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California Ecology & Conservation (Summer Qtr 2017-18)

​California Ecology and Conservation Overview

California is one of the most biologically rich and geographically diverse regions in the world. California Ecology and Conservation offers students a chance to experience the Golden State’s deserts, wetlands, mountains, and oak woodlands while conducting hands-on field research. Immersion in these wild habitats is an unforgettable way to learn fundamental concepts in ecology, how geomorphology and climate influence habitats, and principles of conservation.

California Ecology and Conservation exposes students to a wide range of state ecosystems as they travel from one reserve in the UC Natural Reserve System (NRS) to another. For the course, students will design and conduct studies in a natural environment, gather data using standard field methods, apply statistical analyses, and present results via reports and oral presentations. Veteran field instructors will help guide student studies and build research and reporting skills.

Students must be prepared to hike into rugged terrain, conduct physically demanding field studies, experience potentially extreme weather conditions, travel on boats and unpaved roads, and stay in tents or rustic, dormitory-style accommodations.

Next Steps

To offer this opportunity to all students in the UC system, NRS has partnered with UCEAP to assist program participants with logistical, financial, and academic registration tasks. Please look carefully at the Pre-Departure Checklist linked below and click through the Money Matters, Academics, and Policies tabs on this web page to make sure you have completed all pre-departure requirements.

Pre-Departure Checklist Summer 2017

More detailed information, including frequently asked questions, a packing list, a syllabus, and dates for upcoming courses can be found on the California Ecology and Conservation web pages.


 For financial questions, review the 2017-18 Financial Information for Natural Reserve Systems and the 2017-18 Withdrawal Information for Natural Reserve Systems  before contacting your UCEAP Finance Accountant at​​​​​​

2017-18 Payment Due Dates and Amount Due​

  • ​​​​​​​​​First payment of $950.00 is due by: April 1, 2017
  • Refer to the second page of your UCEAP Student Budget (available below) for subsequent payment due dates.
  • Financial Aid Students: Your first payment is deferred until the final payment due date. Your MyEAP account will automatically be assessed a late payment fee for the first payment, which will be reversed if/when UCEAP receives your financial aid.

2017-18 Payment Instructions

UCEAP Program Budget(s) and Payment Schedules


Notice regarding Fall, Winter and Spring UC tuition

Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by increases or reductions in State funding, or other developments.

2017-18 Fees and Penalties

Release of Financial Information (Parent Access)

Third Party Authorization/Restriction:

2017-18 eRefund Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization (EFT))

Frequently Asked Questions


Course Information and Registration

The California Ecology and Conservation is an intensive field-work program with a workload equivalent to approximately four on-campus courses. Over the course of seven weeks, students will conduct an in-depth study of the ecosystems of California and the fundamental concepts and challenges in conservation biology.
Students will spend the entire seven weeks of the course living and studying at several of the 39 reserves of the UC Natural Reserve System. Students will attend lectures, participate in discussions, design and implement research projects, write reports, and present their work to the group while immersed in California ecosystems.
The program focuses on the following topics:
  • fundamental concepts in ecology
  • principles of conservation
  • biology geomorphology and climate
  • field research techniques
  • statistics
  • experimental design
An introductory ecology or biology course is a prerequisite for this program!

MyEAP Registration

All students take one course:
  • California Ecology and Conservation
  • cross-listed as biological sciences (BIOL) and environmental studies (ENVS),
    upper division, 19 UC quarter units (equivalent to 12.7 UC semester units)
The course will be entered into students' MyEAP record prior to the start of the program. All participants will be expected to log in to their MyEAP portal to select a subject area (biological sciences or environmental studies).
  • The course must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Students must electronically submit their MyEAP study list registration as confirmation of their selections -- the reserves are equipped with Wi-Fi and students will be expected to regularly check their email for registration instructions and deadlines.
  • Failure to submit a study list will delay the reporting of credit and grades to the UC Registrar at the student's campus.
All the course information listed -- subject area, title, and units -- will appear on the official UC transcript once grades are reported to the UC Registrars at the end of the term.

Please note that each UC campus may enter a placeholder in your record that will not match the information in MyEAP. This information is only entered to indicate your registration status and will be replaced by the official course information and final grade after completion of the program.
Although credits may be applied toward major, minor, or GE requirements, students should contact an academic advisor to confirm how course credits will be applied toward their particular requirements.
Note: The NRS program keeps a list of previously mapped courses on their website.

Policies and Contracts

This section contains important policies that address your rights and responsibilities while on NRS/UCEAP. While not all-inclusive, the policies outline many of your rights and responsibilities as an NRS/UCEAP student. You must know and abide by these policies and procedures, even when such requirements exceed those of your UC campus.
These policies and regulations are designed to protect and promote the rights of members of NRS/UCEAP, prevent interference with NRS/UCEAP functions or activities, and assure compliance with all pertinent laws and other applicable policies.
NRS/UCEAP Student Agreement: While participating in NRS, you remain enrolled in the University of California. The NRS/UCEAP Student Agreement, which you sign before you can participate in the program, outlines certain conditions and responsibilities of your participation. It is your informed consent and contract withNRS, UCEAP and UC. Read it carefully before signing it. All students are responsible for reading and knowing all policies and procedures.

The following policies implement various provisions of the University of California Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students.

Official UCEAP Policies

University of California Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy


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