural awareness, orientation, transportation, finances and much more.

Remember to also visit the Participants section of the UCEAP website for important information and deadlines.
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Academic Information
The summer and fall programs concentrate on developing reading and speaking skills in Putonghua (Mandarin or standard Chinese) in intensive Chinese language courses offered at the elementary, intermediate, or advanced levels by the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). See the Mandarin Training Center website for course information.
All classes are conducted in Chinese using traditional Chinese characters.  Mandarin phonetic symbols and Pinyin spelling are used to indicate the pronunciation of characters. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension are given equal emphasis in each class and performance is evaluated accordingly.
The average class size is 6 to 10 students. You can also book one-on-one language counseling sessions with an MTC teacher. Classes meet for three hours per day Monday through Friday.
You will be interviewed and will take written tests based on your interview result. Unless you have never studied Chinese before or choose to start from the beginner’s level, you must take written tests to determine your placement.
Cultural activities and excursions supplement the classes and non-credit electives may be available in such areas as calligraphy, Chinese cuisine, and Chinese paper cutting.

Summer Requirements

  • Interview and written placement tests
  • 10.5 UC quarter units; the variable unit option is not available
  • Letter grades for all courses; the P/NP grade option is not permitted

Fall Requirements

  • Interview and written placement tests
  • 16.5 UC quarter units; you may use the variable unit option to reduce to no fewer than 12.0 UC quarter units.
  • Letter grades for all courses; the P/NP grade option is not permitted


You will be placed in Chinese language classes based on your interview result, written test scores, and preferred class hours (morning or afternoon). Your class schedule will be available on the on-site orientation day.
Summer students do not submit a MyEAP Study List; courses and grades will be reported based on NTNU transcripts.
Fall students only need to do a MyEAP Study List to use the variable unit option.  If you do not want to use the variable unit option to reduce your units, your courses and grades will be reported based on your NTNU transcript.
NTNU transcripts are sent to the UCEAP Systemwide Office.
You will complete your MyEAP Study List after your on-site orientation. The information as it appears on your MyEAP Study List is what will appear on your UC transcript. UCEAP’s Academic Specialist or Program Advisor in California will contact you by email to lead you through the MyEAP Study List process.
Program Overview
Academic Culture
Course Information
Attendance is mandatory for all classes; absences will result in a lower grade or the withholding of credit altogether.
Your transcripts will be sent directly to the UCEAP Systemwide Office where your final grades will be reviewed before being forwarded to the UC registrars.
This is a new program and information about when grades will be available is not yet known.
For more information about grades, see the Academic Information chapter of the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.
Extending UCEAP Participation
Summer participants are encouraged to extend to the fall program. Fall to year extensions are not available at this time. Discuss the possibility of extension with local staff.
Approval of extension is based on a number of factors, including space at the host university, academic and behavioral performance, and the support of your UC campus department. New incoming UCEAP students receive priority for spaces before extending students.
Before departure, submit an approved Departmental and College Preliminary Approval to Extend (DPA) form to your Campus EAP Office. Once abroad, you will submit a Request for Final Approval (RFA) form in order to activate the extension request. If you do not submit an approved DPA before departure, submit a Petition to Extend form, which requires campus and department approval and can take one to six weeks to process.
If you extend your participation, remember to extend your visa prior to the visa expiration date.

Once your extension is approved, UCEAP will notify your UC campus registrar, Financial Aid Office, and Campus EAP Office.

For information about the steps you need to take in regards to finances, see the Extension of Participation chapter of the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad.
Cultural Awareness
Educate Yourself
Get acquainted with your new host city, country, and culture before you leave the U.S. Travel guides and travel-related websites are excellent resources. You will also need to understand the local culture and history and keep up with current events. The following sources should help you prepare before departure.

Recommended News Sources

Social Conduct
Official Start Date & Mandatory Orientation
For practical information on Taiwan before and after arrival, visit Taiwan’s Information for Foreigners website.
Travel Planning
Travel to Your Host Country
Travel Documents
Packing Tips
Return Travel
Financial Information
Understanding Your Finances
Your MyEAP Account & Budget
Handling Money Abroad
Communications Abroad
Internet Access
Mail & Shipments
Housing & Meals
Where Will I Live?
The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) does not arrange your housing during your time at NTNU. The average rent for rooms in Taiwan is about NT$7,000–15,000 depending on the location, quality, and size of the room.
After MTC registration and before classes begin, you can stay in temporary lodgings (NTNU Hall) while you look for term housing. The average leasing period for apartments is for a minimum of 6 months; students who stay for less than that should stay at the International House of Taipei.
The International House of Taipei is a privately owned dormitory residence located north of downtown, about thirty minutes from the campus via shuttle bus. This facility has rooms that range from NT$6,000–10,000 per month for shared or single rooms. Meals are taken elsewhere although some limited cooking may be available. A single room with bathroom is NT$500 per day or NT$9,200 per month. A double room with bathroom is NT$7,000 each per month.
International House of Taipei
 #102, Xinpo 1st St, Xindian District,
New Taipei City, Taiwan ROC
Phone: (02) 2910-3117
The NTNU Extension School of Continuing Education accommodations (called NTNU Hall) are located on the NTNU campus, right next to the MTC facility. These rooms are extremely limited as they will often accept housing for short-term specialty groups/programs and therefore do not have many, if any, rooms for individuals during the term. However, this location can be used on a short-term basis while looking for housing. The cost is higher per month for a shared room per person. If you book through MTC, the prices are NT$1,500/double, NT$1,200/twin, NT$1,400/2-bed, and NT$1,700/4-bed. Please note that there is a curfew at this hall.
No. 129 Heping East Road, Section 1
Taipei 106 Taiwan ROC
Phone: (02) 7734-5800 or (02) 2362-8420
If you do not want to live in the housing options above, you may make other arrangements on your own. If you would like to find an alternate living arrangement, plan to arrive in Taiwan early. One useful way of finding off-campus housing is to look for advertisements of rooms or apartments for rent on the bulletin boards around campus. You can also look at www.tealit.comCraigslist, or
Daily Life Abroad
Local Transportation
​NTNU is a 10 minute walk from the nearest subway station, and there are several stations that are within walking distance from campus.
Extracurricular Activities
The UCEAP student budget does not include funds for recreational travel abroad.
Students with Disabilities
Travel Sign-out Form
The UCEAP student budget does not include funds for recreational travel abroad.
UCEAP Insurance
National Health Insurance
Staying Healthy
Local Medical Facilities
Physical Health
Mental Health
Health Risks
Staying Safe
Minimize Risk
Crime & Prevention
Civil Unrest
Traffic & Transportation Safety
Disaster Preparedness
UCEAP Contingency Planning
Fire Safety
In An Emergency
The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy,* disability, age, medical condition (cancer-related), ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran or special disabled veteran. The University also prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in University programs and activities. Inquiries regarding the University’s student-related nondiscrimination policies may be directed to the campus Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action office.

* Pregnancy includes pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.